Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dang! I wish she had a website

So that we could find out more about this one

Drop Dead Gorgeous by Linda Howard

Good news/Bad news

Good news - it's in paperback
Bad news - we have to wait until November

I know it's more about Blair and Wyatt, Blair is planning her wedding and someone is after her but I want excerpts!!!
Oh well - at least now I'll have to go back and read To Die For again sometime before November to refresh myself :) I like that idea! One can never read To Die For enough times. Unless of course one didn't like Blair. Then once is more than enough. But I loved her so......
And how about this cover?!?!?!?!?
While the picture of the couple is not bad although I think she needs to comb her hair - or wash it or something - I surely hope they don't stay with these colours 'cause man are they bad!!! It hurts to look at it without sunglasses. It's brighter than an errupting volcano, or a blazing fire or the even the sun for petels sake! And what is with the font? I think Bam needs to get hold of this one.

'til later


Marg said...

I don't understand how authors don't have a web presense these days!

Kristie (J) said...

I know! I don't get it either. If I was an author that's the first thing I would do. But then I suppose she is a big enough name that people don't need a website to know about her.

Marg said...

I would think that that means you are just as likely to need a website to keep on attracting new readers, for things like series order etc etc

CindyS said...

Knowing myself well, I can safely say that if I am procrastinating the internet is a wonderful place to play. So, if I was an author it would be a time sucker. Maybe Howard knows herself well and keeps herself away from the computer. That said, she could hire someone but then I think you would want to be involved and then *whomp* she's sucked in ;)

You were much more gentle with this cover than I feel. It's gross!!


nath said...

I heard that Linda Howard used to have a website, but she doesn't anymore, because she was getting stalked - like receiving emails from a spooky someone... so that's why she decided not to have a website anymore.

What I love the most is when the authors have a website and actually update it frequently... Kelley Armstrong and Sherrilyn Kenyon are two authors that come to mind.

Jennie said...

It seems really unprofessional for any author, especially any well-known author, not to have a website. And stupid too. It could only help sales.

And if it was a stalking problem, she could just not have any contact info listed.

That cover is seriously ugly!

Valeen said...

Seriously?? Is it all about Blair and Wyatt??

I LOVED To Die For. One of my favourites. Can't say enough about it.

Anonymous said...

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