Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So, what do a group of bloggers do when they have a group chat?

They talk books of course. And if they are Really Smart bloggers, they come up with interesting ideas.

Which is what some of us did last night. We started talking books and our favourite books and we all came up with a list of six books we would take with us if we were stranded on a desert island.
Then we decided to make it a round robin kind of thing. I volunteered to go first since I seem to be the earliest riser of the group. In order to find out who all was in on it, and what our choices were, you have to follow the links.

There is quite an interesting selection here and someone mentioned it was like trading baseball cards - only with romance readers and romance books it was more fun!!! And since six of us were talking, we naturally decided that since we would all be together on this island we can share the books around. Which doing quick math would make 36 books altogether! No it wouldn't - it would be..... no wait - I was right the first time - 36 (and I have an accountant son - scary that - for him that is)

It took a bit to come up with the ground rules. We couldn't duplicate any book - since we would be passing them around and they had to be books that were out now - no future releases. So that eliminated any ARC's. But we were all remarkably agreeable.

So, as the first one to go, here is my list of books I would take with me.

I know this first one will come as a big surprise to many of you, but my first pick was
  • Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas

And what would a DIK list be without this next author
  • After the Night by Linda Howard

This next one - and oldie but a goodie and one I'm not sure that many have read,
  • One Summer by Karen Robards

And another one I'm not sure has been widely read......yet. But it should be as it's wonderful
  • Whispers of Heaven by Candice Proctor

And again this next one may not shock that many people who have read this blog for any length of time
  • Ride the Fire by Pamela Clare

And last - but certainly not least, is a recent book I read, I loved and now I'm reading for the second time
  • Driven by Eve Kenin
Now what makes me pick the above books surprisingly enough, is the strength of all the heroines.

With Dreaming of You I know you all know how much I adore Derek - my number one hero of all time, being played in my mind by Richard Armitage, but it's Sarah who is really the strong one. Some may disagree with me, but here she is, this little country miss, and she writes a what we could call today a best seller about a prostitute. She has the guts to stand up to a very virile and compelling Derek and then after that stands up to crazy Joyce and save herself

Grey in After the Night is another hero who makes my knees weak, but it is Faith who makes the book for me. She rises about her white trash roots and really makes something of herself. Again she stands up to a very determined Grey and gets her way.

Rachel of One Summer has a quiet strength about her. She stands up against a whole town in defending Johnny when she offers him a job and a place to stay. Then she does it again when she declares their pairing in a very public way.

For those who have read Whispers of Heaven, this book is really about Jess. Lucas is good - very good - but this is Jessie's story and the choice she makes at the end makes me want to stand up and cheer

In Ride the Fire once again, Nicholas is a fabulous hero - just fabulous, but Bethie has remarkable strength. She lives alone and is the kind of heroine who helped build a country.

Raina is the strongest outwardly of all my listed heroines. She is fantastic. With a life of abuse by her father behind her, she is her own person, strong and brave. I love Wizard - but I equally love Raina!!!

And so I come to the end of my six books. In this round robin DIK list, the next blogger to visit is our recording secretary Sula. Then follow the link from Sula's blog to see who comes after her! And so on and so on and so on.

So - what about you? What books would you bring? Keep in mind you have to wait until the end and no repeats allowed - since we will be sharing and all. Feel free to post here or any of the participants or on your own blog if you have one - just drop us a comment letting us know.

(and a special salute to Laurie of AAR who coined the phrase that once we explained to those who weren't sure what DIK meant, immediately understood when we explained it)


sula said...

omg, Kristie, I am so surprised to find DOY number one on that list. hehehe. Ok, no shock there. But some of the others on that list, I am not familiar with. Which is good...now I have more things to look for. *g*

Our desert island library is going to rock!

nath said...

Hi there Kristie :D Okay, I understand your love for DOY and I agree with your choice of After the Night. All the others, I haven't read except for Driven... however, I must, must, must disagree with you with Driven or at least, your statement about Raina being the strongest. I didn't enjoy her as a heroine. i thought she was annoying and she is not her own person. She is paranoid and insecure and she has difficulty trusting others. I could understand if you chose the book for Wizard, but Raina. No.

Katie(babs) said...

I enjoyed Raina in Driven even though she is a bit harsh and cold, well I guess that makes sense because of her background and the cold setting. Har har from me :D

Ah... Derek... must have him on our island.

azteclady said...

I'll be reading and comparing with my own.

It's good that with 36 titles to start off I won't have to try to knock too many favorites off the list.

(frankly, there're few things I hate more than being asked to narrow my hundreds of favorite books to "which three...?" I mean, seriously! three???????????? *ahem*)

Christine said...

Thank you for not pointing out specifically that it was ME who did not know what a DIK was. ;)

Great list! Of your list, I've only read Driven (and loved it!), so I'm looking forward to being stuck on a deserted island with you! Although a "dessert" island might work, too! ;)

Sarai said...

LOL I actually thought LB started it so left my list there but I thin kthis is a great idea. I would just like to watch the six of you on the island I bet that would be a blast!!!!

Carolyn Jean said...

I love this heroine centered list, and your explanations! I am going to be borrowing ALL of these repeatedly. I haven't read ANY of them! Perfect for our island.

Sarai, you can come to our island, too. Bring those books you listed at LBs.

Katie(babs) said...

We welcome all survivors to our DIK island. We always need more books to add to our collection! :D

lisabea said...

I commented. I did.I am having severe issues today.

I'm so glad that Howard, Kleypas and Robards are on this list, Kristie(J). And with LOS on Katie's list, well, we have the bases covered. I almost added MacKenzie's Mountain...

Hey, I know what a DIK is, kay?

Sarai said...

Will do I will also bringz thz menz B/c they like the milkshakes and drinkz I provide! ;0)

Katie(babs) said...

We need some rum in those milkshakes. I will make sure the rum is in Lisa's bra.

Kristie (J) said...

just ducking in her REAL quick - very busy at work today - but if you want to play -- you have to visit all our blogs and elminate the ones we already mentioned. That could make it easier - or harder. I hope more join us on our island 'cause that makes more books to read!!!!!

Sarai said...

Kristie I am bringing Richard for my entertainment purposes and he fits in Katie's pants so 'nuff said. Seriously!
Doesn't Lisa already have her bra filled with other stuff...
Sula and CJ should bring the rum they don't have anything stuffed in their pants or bras or anywhere else!

Katie(babs) said...

We also need some beers smuggled for Kristie :)

lisabea said...

I'll put on my OLD bra, Sarai. There's room for a few.more.things in there still.

Sarai said...

Oh good b/c we can't have this trip without the booze. Seriously, the three things in life we all need:
1. Books
2. Booze
3. Men

Katie(babs) said...

Perfect order :D
4. Rabbit if men to do a good job.

Kristie (J) said...

Sula: yep, I think that first choice surprised a lot of people. And you MUST try the others. The mystery part in One Summer bites but oh the heat between Johnny Harris and Rachel Grant - I.N.T.E.N.S.E. and Whispers of Heaven - heartfelt sigh!

Nath: LOL - you must, must, must disagree eh? *chuckle* What can I say - I really liked her *cheeky grin*

Katie: we didn't mention men last night did we? We shall save that one for another time. Although there is only one I'd take - see further down in my response to Sarai.

AL: I don't know if it makes it easier or harder eliminating so many. But there are still lots of goodies left that you can bring - well six anyway.

Chris: Hmmm - desert or dessert - both would be fine if we had the books - and the knowing we would be rescued eventually - by some SEALS perhaps???

Ah Sarai, Sarai, Sarai. I must exercise my seniority rights here and claim RICHard for myself. I mean I have him as my ICON, my wallpaper AND my screensaver. I'd buy a John Thornton lunch box and proudly bring it to work with me if they made such a thing. And it was me who had the courage to ask Rosario to steal the life sized poster of Guy of Gisbourne even though I don't think she did - unless she kept it for herself. So I must politely inform you that "he's mine Damnit!! You hear me? Mine, mine, mine.

CJ: I wrote up most of the blog last night when I should have been sleeping - but then I got thinking what common link was there in my choices - and it became obvious. So I had so much more to write this morning *g*. Each heroine is strong (yes Raina is Nath - to me anyway *g*) in her own way making her a great match for the hero.

Lisabea: I think we came up with a very fine list, a nice combination of old and new and lots of different genres.

Chris: LOL - but once we explained what it was - you picked up on it pretty quick - except for that 6th book that took you a while :)

Katie(babs) said...

Sorry Kristie, Sarai and I lay claim to Richard. He was in my pants and then jumped to hers. ;D

Tracy said...

I actually printed everyone's choices off since there are so many I haven't read. I'm gonna be busy for a while. Of course I'll have plenty of time on the island to trade off - in between pina coladas!