Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Music - having the power to move you - This gives me chills

Do you ever hear music and think 'I like that song' but then it kind of goes out of your head until the next time you hear it?
Then they have another hit song and the same thing happens.
Then they have another song and something about it really catches your attention

This is what happened with this group. I've heard them, liked them but it didn't really register until I heard this song for the first time on the radio just the other day. I don't watch music videos so I hadn't seen it until just now. I was watching the video and listening to the music and I felt chills.

Working Class Hero by Green Day


Giselle said...

Many people have done covers of Lennon's songs but this is one of the best IMO. I heard it when GD performed this in American Idol last season and it gave me chills too.

Jenster said...

That's some pretty powerful stuff, isn't it?

Wendy said...

I liked John's version for the folkie-protest vibe it had - but I actually prefer Green Day's version because it rocks out. This song was just made to be sung "angry" IMHO. John wrote many great songs, but this was him at the top of his game says I.

And neither here nor there - my nephew's middle name is Lennon. My sister is too young to have been a hippie and has been trying to make up ground every since.