Monday, August 20, 2007

A Most Intriguing TV Show

I was never a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched a number of episodes of course. I think just about everyone did. But I just never got the appeal of a high school vampire slayer. I guess I'm too old or something. But I was watching TV tonight and ended up a new-to-Canada television show I can really sink my teeth into *groan - bad pun I know but I couldn't resist)

The show in question? Blood Ties

Now I don't think this is new to those south of the border. In a most peculiar way, I think it's been showing on the Life Time channel for a while. But what is odd I find, is the show is filmed in Canada and has a mostly Canadian cast and I think it's only now showing up on Canadian TV.
For all those vampire lovers out there (and again oddly enough I'm not one of them) this is a show about a female detective. She's a former cop who left the force due to diminishing eye sight and started her own PI business. In the premier episode, she meets Henry Fitzroy a very hawt 450 year old vampire who helps her. She also has a thing going with her former partner.

I remember hearing about this show a while ago, but I never saw it advertised here. For those interested, the premier was on tonight and I think it will be again Thursday and again Sunday on CITY TV. I'm not sure when it's final resting night (another groaner) will be, but whenever it is - I'm going to be watching.

The show is based on a series of books written by author Tanya Huff. I've never tried her before but I think I just might now.

And in other television news - I FINALLY got to see one of the Nora Roberts movies. I caught the tail end of Montana Sky last night. I hope I haven't missed the other ones!

'til later


Mailyn said...

HUge Buffy fan over here. I wanted to watch this show but I found it kinda crappy. But that's to be expected. I read the first book this series is based on and it SUCKED [no pun intended lol]

Vicky was soooo stupid and her relationship with her ex had my eyes rolling so bad I almost lost them to the back of my head.

Dance Chica said...

iTunes offered up the first episode of Blood Ties for free soon after it aired; naturally, I downloaded it. But I didn't make it far into the episode before I found it was just too cheesy for me. I've even tried the books and couldn't get into them either, but maybe you'll like them better than I did. I'm probably vampire-jaded or something, from reading so much vamp stuff. LOL. :-P

Dance Chica said...

*looks up* Hey Mailyn! (We posted at the same time. Cool! :-P)

CindyS said...

Thanks for the heads up - I saw the episodes were on tonight but I figured I was so far behind on the series. Now that I know it's the start I'll get my DVR to tape it this week if I'm lucky!

Hope things are going well for ya. So far, no interest in reading what so ever. Weird how we get in these moods.


Nicole said...

I was only ever a so-so Buffy fan. Didn't like Blood Ties as much as I'd hoped, but I've really liked some of Huff's other books. The first of the Keeper series, especially.

Jenster said...

I liked Blood Ties, too. Good stuff.

QB said...

I was never much of a Buffy fan. And it's been YEARS since I read the Tanya Huff books, but I ADORE the Blood Ties TV series- even the campy acting by some of the guest actors. I can't wait until they start showing new ones in October. If I'm not mistaken, Canada will be getting more episodes than what the US's Lifetime bought. GRRRR.

Interesting, the guy who plays Henry is so young I should feel like a dirty old lady for pervin' on him. But, since HENRY is a few hundred years old, I don't feel ANY gulit whatsoever!

nath said...

You know, when I saw Blood Ties, i thought of a new books series published by Mira... can't remember the author's name... but I guess I was wrong :P I haven't been able to catch the show so I can't comment... but it does look a bit cheesy.

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: LOL - well - sometimes cheesy is fun. I don't tell everyone this - but I love bubblegum music :)

QB: I know what you mean. He is a little cutie isn't he and it does work so much better reminding oneself that he really is hundreds of years old. And welcome to the blog!!!

Jenster: I quite liked the first episode and I hope it doesn't move around a lot once I find for sure when it will be on.

Cindy: I think you might like it! There was a sex scene in it. Not that I'm saying that just because I think you like sex scenes - but I know I don't mind em'.

DC: Like I said to Nath - sometimes cheesy is good. I still like to watch the odd original Star Trek now and then - and it's the very definition of cheesy LOL.

Mailyn: Different generations maybe *g*. I just couldn't get into Buffy that much. They are older in this show though so I'm hoping I enjoy it as much as I did the first episode.