Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's my birthday today. I don't say this for birthday wishes but more to say it's another tough day, one of those hurdles to get through.
I had coffee with a friend this morning and the boys and Lisa and I are going out for dinner - and I picked an expensive one - they have Most Excellent prime rib, my favourite meal being the carnivore I am. So the day won't be completely sad, but still there is the most important person missing. When I drove to Starbucks where we were meeting for coffee, I drove past the ball diamond I drive by every day and it was full of kids playing ball and I couldn't help but think it wasn't fair that Ron wasn't here coaching.
My birthday often fell in the midst of playoffs and many a year we had to go out for dinner on a different night because there was a game he was coaching but I never minded. And I always told him he was lucky to have me for a wife because it wasn't every woman that didn't mind playing second fiddle to a ball game on her birthday. I was never sure if he saw that or not *g*.

The department I work in surprised me yesterday though. They had found out it was my birthday and had a cake for me. I was touched quite a bit by that. And one of the other women I work with bought me flowers too.

So there are still good things happening. It's hard though, not to have Ron here too.


Jaci Burton said...

Happy Birthday Kristie! May the next year be a really good one for you, filled with smiles and laughter and everything good.

Hugs on the sadness, and hugs again because it's your birthday. :-)


Marg said...

Sounds like you are working with a good bunch of people.

Hope you enjoy your birthday dinner.


kaitlin said...

First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Secondly here's a ((((KRISTIE))))hug for you.

Anonymous said...



Wendy said...

Go Kristie, Go Kristie, it's your birthday, Go Kristie....

Happy birthday girl! And prime rib? Yummers ::drool::

Rosie said...

Prime too! That's one of my favorites. I hope your dinner was fun and provided some distraction for you. Peace, love and joy. Happy birthday, Kristie.

CindyS said...

Happy Birthday Kristie. I'm sorry that you are going through a rough time.


Love Cindy

Tara Marie said...

Birthday hugs for happy and the sad.

Take care,


Rosario said...

Happy birthday, Kristie! I hope it gets easier with time.

Amie Stuart said...

Hey my birthday sister! I hope you had a wonderful day!

ames said...

happy belated birthday kristie. :P