Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare

As I mentioned earlier, I've gotten to know Pamela Clare. So it was with a bit of trepidation I opened and began reading Unlawful Contact. I didn’t want to be disappointed or disappoint her in the review but I also wanted to be honest. While I’ve enjoyed almost all her books, a couple were less than fives *g*. I wasn’t too worried about Unlawful Contact though, as right out of the gate it has one of my favourite storylines – the hero in prison for years. There’s just something yummy about a hero having been locked away from women for years that’s just delish.

Once I started reading though, I knew very quickly this was going to be another good one. And it was, very much so. But I read it a while ago and I thought maybe I should read it again and then right this review right after.

‘T’was no hardship though and I’m glad that I did reread it. I first read it before she posted her series on her experience going spending a night in a women’s prison to get a real sense of what it was like. If you haven’t read about her experience, it really is a absorbing tale she has to tell. Also since I first read it, three reviews have come out, one by Gwen at TGTBTU and one by Alicia at TGTBTU. And DA gave it recommended pick for April, with Jane’s review here. So I know I’m not alone in thinking this a Very Good Book.

The story starts out with a star crossed love between Hunt – the school bad boy saving Sophie Alton, the shy out of place girl from a threatening situation. They go off for a midnight drive and hormones heat up. But Hunt has joined the Army and is due to leave the next day.

The story then picks up some years later. Sophie is now an investigative journalist who is headed to the local prison to see the brother of a missing girl Sophie has written a series of stories about. Sophie is very concerned about Megan, the young girl who had spent time in prison herself for doing drugs. Marc Hunter takes Sophie hostage in his attempt at escape. She’s terrified as she doesn’t recognize him as that young man she had fallen for so many years ago.

The story is riveting as Marc and Sophie race against time to try and find Marc’s sister. There is a shadow of doomed love throughout the story as Marc knows they have no future. He will either be fleeing the country, end up back in jail or dead as both the good guys and the bad guys are after him.

But what really awed me on the reread is having read Pamela’s diary of her night spent in prison. When reading the book the second time, knowing that so much of what she wrote as true-to-life made it even more better (I know, the grammar police are going to get me for that last little bit – but it’s the only way I can explain it – ‘cause just using better isn’t enough)

What I also appreciated is the secondary characters from her previous books in this series played an active role in the story. They weren’t just ‘along for the ride’.

This one is steamy – and I mean very steamy as Marc and Sophie try to pack a lifetime’s worth of love into just a few days. There is this car scene…….

This one gets a 5 and a hearty thumbs up from me.

So far this is turning out to be one heck of a reading year!


nath said...

Hi Kristie :D

I got the book yesterday,but I need to know... it's more romantic suspense than "journalist" romance right? by "journalist" romance, I mean Sophie telling that "ppl have a right to know" crap. That just annoys me sooo much!

Kristie (J) said...

Hi Nath: I know what you mean - and nope - none of that kind of thing. Sophie is an investigative reporter with connections but not at all tabloid like where she spouts off on the people's rights to know.
I was thinking it was more on the suspense side - but then thought wait - it's more on the romance side, then nope - more on suspense, then no - romance.
Finally I decided that it is a very good mix of both.

azteclady said...

Oh a well balanced romantic suspense novel? Yay!

(Did I mention I want this book? :grin: )

Jill D. said...

Oh, I so want this book! I just hope I am not disappointed. With all the hype, I worry I will get my hopes up.

Nice job on the review and interview. Pamela Clare seems like a really nice person.

Julia said...

I picked up "Unlawful Contact" last week! After reading the first two previous books, I was anxious to get copy of the third book :)

Thanks for reviews...