Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who wants to play?

This went around a couple of years ago and now that there are a lot more bloggers, I think it would be fun to do it again. I also think it tells a little bit about us *g*

What am I talking about??

I'm curious to see what others have as their wallpaper. Now that I have two computers, I have two different wallpapers. And since I live by myself and don't have to worry about a significant other seeing it every day, I can have whatever I want - heh heh heh.

Here is the wallpaper on my desktop computer. I don't think it will shock anyone.


And here is the one I have on my new laptop - courtesy of Nath

Ooooh la la!!

It's easy to do - just do a Print Screen of your desktop and paste it into Paint and save as a JPeg file. So - anyone game?


LVLM(Leah) said...

OK, call me weird but I'm more curious about what programs or other things people have on their desktop. It's very revealing. :)

As far as a desktop pic goes, I have a pic of the DH and I, which I will never post publicly. But it's my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love the first one, Kristie! *drooling*

I have two computers. One of my laptop's has a pretty sunset over the water. The one I'm on now's desktop is actually pretty boring. I have blue wallpaper. Huh. I think I need an upgrade, lol.

Here's the link so you can view this laptop's Wallpaper.

My boring Wallpaper, lol

orannia said...

Ohhhh! Pretty pictures :)

Hmmmm. My desktop on the home computer is a picture of the Earth from space. I never change it as doing anything on my home computer is a mission in itself :) The desktop on my work computer changes every couple of days, and usually a book cover, although currently it is a lightning storm!

Phyl said...

Like orannia, I have a picture of Earth from space. It came with the computer and I love it. My cursor is the little space shuttle. I have as few icons as possible on my desktop because I don't want to cover up the picture.

Renee said...

OK, I'll play! :-)

Here's my desktop.

I LOVE my wallpaper, which is art from the Japanese version of Nightlife by Rob Thurman.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, my desktop hasnt changed in 4 yrs. It's "Case Study #13, Image 5" by Steven Klein.


Heidenkind said...
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Heidenkind said...

I'll play; here's the url for mine: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3318/3634320745_754eb24cca.jpg

Leslie said...

Great idea Kristie! Here's mine ~ http://lesliespsyche.blogspot.com/2009/06/wallpaper.html

Dan Dos Santos and Luis Royo - love these artists. :)

Sarah said...

I haven't done this in a very long time! Here's mine!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get a photo image of my desktop, but on my blog I shared some of my wallpaper/screensavers.


Kristie (J) said...

MsMoonlight: See what I mean? Who would have thought you were a classic car fan?

Sarah: That way you won't forget about seeing the movie will you? *g*

Leslie: Wowzers! Those are beautiful!!
I would have a hard time choosing which one to use!

Heidenkind: Oh - that's gorgeous. What vibrant colours those tulips are. Almost makes me want to become a gardiner to grow flowers that pretty.

Seton: What a dramatic scene!! Is that from Mr. & Mrs. Smith? It looks like Brangelina in the picture.

Renee: I love that one - the colours, the night sky, the city lights in the background

Phyl: *g* I'm a bad one for saving things on my desktop. When I start covering John Thornton's face, it's time to start organizing.

Orannia: I love those space shots and I've them before too. My work computer alas, is very very boring - just the company logo.

Barbara: You could indeed use and update - lol. Part of the fun is trying to decide which one to use. Since I'm hooked on SYTYCD, I figured I'd use my favourite pic from the Canadian show as my wallpaper - well - and 'cause I think it's hawt, hawt, hawt and fun to turn on the computer. And I've had that one on my desktop computer for a while now. Don't really want to change it.

Leah: LOL - I did a lot of cleaning up and deleting before I did a print screen of my desktop. I save just about everything there. As for my new one - I haven't had time to clutter it up yet.

nath said...

I got mine up :)


and LOL, YOU chose that picture!! I just put it up, which you could have done as well :D

azteclady said...

erm... nuthin'?

Marianne McA said...

This is mine:


I don't watch the Simpsons, though the children did when they were younger, but we live near the Giants Causeway, so I thought it was fun when I saw it.

Marianne McA said...

I checked whether the link worked, and it didn't seem to (I fail at links), so word description:

It's a screen shot of Marge, Bart & Lisa (Liza?) down at the bottom of the Causeway reading the notice there.

Funnily enough, when you asked, I couldn't remember what it was: had to go and look. Time for a change.

Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

I used to have a storm swept sea threatening a lighthouse (the cover for "Fire at Midnight") on my laptop, but I've recently changed to the cover for "Stolen Promise," which features artist Arturo Delgado's rendering of a gypsy necklace called a galbe, which is an important element in the story.

I know Kristie is a huge fan of Judy James' Broken Wing, and my new cover was done by the same artist.

Let me know what you think:


Marg said...

We share a common subject matter!

Here's mine


Amy C said...

Now that I know how to take a snapshot of my desktop, I can play too!

I love that bottom one. Both of them are so you, Kristie!

Mary G said...

Hi Kristie
You have good taste!!

Kristie (J) said...

Hey Mary! *evil grin* I think so too! I love them both.

Amy: I love that one too! I was so totally gone for them as a couple on SYTYCD Canada that it's great to have it whenever I turn on the computer.

Marg: *g* oh yes we do - we do indeed!

Lisa: What a great cover!!! I Adore the cover of your first book and I love the cover of this one. It's also great getting a 'first glimpse' too!

Marianne: ROTFL!!! The link worked for me and it was a hoot!! And if you ever do get a chance - you should watch The Simpsons. It's bizarre and may take watching it a few times - but once one gets into the rhythm, it's quite funny.

AL: LOL - Nothing??? Well you will have to let your imagination take you away - kind of like Calgon.

Nath: *laughing* I guess I didn't really make things clear did I? I did indeed pick out what I wanted and you loaded it on for me. And I see where you take another one of your loves and make it wallpaper.

Monroe Dawson said...

lol Love the backgrounds...my background is actually a picture from off my blog if you wanna see it...a hot guy and girl...both topless! *blush* I know...BAD BAD!

Anna said...

Here's my desktop....


Erotic Horizon said...

Great choice for a meme.. it's nice to show off what you love.. to look at.

here's mine...



Leontine said...

Of course I need to be an true exhibitionist with the wallpaper on my computer and you can find it here:


Love the topic Kristie!! And some are utter delicious...I'm lurking some more!

Erotic Horizon said...


I meant to ask if you are doing this every week.


Kara said...

What Fun!! I love to see what people have on their desktops.

Mine is the Carpathian Mountains from Christine Feehan's website.

Here it is.


Unknown said...

Hi Kristie!

Here's what on my wallpaper http://myblog2point0.blogspot.com/2009/06/what-on-my-wallpaper-following-amy-and.html

So interesting to see what everyone else has!

I must say that your wallpaper fits very well!

Dottie :)