Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I am a machine I tell you!!

So - things are going swimmingly well at work with the romance books. When I got into work today, Deborah once gave me heck for keeping her up too late. She's reading Open Season by Linda Howard. I simply said 'Party Pack?' and I knew she had gotten pretty far into it when she burst into laughter.

And there is another coworker who wants to start the In Death series. I meant to bring the first two or three in today, but as soon as I saw her, I realized I forgot them. RATS!! But I have them sitting by the back door now so I won't forget tomorrow. And of course now that there are a few of us reading them, we've been discussing who we picture as Roarke. So far no one has picked Brad Pitt.

And three of them have read all of Lisa Kleypas' contemporaries. And of course they loved them. One is willing to try her historicals. Hmmmm, I'm thinking Dreaming of You.

And in other news - I have one more sleep before leaving for Denver. I'm not really counting tomorrow night since I have to get up at 1:00 am in order to catch taxi's and stuff. I'm excited!!


Anonymous said...

***Roarke = Richard Armitage***

Have fun at the conference!


orannia said...

Kristie - I'm so glad your colleagues' reading is going well :) It's great being able to chat books at work.

I hope you have a safe trip to Denver and a wonderful time. Nalini is going! All the way from here!

Oh, Marcella - great Roarke choice!

Carolyn said...

For me, Roarke = Pierce Brosnan in his younger days. ;-)

Have a great time Kristy and keep us posted. How great if you meet Nalini!

Karenmc said...

It's great that your co-workers are getting into the books. I have a friend whose book club is reading Lord of Scoundrels this month because I was an obnoxious evangelist. We'll see how they like it :)

Have a terrific time in Denver.

Kristie (J) said...

Karen: They chose a most excellent book for their reading enjoyment!! LoS is a wonderful book. And good for you - being a spokesperson for the genre!

Carolyn: I could see Pierce years ago - he certainly has the trace of Ireland in his voice. But now he's older and well - his face is just a bit to long - but it sure is fun thinking up who!

Orannia: One of the best things is one of the In Death crew is the head of the department. So when we get talking about them, there's no one to come along and guilt us into quitting.

Marcella: I can see RA in so, so, so many hero roles. So, so many - but the one he really makes me think of is Derek Craven in Dreaming of You. So oddly enough I don't see him as Roarke. One of the In Death books sees Roarke as Gerry Butler, but I don't seem him as a Roarke kind of guy - now Christian Bale maybe........