Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Orlando - Day 2 - RWA - part 1

Well - it's almost time to leave for the Blogger Bash that Wendy has organized. So far today is great and I expect it will get even better. Sitting in the sun, knocking back a few brewskies should give me a nice buzz. And thankfully our room is fairly close to the elevator.

So far I've run into Julie James - we still need to talk SYTYCD and Courtney Milan. She introduced us to Tiffany Clare who has her first book coming out the same time as Courtney's next book.

Right at the moment I'm in our room with Wendy and Aztec Lady. I had lunch with Wendy, Rosie and LisaBea. And I had pancakes this morning shaped like Mickey Mouse - for some reason that cracked me up.

Karen - I did sit with my feet raised and it helped. Earlier my blowfish feet were so bloated I couldn't walk right and was much slower than Wendy and Rosie since I was forced to clomp as my feet wouldn't bend.

We've registered already and alas, 3 of the books we got in our registration tote bag I either already have and have read (Sugar Creek - Toni Blake) or books I'm in the middle of reading (Enemy Lover - Karin Harlow) or plan to read shortly (Wicked Becomes You - Meredith Duran). But since I'm hoping us Canadians have a blogger meet sometime soon, I'll have books to share. I obviously started my book buying ban too late - though the Karin Harlow book was a freebie at RomCon.

Well - I know Wendy wants to head down so I'll wrap up Part 1


Anonymous said...

It seems like you are having a blast! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Karenmc said...

Glad the suggestion helped. Now try eating Mickey pancakes while your feet lounge against a wall : )

Keep enjoying yourself!

CindyS said...

Oh, can't wait to hear about the blogger bash (like the Monster Mash but more fun!) And let me know about any plans for a Canadian meet up - I think 40 is going to be about sucking it up. You are definitely my inspiration for getting out of my box. Course, mine is taped up, trussed up and well hidden but as soon as I find an exacto knife I'm on it!

I love the States and their fun with food!

And I'm wondering if Destructo kitty is now losing a few battles at home. When you have to depend on someone for food, you might regret your earlier shananigans ;)


orannia said...

Hope you have a wonderful time! And you've met azteclady!

nath said...

LOL, well it's bound to happen when you have another convention not too long ago :D

I wish we have a Canadian blogger meet soon! However, I can't have vacation till the summer is over :(