Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Clue A Day

As you may remember, I picked up Quite A Number of books recently. One of the things I thought would be neat would be to share some of them with others. So in light of this I thought I’d have a few book give-aways. I’ve been trying to think of different things to do to make it interesting and this is my first idea.

This is my first idea.

I’ll give clues to a book – one I’ve mentioned around cyberspace or on my own blog. Then anyone interested can try and guess what the book is. One clue a day until Monday.

I’ll put all the right answers in a hat and draw the winner

The first book up for grabs is a copy of Gabriel’s Ghost. I have my own copy and picked up an extra one in Dallas. Now this is one I’ve read – that won’t always be the case – and it’s one I really enjoyed.

And if someone guesses the book real early – late guessers have as good a chance.

So – here’s today’s clue – it could be from any genre in romance, any book

Clue #1

The heroine is an ex-copy and makes dolls


CindyS said...

Holy Hannah!! I'm going to suck at this ;) She's an ex-COP though maybe?


Kristie (J) said...

Well with more clues it will get easier :)
And I do have a number of books to give away so if someone can't guess this one - there will be more.