Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Just Had A Scathingly Brilliant Idea

But not much of a clue as to how to go about it so suggestions and ideas are all welcome!!

I love trivia - just love it. In a number of places people just look at me in almost awe for the minutia of trivial facts I can pull out of my brain. (either that or 'cause they think this poor girl has no life to have that much knowledge about junk). And I just thought - just now - wouldn't it be fun to have a romance trivia contest???
But trivia takes up so much a part of my brain that there isn't a whole lot of room for the practicalities of life. So how would be the best idea to go about it be?? On blogs? On twitter? I think there are a lot of us on twitter now.

So - anyone else a trivia buff and does a game of romance trivia sound like fun?

And bonus points to anyone who can name the movie the subject line came from!!

Hint - it's an oldie!!


Laurije Bee said...

The Trouble with Angels! I love that movie.

Katie Mack said...

I love the idea of a romance trivia contest! Not sure about implementation though. Perhaps starting a hashtag on Twitter, and getting the word out via both blogs and Twitter?

Anonymous said...

The title is from the movie "The Trouble with Angels" - great movie!



Jessica W. (Book Bound) said...

I have been thinking about how to go about holding a trivia contest myself, so I think it's a great idea. Haven't quite figured out how to go about it though.

Personally, I think the blog would be the best place to hold it. Twitter would be a good place to promote it though.

Good luck with figuring it out! I know I would participate. : D

Jessica W.

Kristie (J) said...

Laurije Bee & Elizabeth Jules Mason: You two get the bonus points!! For months after seeing that movie, my sisters and I were constantly using that phrase!! We still do - but not quite the extent we did then. And while I couldn't explain it at the time, I had such a girl crush on the Haley Mills character and was as stunned as Rachel when Mary Francis decided to become a nun.

Katie & Jessica: I just thought of it, so I'll contemplate it more in the next little while. But so far it sounds like there are 3 of us who are in.
While I have an account at Twitter and actually have tweeted 275 times!!! I don't really understand how hash marks and stuff like that work.

Rosie said...

Man! A day late and a dollar short. I posted about this movie last year. I adore THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS. I recently saw it on sale at Target for $5. Of course I was on my lunch break and in too big of a hurry to buy it. Der. Like how long does it take to grab something. Anyway, went back and it was gone!!! That'll teach me.

Anonymous said...

I would love to participate in a game of romance trivia! Will it be general romance trivia or specifically romance books, movies, or stuff?

Sounds like great fun! Best of luck in trying to figure out how to organize it all. I vote for blogs!

Katie Mack said...

Kristie - Hashtags provide a common feed that people interested in the subject can follow, and can see everyone else's tweets on that subject without having to follow those people.

To get a better idea of how they work, go to the Twitter home page and click on one of the trending topics with a hash symbol in front of it. You'll then see the live feed of everyone who has posted a Tweet including that hashtag.

orannia said...

No idea about the movie, but I think a good place to hold it would be on a blog (and promote via Twitter), although.... You could post X questions per day/week/month (e.g. seven per week, one per day) on your blog and each one could be Twittered... Small totals each week and the grand total at the end of the month?

Will stop massively rambling now... I look forward to seeing what you do :)

Kristie (J) said...

Upon further pondering, what I was thinking more of was someone would start - like me for example since I had the idea (laughing) and whoever answered first would then come up with their own trivia question - and whoever answered that would then ask a question - and so on and so on and so on. So for that I'm thinking Twitter would work better since it's quicker.

nath said...

If you do it that way Kristie, I think that it should be at a specific time, that way it's more fun. We could do a Friday Night Trivia or something like that. So everyone who wants to play would be present and ready.

If we do it at a specific time, one person can host. For example, first night is you - you prepare 10 questions, then winner "host" the next evening and prepare another 10 questions... and so on.

Also, Twitter or a chatroom would work well, because "faster." Or if you want to do a bit like jeopardy and have categories and people choose their categories or such, perhaps a separate blog.

I think it's a great idea :) However, I do believe it's better if it's more interactive or live. If there's no set time, you have no idea when who is going to post the trivia question, etc.

Just my two cents :D