Sunday, June 07, 2009


Things to ponder on a boring day at work – when I’m not in the mood too…..

I use the phone a lot at work to verify numbers. I use the key pad and hear those notes. I’m always tempted to just kind of ‘play’ and see if I can bang out Yankee Doodle or the ABC song. Unfortunately they have a few with really off sounding key tones. I wonder why they did that? Maybe to keep people from playing Yankee Doodle or the ABC song? And I wonder if there is someone who is at the other end if you do play Yankee Doodle and if they get tired of people calling them.

Right now my chestal area is driving me crazy itchy. I can’t very well lift up my shirt, move my bra and start scratching – but boy do I want to!

Does anyone else freak about losing their hair? I look in the sink sometimes at the amount of hair that has fallen out and almost tremble. I’m not vain about many things about me – not at all – but I’ve always thought I had “good hair”. Hairdressers always seem to agree though they could just be saying that to keep me as a client. But my hair is my one vanity and I worry sometimes about losing it. My mother-in-law is almost bald and the thought of looking like that is appalling! I used to be somewhat vain about my eyes to but then the darned things went and changed colour and I’m not quite sure anymore.

I love my new little kitten. While I “officially” named her Cally the Calico Cat – she is more appropriately known as Destructo Cat. One of the reasons I decided to get another one was to keep Zina company while I’m at work. The two of them play and play and play. Sometimes they get rather rough with each other though. I should have realized it, but cats can have completely different personalities. These two do. Cally – or Destructo – is the most curious cat I’ve ever seen!!! She has to be in my face – or around my ankles more like – constantly. She’s continually mewing when I accidently step on her paw because she has walked directly in front of me. I’m going to have to start walking with my head down instead of my head up and my arms swinging cheerfully……..ok – I don’t really walk like that – but still – just because I get depressed doesn’t mean I want to look like I am when I walk! And nosy?! She has to get her nose into everything! I was packing up books last night and went to close the lid. I didn’t notice her paw as in there. OUCH. Of course now my hand is all scratched to shit.

I’m addicted to McDonald’s hash browns. I don’t like that I am. I know they aren’t good for me. But just the thought of them gets me to drooling. It’s a good thing they are only serve them until 11:00 – and that I like to eeeeeaaaaasssssseeeee into my days on the weekends unless I’m working. If I’m working I figure I need a reward


azteclady said...

I love how your mind works :grin:

Cindy W said...

You are too much!

I have a pug, and she is ALWAYS under my feet, she gets stepped on by someone a few times a day, she just can't help herself.

Hope you are feeling better today! Cindy

orannia said...

I freak out about my hair, but it just is so fine that any loss of hair --> scalp exposure! I actually hate my hair - I'm a girl...why can't I have thick doesn't have to be curly! No one can do anything with it, and those hair magazines you see at the hairdressers? NEVER have models with fine hair! *looks down from soapbox* OOPS!

As for Cally - I need to introduce you to a famous NZ book (and my all time favourite): My Cat Likes to Hide In Boxes! Obviously the author had a cat!

Rosie said...

My hair is my bane. Yes I too suffer from *whispers* hair losssssss. I loathe it and find myself looking at *ahem* women of a certain age with thick luscious locks with loads of envy.

Orrannia you are are singing my song,

I actually hate my hair - I'm a girl...why can't I have thick doesn't have to be curly!

Carolyn Crane said...

I have been freaking about hair loss lately, too! I seems like I'm losing more. My hairdresser says you should really only worry if it's in patches, and not even loss all over.

I've been brushing my hair upside down and that seems to help, or just to bend over and massage my scalp. I've heard it's impt to improve circulation in the scalp. I think it helps.

Doesn't it suck SO much to lose hair???