Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A final wrap up and a little bit of this and a little bit of that

Now what would a conference be without lots of free books? Not quite so good is what I think. And luckily there were lots of books. I didn't get as many this time as in times past. I didn't want to ship them home so I tried not to buy to many at the book fair, though of course I did buy some. A number were on the list I had and the ones I didn't get, hopefully will be in my hands in a couple of weeks. But this is the list of the books I did get!!

Ashley, Jennifer Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage
Boyle, Elizabeth Confessions Of A Little Black Gown
Butcher, Shannon Running Scared
Butcher, Shannon Finding The Lost
Dare, Lydia A Certain Wolfish Charm
Estep, Jennifer Spider's Bite
Freethy, Barbara In Shelter Cove
Harlow, Karin Enemy Lover
Kinsale, Laura Seize The Fire
Mayhue, Melissa A Highlander's Homecoming
Novak, Brenda The Perfect Murder
Parrish, Leslie Cold Sight
Quinn, Julia What Happens In London
Quinn, Julia The Secret Diaries Of Miranda Cheever
Singh, Nalini Bonds Of Justice
Walker, Shiloh The Missing
Wilde, Lori The True Love Quilting Club

I got some good ones didn't I?


A Little Bit of This

There is a new blogger in town!! Marcella of Marcella's Minis is such a brand new baby blogger that she only has 3 posts so far. But they are 3 very good books so drop in and say hey


And a Little Bit of That

I'm headed for the country shortly. My sister from Massachusettes is down for a few days. I wasn't sure I could get the time off work - I mean I just had last Friday and Monday off, but I thought it didn't hurt to ask. And low and behold, they found a casual employee who was looking for hours - and she's worked in our department. So (YES!) I'm off tomorrow and Friday. So the 3 of us are going to hang in the country until Monday. Hopefully I'll get some internet time.

So is the month of July turning out to be a good month or what?!?!?!? First off there was RomCon where I saw some old and new friends, then some nice sister time and rounding off the month, the trip to Orlando where I'll get to see more old friends, new friends and hopefully even newer friends. And of course authors - glorious authors.

So I'll be around - just not sure how much


Wendy said...

I still have no idea what books I'm going to try to snag at RWA. I think I'm just going to wander aimlessly around the Literacy Signing and see what grabs me. Hopefully I won't be too hungover from the Librarian Goodie Room (ZOMG!!!!)

Glad you scored the Ashley book. One less one you have to worry about remembering to get at RWA :)

Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

Laura Kinsale's "Seize the Fire" is one of my favorites. It features a damaged hero and a flawed heroine, which Kinsale defty brings to life. Enjoy!

Ag said...

Hi Kristie,

Yep, you've got some goodies there for sure. I enjoyed What Happens in London by Quinn. Just haven't gotten round to posting about it yet. Trust you've been well?? Take care.

Michelle Styles said...

Oh I didn't realise you were going to be at Orlando! Oh I do hope we can meet as one fellow N&S fan to another...

Kim in Hawaii said...

Thanks, Kristie, for the refernce to Marcelle's new blog site - I just left two comments to the Loretta Chaise reviews. I like Marcella's style! Have a great time with your sister and see you in Orlando (in Tampa now and it is very humid ... Orlando will only be worse ... but the hotel has ICE COLD A/C!).

Marcella said...

Thank you Kristie(J) for mentioning me and Kim in Hawaii for the nice comments! More reviews to come.

Kristie(J), I hope you have a nice holday with your sister.

Hilcia said...

Wow KristieJ you definitely snagged some great reads! I hope you enjoy your sister time and the rest of your Summer. Ohhh, and can't wait to see what you bring back from sunny Orlando. :)

azteclady said...

Wendy, the envy I harbor in my heart for your "librarians only, people" goody room...

Kristie, I'll be seeing you soon! *happy dancing*

nath said...

Nice, those are some good books you got and easy to bring back home! :D

and indeed, very nice month of July you're having :) so lucky, I'm envious!! Time off, good company and books! What can you ask more? LOL.

orannia said...

That is one great haul of books! I hope you have a lovely time in the country with your sister :)