Tuesday, September 09, 2014


As my mood is down in the dumps – so is a lot of my television viewing.  I confess to watching TMZ.  I was watching the clip yesterday they had of Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens knocking his then fiancé out cold then dragging her out of the elevator like a bag of garbage.  I, along with any who has seen the video was horrified watching it.  That a man could do that kind of thing to a woman is frightening and no excuses, he should go to jail and he should be banned.

But in all honesty, what I found equally horrifying is that since that incident, she MARRIED him. OMG!  What kind of fool is she?  They guy is obviously a thug who should be doing time and rather than getting far, far away from that animal, she MARRIES him.  I do not understand why she would do such a thing.  No way can I believe it’s because she looooooves him.  One would have to have zero self-respect to claim that and I’m just not buying it.  All I can think is it must be the money.  And what a sad thing is that.  If he did something like that even before they were married when life was good, what on earth will happen now that his life is deservedly falling apart, what can she expect now?  Whatever it is, I am sad to say she won’t get sympathy from me.  I am in no way shape or form excusing him – AT ALL – but what does it say about her?


I also have been watching Big Brother.  Never really watched it before but hey – I’m living in the basement of life these days so its basement TV.  I don’t get this show.  I don’t get that people are such big fans they want to be on it.  I can only think they want their “15 minutes of fame”.  Why else would you be willingly followed by a camera 24/7 that can watch you do just about anything and have complete strangers watch any time of the night or day.  Why else would you knowingly make friends with people who would stab you in the back without a second thought with the nebulous excuse ‘well, I heard you said this about me”.  Yes, years ago I was caught up in the Survivor experience too like so many others who were introduced to reality TV, but Big Brother takes it a whole other level and I don’t get the appeal.  And this is coming from someone whose two favourite shows are reality, elimination type shows, So You Think You Can Dance and Face Off.  But in both those shows it’s either the audience or judges who do the eliminating and you can see there is a real bond between contestants.  They work together and when someone is sent home, they really are sad and not rubbing their hands in glee that another one bit the dust.  I think the thing that bugs me the most is all the hugging.  Stabbing them in the back and then hugging them goodbye just doesn’t work for me.  No amount of money is worth it.  They can also get pretty nasty on Master Chef too though it’s Chef Ramsay and company that sends the contestants home.


Now on the plus side, I’m REALLY enjoying Outlander.  I read the first book but didn’t really continue on with the series after that one – the size of them intimidates me.  But the series is working just fine, just fine indeedy.  Ach Jamie.

I’m not reading these days, don’t seem to have the  concentration, so no real thoughts on romance reading, thus another ‘ponderings’ post.
'til later


AnimeJune said...

I dunno about Janay Rice. They've been together for six years, according to the news, and originally met in high school. That's plenty of time to develop a serious abuser-victim mentality. I feel bad for her.

AH! I think I may actually have to see Outlander, then! I wasn't a total fan of the book - I didn't hate it, by any means, but I didn't love it. But seeing it visually, with all the gorgeous Scottish scenery (and actors :P) could be amazing!

azteclady said...

On Outlander: I think that people who weren't obsessed with the books are liking the series more. I am not sold--found the first episode to be agonizingly slow, and the voice over bored me.

On the Rice thing, I am wondering where her family or support system is, or if there was ever any such. I'm pretty sure that even before the attack in the video happened there must have been other beatings, did anyone try to help this girl?

I do not blame her at all though. Victims of abuse are often convinced that the only person who "loves" them is their abuser, because they have been brainwashed--subtly, slowly, over a period of time--that they are inherently unlovable. They often feel--whether this is true or not--that they cannot function in the real world without the abuser.

Some people manage to break from this conditioning, others stay until their abuser kills them--and they are not necessarily stupid, or weak or greedy. They are victims.

Anonymous said...

Not a big reality tv fan, though I do like DWTS. I read the first book in the Outlander series and it just didn't do it for me. I'm not into the tv series, either. Funny enough, my husband likes the tv series!

Brandy said...

Btw, don't know why I'm "anonymous" -Brandy

nath said...

I'm cynical like you Kristie and thought she was in it for the money. After reading AnimeJune's comment though and how they were high school sweethearts, then perhaps not. But seriously though, at the press conference, when she was apologizing and saying how they were in it together, that made my eyes rolled.

little alys said...

Never got into Big Brothers. Survivor was at least interesting in the beginning since it was partially about surviving in a different environment.

I'm resisting Outlander for now since I wasn't into the book, but I'll cave at some point. lol.

As for the Rice thing, I agree with AnimeJune and Azteclady. Patterns of abuse often isolates and brainwashes the victim into thinking the abuser will change. Even if money is a factor, it could also be used by the abuser to make the victim completely depended with no way out. It's a lot more complicated and I don't blame her. Sad situation indeed.

Also, I hope you are doing well Kristie! I miss you!!! And thank you so much for your wonderful comment last time. It really helped ,#

Wendy said...

Pretty much echo'ing what others have already said about Janay Rice. Mostly I feel sorry for her - for the situation she is in and also that said situation just got very, very public.

I don't watch a ton of reality TV although I like watching shows like Pawn Stars (although it's has jumped the shark IMHO), American Pickers and I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with the car show Fast N' Loud. I need to find new TV shows soon though! Justified and Boardwalk Empire are both wrapping up their final seasons and where will that leave me?!?!? Sob!

azteclady said...

Hey, KristieJ, I hope you are doing better.

I keep checking to see if you are around, hope you let us know how you are doing soon.

Thinking of you often over here.

Statch said...

Kristie, I also keep checking, and just wanted to say that I'm thinking about you and hope you are doing okay. (I also just started reading Outlander since the series started. Can't believe I didn't read them before! Loved the series and am loving the books.)