Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mama told me there'd be days like this

It's been a good news/bad news day.

I'll start with the bad news. When I left work yesterday evening I got to my car and noticed someone had hit the drivers front door. There was a huge dent in it and I'll confess to it --- I said the word FUCK - out loud. My car is kind of my baby. I picked it out myself, paid for it myself and I've always been very careful driving it. It's a 2001 Chevy Cavalier, burgundy in colour and I only have 68,000 miles on it. I looked around for a note from whoever it was that hit it but there was no such note.
When I got to work this morning I sent out an office wide email asking that if someone hit my car (knowing damn well someone did but I was trying to be diplomatic) could they please get in touch with me. I didn't think anyone would - and they didn't. But I hope they have a hell of a guilty conscience. I called my insurance broker and told her what happened and she wanted me to get an estimate to see if it could be repaired for under $500.00 - the cost of the deductible. So I went at lunch and got one. We are talking an estimate of $1,600. So I guess I'll be paying out $500. Again I will say - FUCK! I'm going to be working overtime on Sunday and getting double time for the day but now it will be all going towards my car - and then some. The hardest part is knowing that probably someone I work with did this and didn't have the guts to come forward.

But the day started out good. Ames offered to give the blog an update. She started last night and since we are on different time zones, I didn't get a chance to see it until this morning. Doesn't it look kewl?? She's still working on it some. She actually thinks that kind of thing is interesting - wow!
I still had the old original Blogger set-up and now I'm awed at how easy it is to do stuff in this new fangled template. I added a whole bunch more links to blogs at the side because instead of working in the template and working with HMTL - which always terrifies me - adding a new link is easy as pie.

And the day ended very good too. It was a very good mail day :) First off - a mystery package from Aztec Lady arrived - and much thanks to you.
I also received a gift certificate that I won at Lea 's blog - thank you too.
And not one - but two books I ordered from Amazon got here too! And a good thing it is because I won't be ordering from Amazon for a while now - thanks to deductibles!!
And now - I'm going to practice trying a different font and colour because I haven't been able to do so in ever so long.


azteclady said...

First things first: whomever hit you? gutless asshat. Smaller than the smallest parasitic microbe on an amoeba.

But yay, you got it!!!!

Didja like it, didja didja??? :grin:

lisabea said...

Oh my, that happened to us. BigGirl borrowed my mother's car last summer and drove it into work (she worked for G last summer) and someone clobbered my MOTHER's car in the parking lot. Yup. No one stepped forward.

So sorry KJ.

But DAMN the digs look good! I like it. All updated and bright. Very nice!

Kristie (J) said...

I did! I did! I did! Very tasty - and the thought behind it too just hit the right spot!
And the thing is - even if they came forward and offered to pay half the deductible it would have been better than nothing. Because it's classified as a hit and run, it won't affect my insurance rates and I still have one 'free' accident before my rates go up. And if it costs $1,600 or $3,700 - I don't really care - it's that deductible that fries my ass.
See - look at all the cuss words that person is making me use.

Kristie (J) said...

LB - yep - to just damage a car and leave is such a cowardly thing to do! And in my poor car's case - they damage was so noticeable they COULDN'T have hit me and not noticed.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, sorry about your car Kristie. I've been hit before while parked and it sucks because you have no one to scream at.

Oh and yes, like I told you last night the new look is lovely :)

Renee said...

Bummer about the car, Kristie! Hope your baby is good as new, really soon.

I love the new look, esp. the font colors. Very easy to read! And the sidebars look good, too. :-)

Lori said...

I'm so sorry about the car. That really sucks.

As for the blog... I could see the Post a comment link!! No more yellow :) Yay! I do like the new look, though. Tres cool.

Rosie said...

So easy peasy to see. I love your new layout.

The car thing, I don't know...that's a tough nut to swallow seeing all those people everyday knowing that one of them smacked your car. Aargh!

Marg said...

Some people are total asshats arent they!

I love the new Blogger layout thing - so easy to change things in the sidebars and move things around!

Anonymous said...

What happened to your car just sucks. Don't know what's up with some people.

YAY for the new, bright look and two sidebars! I really like it.

CindyS said...

Okay, another way to think - but only if it makes sense.

Do other people come to your office? Could it be a 'visitor' hit your car? I know it doesn't help with the damn deductible but it might help with the feeling like you are working with a huge butt.

And I love the changes - I was here yesterday while the changes were being made so I couldn't comment on yesterdays post so I'll just say here HUGS!!


Lea said...


I'm so happy you received the GC, you enjoy!

And, with repect to the asshole who hit your car - may the flees of a thousand camels infest his/her pubic hair.... Some people just suck Kristie!

Enjoy your books!

sula said...

ugh, that is so cowardly and lame. even if it was a visitor and not a coworkers. i can't even imagine doing something like that myself and not being riddled with guilt. what is with people?!?!

but hey, you have an awesome new blog layout!!! i heart it! It's like a spiffy updated user-friendly version of the place we know and love. now you just need to christen it with some hot RA pics... ;)

Amy C said...

Your blog looks great!

That sucks about your car, but at least you have some happy things to offset that incident. Books and packages and gift cards!

MB (Leah) said...

Oh man that really sucks about your car. The least that person could have done is apologize or fess up even if they were hiding due to not being able to pay anything.

I really like your new layout. And especially now I can comment when I come straight from reader. For some reason, if I came to your blog from Google reader before I wasn't able to see the comments or comment myself. I'd have to actually go to your blog from outside. So, this is very nice now. :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your car- that stinks.
But your blog looks great! I don't know how to get the 3 columns on mine, I tried it once and messed it all up so gave up. This is all still really new to me.

Anonymous said...

Lea writes: "And, with repect to the asshole who hit your car - may the flees of a thousand camels infest his/her pubic hair..."

ROFL!!!!! oh my heavens you crack me up! Too funny!

Kailana said...

I like the new set-up! That's terrible about your car. I would not be very impressed if that happened to my car!

JenB said...

I love the new look! So pretty. :)

Sorry to hear about your car. I'm an insurance agent and I always get bummed for my customers when they find out how much car repairs cost. It's especially sad when they've chosen $1000 deductibles.

As for the jerk that hit you and ran...leave that to Karma. She can be a real biatch. :D

Wendy said...

Oooh, I love the new template. Truly. It's a lot cleaner. And I know, isn't the new blogger interface incredible? I really should update mine, but I'm scared to push the button for fear my entire custom template will vanish into thin air. So I'm still copying and pasting HTML and trying not to covet everybody else's 3-column templates.

That sucks ass about your car. Grrr.

Tracy said...

Hit and runs suck. Gutless people! So sorry you had to go through that.

Love the new blog! It looks great!

Stacy~ said...

Love the new look Kristie, especially since I'm totally clueless with the html thing. Ames rocks.

Agree with JenB about the Karma thing. It'll come back to haunt them. Sorry you have to suffer for it though.

nath said...

Hey Kristy!

I'm so sorry for your car door. It sucks! At least, you have insurance though... deductibles sucks!

and love the new look! hope you have fun with the new blogger :P

orannia said...

I can't believe someone hit your car and didn't own up! If it was me the guilt would have me tracking you down within minutes! There weren't perhaps any handily placed security camersas around were there?

Am glad that the day improved a bit though ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Yep - no one came forward about my car. I doubt very much if it was a visitor since we have a visitors parking lot and all the cars where I parked are employees. So I'm pretty sure a coworker somewhere must have done it. Doesn't make me too happy to think about it though :-(

Keishon said...

Very cool new digs, KristieJ and thank you ~ames~. Sorry about your car as that sucks BIG TIME. What an ejit.