Friday, March 13, 2009

What is This!?!?!?!

I've been waiting for Julie James' Practice Makes Perfect ever since I first read Just the Sexiest Man Alive! I've been checking every few days to see if it's in the stores yet. I just checked again and THIS is what I see

Oooooooooh this makes me see red!!

I HATE Chapters! Hate them, Hate them, Hate them! I did a piece on this at Readers Gab just this week. They pretty much the only real book chain we have anymore and it's just not right!!

Here's another reason I hate them. Luckily I already have this one myself.

And below are a couple more that many readers will never read because they aren't on the shelves!



Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I can't believe you don't have it yet! it has been out for 2 weeks. Must get it!

Wendy said...

OK, the Julie James one is seriously fudged up.

Caro said...

I ordered the new Brockmann the day it was published . . . and I'm still waiting for Chapters to ship it. So far I've received two notices that the item is out of stock and will be shipped as soon as it's available. I hope that happens before it's released in paperback!!!

Nikki said...

I just saw the James book at Barnes and Noble. Do you want me to send it to you tomorrow?

Nikki said...

Sorry. Email me if you want it.

Kristie (J) said...

Katie: I'm trying, I'm trying *sob* I've been hearing how good it is - yet trying to avoid reading too much about it until I get a chance to read it too. But Chapters just isn't cooperating.

Wendy: I know!! How can they not have available a book that just came out in March?????? Makes no sense to me.

Caro: So they are messing with that one too eh? Grrrr - doesn't it just frost you that we are at their mercy? Well - we can order from but I don't get the discount that I do with my Avid Reader card if I do it that way. And I NEVER pay full price for a book.

Nikki: thank you so much for your offer - and I emailed you ;-)

azteclady said...

Well, that's just not right!

nath said...

Hi Kristie :)

Okay, I'm not looking for excuses for Chapters/Indigo... but an explanation. For the new Julie James, I'm actually wondering if it's not a problem with the distributor/publishing house. I have a feeling that they underestimated the popularity of the author and as a result, Chapters got a limited number and we're the ones to pay. I'm thinking that way because one, the publishing house is a big one - Berkley and Chapters carry all of their books in-store (unlike Dorchester) and two, all the other releases from Berkley were available - Angels Blood, etc. I've been paying close attention to which publishing houses books are from, because that dictates when the books will arrive in store... and like I said, I was very surprised that all the other releases were available except for Practice Makes Perfect. Also, that would explain why it ran out of stock online so quickly.

As for Dorchester, well again, I think it's part of their deal and they must get limited numbers... that's why it's probably better for Chapters to keep the books in their warehouses instead of in bookstores.

As for Caro's problem with the shipping, well that is most probably due to Chapters new shipping politic for pre-orders. They must have received a ton of orders that day... so yeah, that's their fault.

Like I said, I'm not trying to defend Chapters, just understand. Seriously, if you were stuck in Montreal like me, you'd be happy that there's Chapters/Indigo... because aside from them, there's niet. Libraries have limited selection, Walmart and Zellers - well it depends on their location, but again, limited... and no independent bookstores.

It sure sucks... but then, what can we do?

Kristie (J) said...

AL: I Know!! Doesn't make me a happy camper that's for sure.

Nath: Maybe that's the case with the Julie James book but as for the Dorchester and other lines - I blame Chapters. For the most part the problem with not getting books in is with Dorchester and to me the problem is Chapters not ordering them from the publisher and/or stocking them in stores. They are always available to order online so they DO have them from the publisher.
And sadly we here in Ontario are in the same position - Chapters is all we have. The very few independent book stores we have, have very poor romance selections - for the most part they seem to snooty for romance. So we are in the same boat.

farmwifetwo said...

Luckily here in no-man's-land we have a new indie bookstore.... bye bye online chapters buying... EXCEPT.... that they can't get in most hqn's.

Luckily as well, Zellers or Shoppers have a decent selection.

Did you notice that Chapters no longer gives free shipping on pre-orders even if you're over $39 on your order... I am finding paying full price at the little store is actually cheaper since I no longer have to come up with $39 for free shipping.... even cheaper yet with Chapter's new money grab.


Caro said...

My other problem with Chapters and their other manifestation, Coles, is that books are rarely available or shelved on or near the publication date. Sometimes, too, their store availability stats are misleading. About a month after Malena Lott's "Dating Da Vinci" was published, Chapters online finally indicated that two copies were available at my local store. Off I went to buy one and neither could be found. They had not been bought---the store computer confirmed that---but no one could find them anywhere, including the back room. It took another week or more for the two copies to finally appear on the shelf. This same scenario has since occurred more than once. I want to know why the computer shows that books are available if no employee, including the manager, can actually find them. often offers competitive discounts on books. My problem with their shipping policy is that unless you pay for separate shipping, your order will ship only when all items are available. This has occasionally caused delays in orders when a book did not become available in the time frame originally indicated by Amazon.

KC said...

I hear you. I work at a used bookstore which is fabulous except we are super picky on buying paperbacks and good conditioned romances (that I haven't already caved and bought new) never come in so I have to run out to get them at a new bookstore. Luckily here in London, we have at least one independent new bookstore that is a godsend. Not only do they have the books I want, I can usually pre order or if they did not have a high demand they will order it for me (especially if Chapters won't), even out of print ones but there is a fee for this service(the out of print that is). Plus they have a great stationary selection which is great for a paper and office supply nerd like me.

Kristie (J) said...

Farmwifetwo: "Did you notice that Chapters no longer gives free shipping on pre-orders even if you're over $39 on your order..."

I KNOW!!! And don't think I'm a happy camper over THAT policy change!! I used to order books a couple of months in advance - I could get them spread out and still get the free shipping. Now I have to wait until they are actually "Available to Order" - and I'm not liking that at all! And you are lucky with the Zellers! There are 2 around me and both did away with their book department completely. Shoppers isn't too bad - but you have to pay full price.

Caro: I hear you!! There has been more then one occasion when I check to see if the book I want is in the store near me and it looks like it is - and nobody can find it. I often spend more money on "consolation" books then I ever intend! Those are the books you get because you are REALLY in the mood to buy a book - you HAVE to buy a book. It's not unlike a chocolate fix come to think of it.

KC: Do you mean London Ontario by any chance????? 'Cause if you do - which one is it because that's where I live!!!!! And I think I've been to all the UBS's around here on more then one occasion :) And what is the new Indie book store? I think I need to check it out if that's where you mean!!

Julie James said...

I just saw this-- yikes!! I'm going to send an email to my editor and publicist at Berkley to see what's going on there... So sorry this happened! Hopefully I can get an answer for you.

But it is nice to hear that you're looking forward to reading PMP. ; )

KC said...

Yup, London Ontario. The indie isn't new it's been around for ages. It's Oxford Book Shop on Richmond, near Oxford, yellow awnings, can't miss it. Their online site leaves a lot to be desired as far visual appeal and is a little confusing :D but it's probably best to call and interact with a fleshie and see if they have it on their shelves. I work at Attic Books, which has admittedly a horrible romance selection (maybe cause I grab all the good ones :S) although always in good condition.

Kristie (J) said...

KC: OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! What a Small World. Is Marvin still the owner of Attic Books???? I know they moved out of town from Clarence St for a while before they moved back onto Dundas. He was Ron's Best Man when we got married!!
And I've never been to that one before but I work on Oxford so next time I go that way I'll have to check it out.

Julie: I think it only a momentary thing because when I looked again tonight, it was back to being available - not on the shelves mind you - but at least orderable.

orannia said...

I hope you get PMP soon Kristie (J). I had a similar problem with Lover Enshrined last year. I ordered it though a local bookstore but the shipment from the US was off-loaded. I had to wait 6 weeks! I was going insane by the end! Now even my keepers I also order from the library just in case...'cause for some reason the library is super efficient :) I *heart* my library!

Kristie (J) said...

Orannia: I will say this for Chapters - if they have the book in stock, they ship it very quickly - usually in 3 or 4 days. Having to wait 6 weeks - Yikes!! That's a long time to look forward to seeing the mail deliverer every day. I'd be going nuts too with that long a wait. And *g* my own 'library' makes the public one pretty paltry in comparison. I've been collecting romance books for over 17 years now - and unlike the library paperback - mine are in Very Good Shape. Much less hands reading them :)

KC said...

That's is great. Yes, he's still the owner. You should come by and visit, he's there most days :D I've managed to convert most of the staff to the superbness that is North and South, so he's forced to put up with us gushing about it. As for the Oxford Book Shop, it's before the tracks if you are coming from Oxford so can't miss it. Hope it helps and gives an alternative to chapters.

Kailana said...

Yeah, I hate Chapters for all the same reasons as you! I can never get the books that I want at the one here! I see zeroes a lot!