Sunday, April 06, 2008

Congratulations to Lisa Kleypas and Sophie Kinsella!

Blue-Eyed Devil is #14 for its first week out on the NY Times Hardcover Fiction Best Seller List!

And don't forget Sophia Kinsella's Remember Me? which is #3 after 5 weeks out and going strong!

Cheers two both these wonderful authors who write incredible stories we all can enjoy!


Stacy~ said...

I've never read anything by Kinsella but I do read and adore Kleypas, so yay Lisa! Well deserved. LOVED this book.

Katie(babs) said...

Stacy: Kinsella write wonderful chick lit books. One book I recommend by her is "Can I Tell You a Secret" and those quirky girl who is on a flight next to a rude type of guy. Suddenly the plane may crash and she thinks she is going to die. She ends up telling him her darkest secrets. They end up coming out of it okay and the guy ends up being the owner of the place where she works!

Plus she write the Shopaholic books which are just as fun