Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Stuff

Purse the VII broke the other day. It's life ended the same way as Purse I through VI. My sisters would say it's because I have too many books in it but I say it's the Canadian coins that did VII in. You see, the strap broke because it was too heavy. Looking at a broken Purse VII I was jolted into really seeing how similar the majority of my purses are. I buy them almost exclusively by size and how many books they can hold - even though that is NOT what causes the straps to break.

So I figure it was time I got jiggy with Purse VIII. Instead of my normal 3 section purse in colours of either tan, dark brown, navy blue or black, I decided to go a totally different route this time and get one that was almost so butt ugly it was chic - or at least my version of chic since I wouldn't know chic if it hit me over the head. A slave to fashion I'm not.

Purse VIII is one big section, not the usual 3 and it is black and white checkered - and vinyl. It's a big huge black and white checkered vinyl purse. And sturdy. It should be able to hold books and Canadian loonies and twoonies (and quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Now I'll have to wait to see if others laugh at my purse or are envious of it.

I'm still on a ready frenzy!! With luck and without too much distraction, I should get 15 books read this month!! FIFTEEN!! I can't remember the last time I read that many books in one month. As a result of my reading frenzy, my blogging and blog hopping has gone down. I need to find an equal balance I think.

Today is the last day to cast your ballot in the AAR Annual Reader Poll. I did my part to keep Cindy busy and sent in my ballot yesterday.

The In Death Poll is up now and here are the official results:

1)How long have you been reading this series?

Over five but not since the first one - 11%
Two to five years - 17%
I just got started - 18%
So it looks like most who answered are new to the series!

2) Which angle do you like best?

The romance - 16%
The relationships - 30%
The mystery - 2%
I love them all - 49%
Looks like few of us read them for the mystery; rather we love the whole package!

3) Besides Eve and Peabody, who is your favourite female character?
Dr. Mira - 48%
Mavis - 24%
Nadine - 7%
Trina - 3%
Louise - 10%
Other - 3%

4) Besides Roarke and McNab, who is your favourite male character?
Feeney - 32%
Baxter - 16%
Morris - 13%
Charles - 8%
Commander Whitney 2%
Summerset - 16%
Other - 2%

5) Do you think Roarke gets too involved in Eve's cases?
Yep - he needs to step back - 27%
Nope - it's fun to watch a former criminal help solve crimes - 72%

6) Are you for or against Eve and Roarke having kids?
Are you nuts? That would ruin the series - 20%
The sooner the better. I think they would make great parents - 11%
Some time in the way distant future. 68%

7) Do you think you will ever get tired of this series?
Never, never, never - 53%
Maybe eventually - 36%
I've been tired of it for a while now - 9%

Looks like most of us will be happy if she keeps writing for a long while *g*. And it's kind of neat. There are four other people I work with who are also reading these books now.

Now - back to reading - I'm in the middle of another good one!


orannia said...

Oh, just look at Purse VIII! I hope its first outing goes well Kristie!

And I am obviously in the minority for wanting Roarke to take a step back from Eve's cases :) I just feel he always has to get involved. Showing interest in your partner's work in one thing, but...

Leslie said...

That purse looks like it could hold a series or at the least a trilogy. :D

I switched to a backpack style purses years ago. It's easier on the shoulders and it stays out of the way. My other purses got too big and heavy. I can fit one mmp in it. Which is okay since I almost always take my book bag wherever I go. :)

nath said...

LOL, that purse will definitively be able to hold books and Canadian change :D However, are you okay with not being able to carry it on your shoulder?

And yay on 15 books!! :D

~ames~ said...

Good stuff! And good luck with your new purse, hopefully it lasts a long time. :P