Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Spreading my reading wings

Years ago I used to read books right across the board from every genre - horror to biography, true crime to sports, I read anything and everything. But then I gradually started sticking more and more to just good old plain romance. Well, once again I've been willing to stretch my wings a bit and try other genres again. I started with the series by Naomi Novik and bought two of them. They've gotten excellent reviews in the romance reading community and the premise sounds fascinating.

I found them in the Fantasy section of the bookstore. I suppose I should read these first two before I get the third one.

Then I was over at Bev's Blog the other day and she was posting about Linnea Sinclair's next release. I followed her links, thought the books looked interesting, checked out Chapters to see if they had any and they did so yesterday I went out and bought these two.

I found these ones in the Science Fiction section. I thought they both looked quite interesting as I love a good futuristic. I wonder what the difference is though between futuristics and science fiction romance.

Between those two new departments and the general fiction department that holds the JD Robb books, I'm starting to learn my bookstore.

'til later


Angela James said...

I adore Linnea Sinclair. Those books actually started out as ebooks quite a few years ago. All of her backlist was later bought by NY and now she's nominated for a RITA and getting quite a good bit of recognition for her work. If you like futuristics, I think you'll enjoy those books. And they still have quite a bit of romance, Kristie, so you're not really going to have to stretch too far ;)

Rosario said...

I read one Linnea Sinclair and I really liked it. That one, Gabriel's Ghost, had quite a bit of romance in it!

Kailana said...

I adore Naomi Novik. I have read the two that you have, just have to read the third one. Just a headsup, there is a short story on her web site that goes between book 1 and 2. Book 1 I have already reviewed and book 2 I have in my to review pile.

There is not a lot of romance in them, though. Just so you know. :)

As Linnea Sinclair, I have never heard of her. Might look next time I am at the bookstore. :)

Samantha said...

I've discovered that the romance genre is severly addictive. I used to read a bigger variety of books too until I picked up a romance book. Now I mostly read romance.

Jennie said...

I picked up His Majesty's Dragon last time I was in the library because I'd heard good things about it too. Haven't gotten to it yet though.

I've read some Fantasy which I've loved--Philip Pullman, Harry Potter (of course), and Christopher Paolini--but I'm kind of picky about them. It helps if there's a little romance included!

Suisan said...

I keep MEANING to get the Novik books. Please let us know how you like them--they sound super interesting.

Bev (BB) said...

Oh, this has just reminded me that my son has the first Novik book and hasn't passed it on to me yet. I actually blogged about it when we got it, how did I forget??? Tap. Tap. Tap.

So far all Sinclair's books have about half romance/half science fiction tones to them. Well, except for WINTERTIDE but I haven't read the print version of it yet. Hopefully she might have changed it enough to pass muster there.

Sinclair is definitely one of the top discoveries (if not the top period) to come out of ebooks in terms of romance plus. Very, very high quality storytelling.

ames said...

I'm mostly a romance fan, but I do love my sci-fi and fantasy.

Anonymous said...

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