Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Our Newest Crusader*****UPDATE***** Yet another Crusader!

Well, we have us another one! C2/CSquared, who won a copy watched it, loved it and wants to know the best thing we thought about it.
How can we put it into words?


And another one gone, and another gone, and another one gone for this show!!

Ag of In My Books has just reported in. And amazingly, she reported in tomorrow - today. At least here it's today. Where she is, it's tomorrow.

She's also posted a great video courtesy of YouTube that I haven't seen. I know - hard to believe I haven't seen them all isn't it?


Katie(babs) said...

One word- FABULOUS!!

Kwana said...

There were so many things to love but the best? Richard, Richard, RICHARD!

Sarai said...

I have to say the best thing was the HEA I loved watching the romance build so the payoff was to die for.
John Thorton *sigh* I am watching Robin Hood now to help me get a fix until Amazon delievers north and south... Not the same.

Ana T. said...

Hey Kristie, Leya (Wandeca Reads)has also watched and enjoyed it. Now if we could also convince Rosario to do the same ;-)

Kristie (J) said...

Ana: Did Wanda post about it? I took a boo at her blog but didn't see anything. And yes - we really must 'talk' to Rosario. I know you got her a copy - has she seen it yet?

Sarai: Isn't there a load of difference between Guy of Gisbourne and John Thornton *grin*. He's just so deliciously wicked in Robin Hood. And we've spent many an hour discussing what a fool Marion is and how WRONG she is for Guy. And how cruel she is for playing him so badly.
And it was the best of HEA's wasn't it. Best I've ever seen!!

Kwana: I hear you!! RICHard!! Have you ever watched him on YouTube doing the CEEBIES? Talk about adorable! He can go from restrained passion (N&S) to wickedly delicious evil (RH) to cute as a bug's ear (Vicar of Dibley) to totally adorable - CeeBies.

Kate: LOL - yea - that's a good word!

Ana T. said...

No she emailed telling me about it. And Ro hasn't seen it it yet although I gave it to her at Christmas.