Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And the winner is.............

OK - I don't have video like Cindy did.

I don't have pics like Rosie did

It's only one book unlike the goils at Book Binge.

But honest - I did it fair. I wrote the names down, folded them, put them in a big brown envelope, shook it, shook it some more, turned my head, closed my eyes...............

And I still haven't looked to see whose name I drew yet. I'm doing it riiiiiigggghhhhhtttt now

And it's...........

Alyssa!!!!! You are the winner of your very own copy of Gabriel's Ghost - A MOST excellent book.

(I met her in person you know)

Yea!!! Congrats!! I have your email addy so I'll email you either today or tomorrow.

Next - since I don't know much about this game stuff, I'm asking for advice. Do you think I should go with the first person to guess correctly (and possibly not have fun thinking up clues if they're good and guess early and trying to figure what rhymes with six) or not give the answer and draw names from everyone who guesses?
For everyone who chimes in, your name will be entered for a 4 book selection of brand new various Harlequin books. I'll take opinions until Saturday.

(I'm on these really high potent vitamins that I bought at the Health food store and by jove I think they are working! I'm much peppier today than I have been recently)

'til later

D'oh - I was just about to shut down for the night when I realized I didn't name the book! Smack me on the head and call me stupid!!

Absolute Trouble by Michelle Jerott (aka Michele Albert)

I read this one years ago and loved it! Here's a brief blurb:
Julien Langlois is a man hiding secrets--and the only obstacle between him and his plans is Dulcinea Quinn, the stubborn redhead holding him in protective custody on her houseboat. One sultry night, Julien tries to gain his freedom with some seductive persuasion--but her passionate response to his sensual assault unexpectedly ensnares him. How can she prove to Julien that the best choice in life is love?


CindyS said...

First congrats to Alyssa!! I'm so glad someone else won because I cheated. I googled the phrases until I found a book that matched. So I liked the clues because everyone has a chance to uh, cheat ;)

But it's definitely the way you have fun!! That's what is important!


nath said...

Congrats to Alyssa :D

and LOL, Cindy, you cheated?!?!

and Kristie, to answer your question, I think you should go with the first person who guesses it right :D then, if you want to have fun making up clues, you can always do it with the next book :D

Kristie said...

Congrats to Alyssa! I have never heard of the book before, but the clues you gave really got my interest peaked, so I am going to take a look for it.

I like the clues but I would probably choose from all of those answers that were correct. Just my opinion.

Chantal said...

I have and loved that book so I knew it right from the very first clue.

Congrats to the winner.