Monday, July 24, 2006

A review - sort of

When I first met him, one of the first things that attracted me to Ron over 30 odd years ago, other than the overwhelming bolt of lust that hit when he asked me dance, was the fact that he was a ‘reader’. Since reading has been a passion of mine from the moment I first read See Dick Run, it was very important that the ‘special guy in my life’ shared a passion in reading. Not only was he a reader, he was an open reader, willing to try books I had enjoyed – this was before my romance days. In the early days of our marriage we shared many the same books, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, all of Terry Brooks Shannara stories, Piers Anthony Ursala LeGuin Stephen King and many more. Then slowly over the years our tastes started going in different directions. I started reading more and more romance and he read more and more horror with a bit of suspense thrown in and I think it’s been years since we read the same book. But we’ve both always remained avid readers.

Well, with the advancing disease and the massive amounts of meds Ron is on these days, he’s not really able to read much at all anymore and I know this has been eating at him. I offered to start reading to him and he jumped at it. I used to read a lot to the boys when they were small and really enjoyed it. And I’m pretty damn good at it if I do say so myself. I always loved it when it was my turn to read out loud in school. So our next decision was what book I should read. He recoiled in horror when I suggested a romance. I thought of the In Death books, but knew I would blush and stammer through some of the rather explicit love scenes – plus he hates that they have those in the books I read. He was trying to read a mystery book but that was out since he is still able to read some, so I’d forever be missing parts and he’d already read some of it and I think he still wanted it to be ‘his’ book. Then Lisa (my sister – I can mention her by name since she never reads my blog and she’ll never know I named her unless my other sister who does read my blog squeals on me) brought over two Janet Evonvitch books for me to read. Now Lisa hates all things romance book, but we agree on Ms. Evanovitch. We both love her books (as well as sister number 3 – what the heck – Nancy). Lisa had Metro Girl and Eleven on Top, neither of which I’ve read yet. The light dawned!!! I could read him Eleven on Top. He and Lisa both have very similar tastes in books and Lisa loved it. And her books are very funny.

So we started. Every day I would read a chapter or two of the book. I wasn’t sure if Ron was enjoying it or not. I’d ask every so often if he was and he would say “it’s good” in a rather nonchalant way. Part way through he asked what it was about. I kind of wondered about that for a moment and realized that since this was his first one and it does meander a bit, that could be considered a good question. I thought for a moment and answered well it’s kind of like Seinfeld, a lot of real funny stuff about nothing really. That answer satisfied him. I wasn’t sure if he was liking it, but he kept asking every day if I was going to read today so I think he did. In this one, Stephanie has decided to give up bounty hunting. Instead she decides to get a regular job in the button factory. Of course Stephanie being Stephanie, this job didn't even get off the ground. Her next attempt was working at the Kan Klean dry cleaners. Again, job issues, this time in the form of Grandma Macaroni. And then there was Cluck in a Bucket.
There were a few places I had to stop reading so I could laugh. The scene where Grandma Mazur and Grandma Morelli get into it at Stiva’s Funeral Parlor was one of them. I didn’t think I would be able to get past the scene where Stephanie is working at Cluck in a Bucket. Especially once her boss taped the headset onto her greasy hair. Took me about 5 minutes before I could start reading again. And the whole cello bit was a riot. This is vintage Stephanie Plum, with her car being blown up, hanging with Lula. I was tempted at the end to ask that most frequently asked question – Ranger or Morelli? But since he hadn’t had the whole background, plus he would think I was off my rocker if I even asked, I let it go. I’m a died in the wool Morelli fan myself. Ranger is a fantasy but Morelli is real. I was impressed when Stephanie came home sans underwear and Morelli believed her. Although I must admit a couple of moments there I almost went to the Ranger side. But nope – I’m loyal to Joe.

I know some readers have tired of this series; that Stephanie is still the same old, same old, that the Ranger-Morelli triangle is getting old. But this one worked. For both Ron and I reading it has been a light in a tunnel of darkness and for that I’m very grateful!

Next up on our Stephanie Plum reading list – Seven Up

‘til later


Mailyn said...

thanks for sharing that with us, it was very sweet and I'm glad you are both enjoying the reading. lol @ blushing at the sex scenes. :-)

Nikki said...

As I was reading your entry and you were talking about reading to Ron something you both would like I was thinking "Evanovich" then you said (or typed) Evanovich! That was kinda cool. I love these books. Everyone I have introduced them to has loved them! They are so funny. Your Seinfeld analogy was right on!

My Mom and I have long debated (for years) Joe or Ranger. I love Joe and she loves Ranger. It's only Joe for me. Ranger is sweet and sexy but damn it, Joe found her first!! She has to end up with Joe at the end of the series!

I am so glad you and Ron are enjoying these books. I haven't read it yet but my Mom says Twelve Sharp is really, really good.

I also love entering her contest each summer to name the next book. This summer it is Thirteen. I love to think up new titles with my Mom, husband and friends. I can't believe she didn't pick my title for ten which was Ten-acious!! If you want to join check out her website. Contest ends August 31st!

Jennie said...

YAY Morelli!! These books never get old for me because they're so funny! I'm glad you thought of these for reading aloud. I hope Ron enjoyed it.

I read Metro Girl and I'm planning on getting the sequel whenever it comes out, but I didn't think they were as good as the Stephanie Plums.

CindyS said...

Kristie - have you read 12? If not I want to mail you mine so you guys can read it together. Also, have you missed any? I loved books 3, 4 and 5 and thought they were the funniest and hey, funny is exactly what you both need.

If you haven't read those ones either then I would love to mail them to you!

I love that you are reading together - that is truly precious.

How about audio books for Ron?


ames said...

That's very sweet that you're reading to Ron. You are lucky you found someone to share your love of reading and that it's a way for you guys to be together right now. Thanks for sharing. :)

sybil said...

I am glad you two are getting to share some reading time.

nath said...

You know, I think that Ron doesn't care that much about the story, as in, it doesn't matter whether the book is good or not or whether it's his taste or not, just as long as you're reading to him :P

Tara Marie said...

It's wonderful your having this time together, being able to do something you both love. And Evanovich is a great choice, light and fun.

ReneeW said...

That's wonderful Kristie! I'm so glad you can do this for him and I remember all those scenes. I know I have read funny passages to Bob and he laughs with me. I get the giggles and can't stop laughing. I'm a Morelli girl too. C.J. Critt reads the audio books of this series and her voices for Lula and Grandma Mazur are hysterical. Although I bet you're pretty good too!

Valeen said...

You are so incredibly lucky that you both enjoy books! That would be a dream to me.

I'm so caught between Ranger and Morelli. I'm like Steph. LOL. Ranger is hot but Morelli would make a wicked husband (and he's still hot). And I never tire of these books!

I tried to get RH to read Tara Jenzan's Crazy Hot. I thought hey, its got snipers, fast cars and sex. What wouldn't he like? But it was a no go.

ag said...

It's great that you've both returned to a mutual interest. It's fantastic way to connect, and I wish you both many, many more happy hours of reading together.

At the risk of sounding cliche ... you're both so romantic!