Friday, July 14, 2006

Book Alert

Gifts of Love by Lisa Kleypas and Kay Hooper

We know about A Scandal in Spring. We know about A Man for All Seasons; Cam Rohan's story. We even know a little about Sugar Daddy, her first contemporary. But does anyone know about this one? Is it new? Is it a reissue? I couldn't see anything about it on her website but according to Fiction DB it's due out in November.

The Gladiator's Honor by Michelle Styles
. Now while the model doesn't really do anything for me, Russel Crowe would have been better, it is wonderful to see a book in this time period coming out. Kudo's to Harlequin for giving us choices!

Wanted by Pam Crooks

And kudo's again to Harlequin. I love this cover. Plus, look Sybil, a Western. I give Harlequin high marks indeed for their continuing improvement in covers!!! I just wish another publisher who I shan't name at this time but everyone knows who I mean, would make the same kind of improvements with their covers.

And speaking of Lisa Kleypas, there is a pretty good review for A Scandal in Spring at Romance Reader at Heart. (I wish I knew how to directly link to it! AngieW knows how - I should have asked her before) Daisy is American. It looks like the hero is American. Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing now that Ms. Kleypas is no longer with the same publisher whose name I didn't mention before; now that she is with St. Martins, if she were to write a book or two set in early America?

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Mailyn said...

they were talking about that Kleypas book a few months ago in Amazon or somewhere, I can't remember, and most everyone kept saying it was a re-issue. I don't know much about Kleypas so I couldn't really tell ya.

Tara Marie said...

The gladiator one looks interesting.

Here's the link you were looking to post:

A Scandal in Spring

I pulled it from my history file after linking to it from your blog. And, it sounds wonderful. Only a couple more weeks.

sybil said...

I noticed yesterday and the day before in my great search of upcoming historicals that HH has some really nifty books coming out with some great covers.

There is an excerpt up at Crooks site for this one and a sequel planed for the book I didn't like by her and the title I forget.

I am pretty sure this is a reissue of kleypas but couldn't find WHERE I know that from.

off to read review

Alyssa said...

I wonder if the Kleypas is a reissue of the book that was a giveaway several years ago--one of those buy one, get one free packages. I bought the book because I wanted the Kleypas story. LOL!

That's my guess, but I'm not sure.

Jennie said...

That Gladiator book does look interesting. I'm a sucker for anything set in Ancient Rome - and you're right, there aren't many romances set there. I wonder why? Seems like a very romantic timeperiod to me?!

Stacy~ said...

I remember reading a novella from her ages ago, and I think this might be it (it goes back to '91)

Hope this helps....

Kristie (J) said...

Stacy: By Jove - that sounds like that's it!!! Mystery solved. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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