Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The brain isn't completely back yet

And I'm still not in the mood to do reviews. So instead I'll just boast about my recent book purchases that arrived in the mail today.

Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice

I bought this one because I loved the Midnight series and the storyline of this one sounded very intriguing. And since I bought it online, the savings were much better than in the store.

Rachel Gibson - Tangled Up in You

When Rachel Gibson is good - she is very, very good. I've heard that this is one of her better ones lately and since I haven't not purchased one of her books hoping for the very, very good ones, I had to keep the record going

Bewitching the Highlander

I purchased this one because Jane recommended it. I've never tried Lois Greiman before so I was anxious to giver her a try. I lurve finding new to me authors and there are other books by her in the store.

In Her Bed by Deborah MacGillvary

I needed just a little bit more to qualify for free shipping so this one fit the bill. Good price and interesting cover. I have another one of hers but haven't read it yet.

Reason to Believe by Maureen McKade

I love a good western! I read the first book in the series and adored it. So there was no question I would be getting this one. And Sybil just happens to be having an author day with Maureen McKade so it arrived very timely!

Now I just have to not tell sister Lisa about my newest purchases. She just doesn't get this NEED to be constantly getting new books. She thinks I'm off my rocker and already have way too many books. I shall have to tell her to think of it as a postcard or stamp collection or something. Except that the bonus is some books have some really great stuff on the inside. Thank goodness there are others who are just like me!

And in other book news I have a bit of a back and forth going on in my head. I'm reading a book now that is so far out of my comfort zone. My sisters call me the prude of the family but it really isn't true. I'm more along the lines of naive, not prudish.
But this book - woah mama, is it explicit!!. It's making me blush - and I'm all alone in the house!
That's not the dilemma though. The trouble is I just don't find the writing that good. The heroine just isn't that consistent and I find her annoying. The hero(s) (yep - it's a menage book) aren't bad, but the heroine is the written equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.
So - do I keep reading it - knowing I'm just reading it for titillation? Not that there's anything wrong with a good titill - goodness knows I'm not opposed to that. But it's the writing.
So what do you do when you're just not enjoying an erotic romance? Do you keep reading it anyways for the thrill or do you give up and move on? I have to decide soon because this one is borrowed and I need to return it.

'til later


Gwen said...

If you think you're titillated now, wait 'til you read Dangerous Lover - ho-boy! HOT HOTTIE HOT HOT erotic scenes!

I don't bother reading an erotic novel that gets boring. There are too many good ones out there that ARE worth your time.

Toss it, I say.

ames said...

LOL Kristie! Like I said in my review yesterday, you either love this author or you don't. :P Don't force yourself to read it-I'm just glad you tried!

Now, I remember what you said about LMP so I ordered this book too. Can't wait to get it.

Kristie (J) said...

Ames: LOL - how bad would I sound if I said I've been mostly skimming until I come to a scene with *ahem* the three of them. I'm giving myself 'dirty old lady' vibes. And I have been giving it the old college try - oh yes I have - *dirty grin*. Now I'll be looking to see what you think of LMR.

Gwen: I think I will just close the cover and go with Dangerous Lover. While she (Lora Leigh) writes a Very Hot love scene, and it's not that it's boring - ah no, not boring. It's just that the heroine is just a tad to annoying for me.

Wendy said...

Well for me personally if one of the characters is annoying the crap out of me no amount of hot, sweaty, kinky sex is going to make me overlook it. I'll spend the whole novel wondering why the other character(s) are having sex with such a loser.

I used to get questions like this from other reviewers all the time, given my fondness for reading the "hot stuff." The sex was great, but the plotting was horrid or the writing clunky, how do I write the review? Um, like it was just any other book. A book with problems is still a book with problems - again no mater how hot the sex is. But then I'm an odd duck like that.

And Kristie - you should really try Emma Holly if you haven't already....

CindyS said...

I'm that odd duck who has to be engaged by the characters or they can be swinging from a chandelier and I got nothing.


Mailyn said...

I say ditch it. Too many good books out there for you to torture yourself with a stupid heroine. Even if the sex is off the universe. LOL.

kaitlin said...

I'd say just read it for the hot sex & skip everything else. LOL! :D

Rosie said...

You got some good ones. I've already read and liked DANGEROUS LOVER and REASON TO BELIEVE. If you liked LMR's Midnight books you'll like DANGEROUS LOVER too. I'll be curious to see what you think of the Greiman book because I've never read her either.

As for reading a book that is either annoying me or a character irritating me? Well, I used to hang on a lot longer than I do now. I have so many books to read and ALWAYS more books to buy that I don't worry about it or waste my time.

There's one catch though. If the book got a really great review from someone I generally agree with I'll set the book aside because sometimes my not liking it has more to do with me and my mood than the book.

Crikeys this got long!

ReneeW said...

I have to agree completely with Wendy and Cindy. No matter how hot the sex, I need a plot and characters to care about. Too many books, too little time. I'd put it aside and move on to the next. I REALLY want A Reason to Believe since I loved the first book in the series. Also have the Rachel Gibson and the LMR on my wishlist. BTH sounds interesting so that's a maybe. Wow, I can't keep up with you :) So many books.

Emily said...


I picked up Tangled Up in You also hoping it would be good. If you get to it before me you'll have to let me know what you thought :)

Devon said...

Happy Birthday KristieJ!

I have been complaining a lot about Erotic Romance on the blog lately, but due to the buzz, I picked up Dangerous Lover yesterday and hoo-boy am I loving it!! Now that's what I'm talking about.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Kristie (J) said...

Devon: Thank you! Since I think Leo is the coolest sign, it was nice of our parents to plan that we were born under the sign of the Lion isn't it?
And I just finished Dangerous Lover about half an hour ago. It is delicious isn't it?

Emily: I have a feeling you'll be getting to it before me - I still have her last one yet to read. I've heard good things about it though.

Renee: *chuckle* I Have a lot of books; Reading them is something different though. I don't seem to read as fast as I used to so they have way outpaced me. But it is of great comfort to have tons of whatever genre strikes my fancy to choose from though.

Rosie: Well this particular book has gotten some good reviews - but alas it's just not the one for me. I switched to Dangerous Lover and as I said to Devon, I really liked it. Really Liked It. A Lot!

Kaitlin: That's what I did *g* Read enough to say I read it and it wasn't a DNF - but I did A Lot of skimming.

Mailyn: *chuckle* It wasn't so much that the sex was out of the universe, it was more like it was so out of my bounds, I wanted to stretch them. If I'd liked the writing a bit more, I'm still not sure of what I would have thought of it.

Cindy: I don't think you're such an odd duck. There are a lot of books I haven't finished because I couldn't get past the character. Mostly the heroines do the book in for me.

Wendy: I have tried Emma Holly - and I like her books. I have a few in the TBR pile I should dig up. I quite enjoyed All U Can Eat. Although it had a threesome in it, it was different than Forbidden Pleasure - the book in question.