Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol

If you live on the West Coast


But if you don't.......

I am bummed. I am really bummed.

I know that they Give Back, but I won't be around to see it anymore this season. I am now boycotting it for the rest of the season.

How could they?

How could America?

How could they NOT give him another week.

It is with a Heavy Heart I say farewell to my favourite

*heavy sigh*

Michael Johns

Hopefully he has a CD out - I will buy it!!!!


The Bonz said...

I live on the west coast, and I just read this. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [wailing cries of despair & rending of garments] It's on at present in the other room, I just nipped into my home office to check emails & do some surfin' ...

He was the only reason I kept watching the d*mn show! Stupid voting public ... ;p

— Bonz

Kristie (J) said...

Bonz: I KNOW!!!!! I wanted to kick the TV but I was at my neighbours and didn't think she would appreciate it. And as for watching it - me too - well I like David Cook and Brooke quite a bit too - but it's Michael that kept me coming back week after week. Now I don't have that anymore. I stopped watching it a couple of years ago when Chris Daughtry got eliminated and only came back to watching it with the final 18.

Oh well *very unhappy sigh* at least it gives me more time to do housework *snort* or read *g*.

Lone Chatelaine said...

I'm furious. I threw things at my TV last night. My dog and cat both ran away and hid. I keep telling myself that Michael Johns doesn't need that stupid AI contract. All AI wants is silly Disney-kid singers like that Archeleta kid. Michael Johns is for adults who want real music instead of some canned studio crap. He'll get his own contract. I'll buy his CD legally and everything. I wouldn't even steal a song from that stupid kid or especially that beauty pageant girl Kristy Lee Cook. And Syesha??? Hello??? nothing more than a back up singer whining for the spotlight. All she can do is emulate and copy. She has no star quality. And she's not very likeable either.

I'm so over this show. If it weren't for David Cook I wouldn't watch anymore, and I still might just catch the good parts on You Tube instead of Tivoing it.

Told you I was mad >:-(

Katie(babs) said...

Just remember what happen to Chris Daughtry. His album was the number one album of 2007 and I believe he came in fourth.

Kristie (J) said...

Katie: Alas - that is the only thing that consoles me - but not to hear him week after week - not to see him sing week after week - is a real blow.

LC: That's what a wanted to do to!! Throw things, stamp my foot, curse - let it all out. But as I watched it at my neighbours - I couldn't do any of that so I still have this real unexpressed mad on.
And to Ruthanne - if you read this - be thankful your living room wasn't totalled *g*
And it infuriates me to NO END that young David is probably the one who will last until the end - maybe even win - based on the young hormonal lustings of young pubescent girls - not that there is anything wrong with that. Once upon a time I was a lustful young pubescent girl myself. But I don't like it - I don't like it at all when it is at the expense of a truly talented singer!

Mos Stef said...

Just a note: On the side you have the author of A Reason to Believe as Cheryl McKade instead of Maureen :)

Kristie (J) said...

MoStef - Eeek! Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it. Since it was one of my favourite reads, you'd think I'd get the author right!

LorelieLong said...

I don't watch American Idol (don't go in for reality shows much at all) but I just wanted to tell you that you've gained another crusader. Just sat my ass in my office chair for four hours, going numb, having been totally sucked into North and South on Netflix. Even though I totally wanted to thump Margaret a couple times.

Kristie (J) said...

Lorielong: Hello there!!!
Was it not wonderful? I think we all wanted to thump Margaret *g* And then be in her place in that final scene. Can you imagine filming that - how you could explain to your friends
"How was your day?"
"oh, not bad, I spent the day lip locking with Richard Armitage"
Sigh - one can only dream.

And I hope *wink* you are planning on blogging about your thoughts so I can put you on the crusader roll. I will be keeping an eye out