Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oralando - Day 4 - RWA - Part 1

So - again I didn't do a part 2 yesterday. We are out and about and in and out so often, it seems I have to blog when I get a chance. Plus Wendy is also blogging and since I'm using her laptop - well, I should let her use hers. She so very kindly offered me the use of it when I emailed her before the conference asking if she was bringing it since mine is so big and heavy and I was tired of shlepping it with me at the other two and not even using it.

So - the literacy signing. It was confirmed once again that again I do not like them. I knew I should have waited and gone later after it opened and there was no line, but everyone else was lining up so I did too and by the length of the line and standing so long in one place, I was half done it before it even started. It amazes me that once upon a time I worked as a cashier in a grocery store and stood in one place for hours and hours at a time. How did I do that??????

And because I didn't make a list, once again I forgot some authors I wanted to see. Hopefully I'll see them at the publisher signings. The big one I totally forgot was Joss Ware - I didn't make it all the way to the W's. I've loved her first 2 books in the Envy series. In case anyone is wondering though, I did pick up the second book by Nancy Gideon - the one I downloaded on the Kobo 'cause I couldn't wait to read it, but also wanted a print copy. AND they have the third one here in the on location 'book store'. They didn't have it for signing at the literacy signing last night, but I picked up a copy this morning.

Another book I was thrilled to get was Elizabeth Naughton's newest series, Entwined. I was telling her that one of the biggest thrills in my blogging life was seeing a quote from Ramblings in Marked. Honestly - when I saw that I was excited beyond words!!

I also picked up a few other books - I'll have to do a wrap-up post of all the books I've gotten when I get home. But the BIGGEST thrill of the day was when I was sitting outside the signing room resting - I've done a lot of 'resting' when who should walk by but Jill of Romance Rookie!! She was one of my two room mates from RT, Nath being the other. Jill stayed with us for the second blogger bash and I just wanted to jump around like a puppy that both of my roommates from conferences, Wendy and Jill were both there and they got to meet each other. Quite a few people showed up and both Wendy and I were surprised. I got to see Sandy and Lynn from AAR again as well as meeting Blythe. This was so exciting too as I've been a fan of AAR for years now and meeting the people behind the site is so kewl!!

This morning Wendy, Rosie, Elizabeth (AnimieJune - who by the way has packed more sightseeing into her first few days I'm in awe) and I all had breakfast together. I'm three for three now on the Mickey pancakes. Then we headed to the goodie room for swag and stopped at the bookstore on the way back. As well as picking up Captured by Moonlight, I also got Ruthless by Anne Stuart, and Infamous by Suzanne Brockman (because Jill read and raved about it and it's not a Navy Seal book)

Next up is the luncheon with Nora Roberts so I'm headed there now. Not sure if I'll get to another part today or not.

I'm having a great time and although I know a lot of people are envious, I hope they are living even a little bit vicariously through these posts.


Karenmc said...

Lovin' the posts.

Leslie said...

Thanks for taking the time to do the posts. Are you taking pictures? I love seeing the pictures but I know it takes a lot of time to upload them.

orannia said...

I too am loving the posts (and thinking about next year :) Thank you so much for taking the time to post - and thank you Wendy :)

I know Nalini is going to the Nora Roberts luncheon. Enjoy! I think with all those authors around I'd be speechless!

Oh, and great load of books!

CindyS said...

Tunin' in daily!


CindyS said...

Oh and where is the quote for Marked!?


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy - I think it's on either the second or third page in under reviews for one of her previous books. I don't have a copy with me so I can't say for sure.

Pamela Burford said...

I'm envious, stuck here in NY. But next year the conference is here! Meanwhile, thanks for the updates.

Hilcia said...

Thanks for the posts and enjoy, Kristie. Love your book haul and your author meets! I hope your feet are feeling better. :)