Saturday, July 01, 2006

Random musings on FIFA World Cup from a soccer watching novice

I love watching sports. I don't really play them, but I love watching them. I haven't really watched soccer (or football I think it's called too) that much though. Both my sons played a year of it when they were real young, before Ron switched them to baseball, but I don't think it's quite the same. Watching a huge clump of little kids run all over the field is cute as all get out, but I don't think position playing is done much at that age. And I have seen the movie Bend it Like Beckham a few times. That pretty much has been the extent of my soccer watching up until now. But with the games being played during the day here and therefore not interfering with baseball, and Ron not really wanting to watch The Y&R, we've been watching quite a bit of the world cup. Here are a few observations from a rookie watcher.

First off and most important - there are some really fine looking players!!!!. And best of all they aren't all weighed down by helmets and caps and other equipment that obstruct the view.
I know the soccer field is huge and to get the full effect the camera needs to be pulled back quite a bit, but still I miss seeing quite a bit of the close-up action. That's taking a bit of getting used too. And with so many of the soccer players being mighty fine - well *sigh* you just don't get to see that much of them really.
I love seeing the players come out holding hands with the children. That gets me every time in a real Hallmark kind of way.
It's taking a bit of getting used to only having one announcer. Every other sport I watch has a play by play guy and a colour commentator. I wish they had that in soccer too so we could get a bit more in touch with some of the players. Plus it doesn't really give the only announcer much of a break if he gets thirsty or something.
I think many of the players must take acting lessons too. It's kind of funny watching some of their rolling around in pain on the ground only to be right back in the thick of things a minute later or their over acts of innocence when they commit a foul. You did it! Millions of us saw you do it.
I really don't understand the red card, yellow card thing. Can any regular watchers explain how that works?
I admire the players for not actually touching the ball. If I played, I think I'd instinctively be using my hands.
It's really disappointing Canada doesn't have a team. Hopefully soccer will really take off here and maybe we might have a chance for the next world cup.
In the meantime I've been cheering for the US, Australia and England. That's not necessarily a good thing though since I think I'm the kiss of death for whatever team I cheer for. The only one left now of the ones I picked is England.
Speaking of England - half time (or whatever it's called) is over and the game's back on so off I go to watch.

'til later

Dang - I really am the kiss of death. Now I really feel bad for Karen S and all the rest of the English fans.


Jorrie Spencer said...

Hey Kristie, this is the first year I've watched much soccer. It's mostly because my son is into it and both my kids play soccer. I agree about the men *g*

As for cards, a yellow card is a warning, but you only get one warning. So if you foul the equivalent of a yellow card again, it's the red card and you're out. (You can also get yellow carded for arguing with the ref.) Red card puts you out of the game—and I believe your team plays short—and you're out for the next game, too. (Though I'm not sure about the team numbers there.)

Also the yellow card warning lasts into the next game. So all these cards lead to a lot of acting, I guess. I kinda like it that the ref is in control, unlike some hockey games, but I guess taking dives, etc. is a problem.

My son is devastated by the Argentina and England losses!

And the commentator! I wish they'd tell us what was going on. Half the time I think they don't know. Or maybe this is English style commentary. Dunno.

Kristie (J) said...

Jorrie: thanks for the explanation :) Boy that's harsh though isn't it? I guess I'm used to hockey where penalties are only 2 minutes (unless it's 5 minutes for a major or 10 minutes for a misconduct or then again you can get a game misconduct - I guess they get complicated too *g*) And yea - you get diving in hockey but I don't think hockey players have quite the acting ability, maybe 'cause they would just look silly rolling around on the ice.

Jorrie Spencer said...

I was shocked byt the cards the first time I watched soccer. But now I kind of like it. Although it can affect the games too strongly, I guess.

My son now tells me there is a difference between a second yellow card and a red card. But I don't understand the differences :)

romancelover said...

All I can say is....FORZA ITALIA!!! I've been obsessed with Italian soccer for as long as I can remember. FORZA ITALIA!!! Woo hoo...

Re: studs of soccer - soccer players are the best conditioned & most athletic players of any sport...they're running for 2 hours straight with no time outs...gosh, what I wouldn't do to date Luca Toni (Italian soccer player, of course).

Dylan said...


Since Jorrie already told you all about the yellow and red cards, I'll just happily agree that the guys of football are scrumpdiddilyumptious!!

I'm GUTTED that England is out, oh gosh...just frickin' gutted! I had such high hopes for them!


ag said...

I'm just shocked that BOTH Brazil and England are out! I was sooo hoping for a Brazil-Germany final game.

Looks like it's going to be a Germany-France showdown. But I'm not holding my breath. There has already been so many upsets.

My hubby's the one who's waching. I just drift in and out between blogging and reading.

Great word, Dylan, for the men. ;)

La Karibane said...

Kristie, two things :

1) Please call it FOOTBALL if only for basic mathematics since an overwhelming majority of the 204 FIFA members call it that.

2) Wanna see hot players? go here: You'll thank me later ;)