Monday, July 26, 2010

Orlando - Day 1

So - I made it to Orlando all right. And I find it hard to believe, but it IS even more humid here than back home. I did leave packing to last minute again *sigh* but I did get it done - well mostly. I have both toopaste AND toothbrush this time. No washing my teeth this trip. And I remembered to bring a brush. But alas, I forgot my running shoes. I live in running shoes except for in the summer when it's sandals. Hopefully I won't notice the loss, though my feet have already swollen up like blowfish, a big fat hugely blown up blowfish.

It was great travelling! I only brought one book. Normally, even going to a book convention where I'll be getting tons of them, I still feel the need to bring about five or six. But with my new and improved Kobo, I didn't need to bring a bunch. Made my purse a lot lighter let me tell you.

The hotel is incredible. It's huge and I've already got lost a couple of times. I'll have to take pictures. I was the first to arrive - got to the hotel around 5ish and unpacked. Then I decided to to go down and wait for Wendy and Rosie - and wasn't Wendy standing in line checking in!! So the three of us have connected and after dinner we are in the hotel. We met a nice lady from Australia who joined us for dinner and hopefully will show up to the blogger bash tomorrow. I told her to bring a pen and paper so she can write down books she should look for. Now we are back in our room waiting to see if AnimieJune shows up.

And something else occurred that I found rather bizarre. We are here in Florida and it's hot. There's a couple of pools I think and a guy walked by with in just a bathing suit. And I realized that was the first time I'd seen a guy with no shirt in person other than my sons and they don't really count in quite some time. How bizarre, how bizarre, how bizarre.

Anyway, since Wendy was nice enough to bring her much smaller and lighter laptop so I didn't have to lug my big and heavy one around, I shall be back later with further updates.


CindyS said...

Yay!! You made it!! Sorry about your feet - maybe a quick run to Walmart would be in the cards? And only one book!? Hmmm, a kobo eh? Things I need to think on.

Have fun!


nath said...

Wooohooo! Glad you made it safely :D Hopefully, you won't miss your running shoes!

And more humid? Seriously? Ugh.

Have fun and enjoy yourself!!

Karenmc said...

Here's how to relieve your swollen feet: lie down on a bed with your head facing the foot of the bed, then prop your feet up on the wall. That gets your feet above your heart. Just hang out like that for a while and the swelling goes down.

orannia said...

GLad to hear you arrived safe and sound. Sorry to hear about your shoes and feet - I'm with Karenmc. If your feet are above your heart gravity does it's job :)

Glad you've met up with Wendy and Rose and the hotel is lovely. I hope you have a wonderful time!