Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Orlando - Day 3 - RWA - Part 1

OK - so obviously I didn't get around to doing a part 2 yesterday. The blogger bash was great but since it was outside and for those non-Floridians and those not used to the humidity, it is draining! By the time I got back to the room, I was bushed. After just chatting with Wendy for a while I headed to dreamland.

There were quite a few who showed up at the Blogger Bash. One of the drop-ins was a nice surprise. Blythe Gifford, who writes Medievals for Harlequin Historicals showed up. I meant to get her latest release at RT but forgot. She was also at RomCon so I got a copy there but since it was only a few weeks ago, I haven't had a chance to read it yet. Kim from Hawaii showed up for a bit and Kris a blogger I shall have to look up and her friend Paula. Of course there was Wendy and Aztec Lady and me. One real thrill was meeting Lynn Spencer from All About Romance. She was saying Sandy and Blythe will be here also. Hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to them too. Meghan Frampton was there with some friends but I didn't get much of a chance to talk, we were kind of spread out. But it was fun and we have another one planned for tonight after the literacy signing.

I'm still not sure what to do about that - whether to brave the line or go down a little bit later once it's dispersed. I think when I finish this post I'll put the blowfish up and see if they deflate a bit. I'm really wishing I'd remembered my running shoes. They would keep my feet from swelling too much.

So far it's been rather a lazy day today. Wendy's been in the Librarian's event all day, she's even a speaker this year along with Tessa Dare. I checked out the good room. I've been collecting book flats and book marks for several years now without really having anything to do with the collection I've got going, but I saw something similar somewhere and thought it was really kewl. I have a beaten up coffee table and two end tables that are scratched and marred. I was just going to throw them out, but once I saw this picture, I've decided to cover them with book marks and cover flats - a decouloage - (is that what it's called) and then varathane it and put it in the 'library' when I get it back up again. So now I'm collecting with a vengance.

One of those small things that really impresses me so far about the hotel is the elevators. So far I haven't had to wait for one yet - as soon as I hit the button, one opens up. And our room isn't far from the elevator. I like that too! And the room is cool 'cause it has the shower and toilet in a separate room from the sink and counter. That means that one of us can be having a shower while the other dries their hair and brushes (not washes) their teeth. With two, sometimes three women roommates, you gotta love that!

Well - I'm going to rest my feet for a bit before the big ordeal I'm going to put the poor dears through.

'til later


Kati said...

Hi Kristie! So jealous that you guys got together last night. I know what you mean about the heat taking it out of you. Especially because you're from the Great White North!

Glad you're having a good time. Sounds like the conference is going well. Be sure to take it easy. BTW, saw piccies from yesterday, and I really like your hair a little longer! It's very flattering!

orannia said...

Am so glad you had a lovely time last night! All the best with those feet and have a lovely day today. Oh, and all the best with the signing whatever you decide :)

And the table sounds great! Good luck with collecting flats!

Marcella said...

Have fun!

nath said...

Sounds like you're already having a blast, despite the feet.

Stacy~ said...

Loving the recaps. Sounds like so much fun! I really hope I go next year. I'd love to actually meet you in person :)

Anonymous said...

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