Sunday, July 04, 2010

In the ongoing battle

Between Cat and man, cat has scored a devastating blow to man.

Destructo managed to breach the plywood door defense mechanism that Brent has installed at the bottom of the stairs in order to separate his cat from the terror that is Destructo and her accomplice, Zina.

Destructo Cat got there first, whereupon a hissing match ensued. Destructo Cat was soon joined by Zina, normally the very definition of the phrase 'Scairdy Cat'. Normally Zina is the very definition of the word coward; running away from all who approach her, even including myself upon occasion, is fierce when it comes to the defense of her younger and much more courageous and foolhardy younger sister.

Brent, in his losing battle with Destructo Cat, after once again tossing Destructo through kitchen, went stomping back downstairs, in air quote Drama King air quote huff.

But Destructo Cat had a plan up her sleeve. In retaliation, she peed - quite heavily - on a shirt Brent had left on the bathroom floor. The shirt is now in the garbage. And me, I'm still a very amused witness to this ongoing battle between Cat and Man; having recognized quite some time ago that Destructo Cat cannot be defeated.

Destructo Cat trumps Brent


Anonymous said...

Boy, am I glad I have two dogs... Enjoyable though, those Chronicles of Cats and Man.

orannia said...

Oh dear, poor Brent :( I've found cats just need to sort out their hierachy...if they don't then the fights continue and the cats gets upset and...umm...accidents happen (e.g. the clothing issue). Saying that, I never used to let mine have a free-for-all, or numerous trips to the vet would ensue.

Good luck! Destructo cat sure has...(all the words I want to use are just not good choices :) ...a lot of courage :)

azteclady said...

NO cat can ever be defeated--unless it's by another cat.

Anonymous said...


I just love cats!



nath said...

LOL, it's not ongoing. It's clearly LOST!! :P

Aww, so sorry for Brent's shirt... but then, he shouldn't have left it on the floor :P

~ames~ said...

LMAO!! Cats are forces not to be reckoned with. LOL And they seem to know who doesn't like them and then pester them. haha