Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Odds & Ends

I don't have a whole lot to write about, but there are a couple of things.
I think I may have found a fellow romance lover at work. We've been talking about books a few times and I kept promising I would bring in a few. She is a HUGE fan of Diana Gabaldon so I brought her in Paullina Simons The Bronze Horseman to read since they are both epic type books. To counter balance the emotional draining that reading The Bronze Horseman can cause, I also brought in One for the Money to introduce her the wacky world of Stephanie Plum. And I also brought her High Noon since she is also a huge Nora Roberts fan.

Speaking of Diana Gabaldon, I was in the mall near me the other day and noticed that she was going to be doing a book signing in September in the Coles. I must say I was rather astonished that such a big name author was coming to such a little book store. Now Chapters I could almost see - except I was surprised that she even coming to the city, but the store in the mall is quite small and not that great a romance section anymore. Anyway - I think we might be checking her out together although my fellow bookie has already met her - lucky gal - and then I invited her back to see the 'library'.

And speaking of Stephanie Plum, I just finished reading Twelve Sharp. I borrowed it from Lisa. I'm not going to do a regular type review because let's face it - you've read one Stephanie book, you get the picture. But I'm going to say a bit about it.
I know some readers - probably a lot of readers - are getting tired of this series; that there is no character growth in Stephanie and that the Ranger/Joe triangle has gone on long enough. I can see their point - I really can.
But when I pick up a Stephanie Plum novel, the only thing I really want from it is laughs. And this one gave me enough to make me happy. This was a read at work book so it took longer than usual to finish it. I'd go outside and read it on breaks and at lunch. Often other people would come up and sit down to talk and I almost resentfully put the book down to chat I was enjoying it so much. At other times people would sit at another table so I didn't feel rude reading it. I did feel odd though at the strange noises that would be coming out of me as I was reading about the musical number that Lula and Sally put on with the red died feathers flying. Or when they decided that Grandma Mazur should be in the group.
This one wasn't as funny as some of her other books, but it made me laugh and smile and that's what I like about these ones.

Grade: 4 out of 5

And lastly - if you haven't heard about it from Sybil or Wendy, there's a new blog in town. Petticoats & Pistols is a blog with a number of excellent writers - and it's all about the Western. Now not one to spread rumors or anything, but tomorrow Lorraine Heath is blogging there - and I quote:
It’s been so wonderfully exciting to see the lovely reception that our new site has received. As word has spread, I’ve seen speculation regarding the reason that I’ve teamed up with this group of wonderful ladies. Get the scoop tomorrow when it’s my turn to blog.

Dare we hope??????

'til later


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kristie, if you like Janet Evanovich, have you read Gemma Halliday (shameless promo, I know - a slap on the wrist for me)? Gemma and a bunch of other mystery romance authors have also banded together and just unveiled a new site at www.killerwriters.net.


Kristie (J) said...

Leah: Is it up and running yet? I tried the link but it didn't work.

Wendy said...

I listen to Evanovich on audio and even though I think the series has run it's course, I still listen to get my Ranger fix. I'm always looking for what I call the "Ranger Says Something Sexy And I Change My Panties" moment. Evanovich is usually happy to oblige :)

Hmm, that was probably TMI.

Yeah on finding a romance buddy at work! I now work with a romance reader, but our tastes run a bit different. No matter - someone who doesn't sneer at my books! Yeah!

Kristie (J) said...

And Gemma Halliday eh? I just checked and there is a copy of her first book in the rather large bookstore near me. I'm thinking I have a new author to try *g*

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy: That's it!! I'm not sure how much we share in tastes - but just to be able to talk to someone who also loves some of the same authors is great. And she was telling me she reads about 5 books a week. So if we like the same books - boy can I keep her supplied for a while :)

Mailyn said...

Congrats on finding a friend to go crazy with! At least you have a HUGE library so you can introduce her to just about anyone in Romance.

Please tell me Dreaming of You is next on her list. Mehehe.

emdee said...

The new book, 13, is even better and funnier.

Anonymous said...

If I'm going to do shameless promotion, I should really get my facts straight. ;-) The new site for the mystery romance authors is http://killerfiction.net/. It includes stuff from Gemma Halliday, Jana DeLeon, Kathleen Bacus, Christie Craig, Bethany True, and Leslie Langtry. They're all super fun books. Later this week they'll be holding a contest to give away a bundle that includes a book from each other, so check it out.


Chantal said...

I know exactly what you mean about Stephanie Plum.
I lurve the series. I am SO glad I started it.

I'm a total Ranger fan. I live for those 'Babe' moments.

Kristie (J) said...

Chantal: I've been reading them for a while now. It's the only book both sisters and I all agree are wonderful. We take turns buying them and passing them around. They are a riot aren't they? But alas - I'm a Joe girl myself.

Leah: I checked it out - looks good!!

Emdee: I've heard that 13 is even better. Now to decide whether to use the library or wait until it comes out in MM. Either that or hope I can find it real cheap somewhere in HC *g*