Friday, July 30, 2010

Oralando - Day 4 - RWA - Part 2 & Day 5

I just got back to my room from the first two publisher signings, Harlequin and Avon. I couldn't stay too long as it was crowded as all get out and since this is the third 'event' I've been to this year, I already have books from the previous ones still unread.

I do get amazed though when I see some people walk by. I think they must have grabbed every single book in the room they are so loaded down. I only pick up books I want to read and I know in Rosie's case for example, she also picks up a lot of books for other blogger friends so I can see why she would have a bunch. But some just go hog wild. Although I suppose I was probably like that at my first one - see book, must have.

So - back to yesterday. I heard that a lot of Nora's speech went around on twitter. Since I had to have Wendy answer my phone once and then show me how to make a call - I was trying to call Brent and after entering his number, it kept wanting me to add him to my contact list. Once she explained I had to hit the green button on the left and that green meant go, I can use word association and get it right next time. But for those who aren't on twitter, she gave a great speech. I love how she wasn't afraid to use the word bullshit. She was both funny and inspiring and if I had intentions of writing a book, she had excellent advice. The meal was good too. It was chicken and mashed potatoes and while the chicken was covered with something that looked like green mold and was a bit off-putting to look at, it wasn't really mold and was quite tasty.

And then after lunch the workshops began. In the past 3 years, I only attended on and decided to take in more this year. The first one I went to was given by Suzanne Brockman and Lee Childes. It was interesting as they compared the romance genre (which more women read) and the mystery genre (which more men read) and what would appeal to men and women about the other genre. There was all kinds of other interesting things I can't remember, but they said it would be available on the RWA site sometime.

After that I attended a workshop held by Jennifer Ashley on professional jealousy and how to handle it and even use it to work for you instead of against you. It was also quite interesting.

After that, Wendy, Aztec Lady and I headed out to meet Angela James and others for a Harleqing/Carina Press dinner we were invited to. It was ever so much fun. I've know Angie for a while now and she is such a delightful person. One of the cool things is she visits Toronto several times a year which is only a two hour drive away from me and Malle Vallik, the Director of Digital Content and Angie's boss suggested I take a trip to Toronto and get a tour of the Harlequin offices when Angie is down some time. How AWESOME is that!?!?!
Lynn, Sandy and Blythe from AAR were also there and it was great to talk to them again. Another member of the group was Sabrina Heise, a fellow blogger of Cheeky Reads a new to me blogger and a few other people who were interesting to talk to, but my deepest apologies if they visit here as I've forgotten their names. This short term memory loss is getting worse and it's killin'me.

We went to this incredible restaurant called The Oceanic and I went outside my food comfort box and ordered crab cakes. And they were good. And I learned something I did not know - besides the fact that Sandy broke the news to me that Paul Newman cheated on his wife - that devastated me for some reason - that Creme Brulee is supposed to have a crunch top!!!! I did not know that. I've had it a number of times but no where that I had it, did they blow torch the top to make it crunchy. I loved it!! Though after the meal I stayed full for about 7 hours. The meal was delicious, the company was great and the talking we did was so much fun.

After that we were invited to the Harlequin Slumber Party. Wendy decided to forgo it and I was late. By the time I got there, things were just wrapping up, but I did run into Michelle Styles there and we briefly talked North and South. Speaking of which, I said I'd meet her and Carrie Lofty at 11 and good gracious it's past already so I gotta fly.

'til later!

Dang! I missed them. Hopefully I can catch up to them later.

One thing that continues to impress me about this hotel is the elevators. I still haven't had to wait for one. I thought that maybe once the hotel filled up with RWA conventioneers they would be slower and fuller but that's not the case. A very nice added benefit. Ah well, I just came up to the room to grab my tote bag before heading back downstairs for the luncheon with Jayne Anne Krentz as the key note speaker this time. I'm looking forward to it as I've been reading her books for YEARS.


vi said...

1) Paul Newman cheated on Joan? Who what where when? I'm devastated too.

2) I'm intrigued with the professional jealousy topic. Is it about the writer have the jealousy or the writer have the jealousy directed toward her/ him? Tell me more, please of you can.

3) I'm glad you stepped out of your comfort zone. Crab cakes are soooo tasty!

4) Are the books at the signings for Avon free? Is that why people are grabbing them?

5) Glad you are having a fabulous time. Thsnks for taking the time to blog!

Maili said...

You didn't know Paul Newman cheated on Joanne Woodward? I thought it was common knowledge because he left his first wife for JW, whom he'd had been having an affair with, and later on, he was unfaithful to JW as well. Right or not: he had a solid reputation of being utterly loyal and devoted to JW, though.

I love your RWA10 reports, by the way! Thank you so much for making the time to write these. x

nath said...

Like I said, it seems that you're having a great time :D I'm glad... Each year seems to be better and better :D

and LOL about creme brulee :D We learn everyday, right? :P

orannia said...

I didn't know PN had cheated in JW...