Thursday, March 19, 2009


It’s a slow day at work today and that allows my mind to wander to very strange places!

Why is it the day seems so much longer when you aren’t busy? It’s still the same number of hours. And to go along with that, why am I so much more tired? I’m not working as hard – I should be less tired!

Have you ever noticed how really ugly an organ the tongue is; the underside in particular? I was looking at mine this morning and I just found it pretty ugly. So why does the thought of some handsome dude (no – there’s no one in particular) who I get sparks from, putting his tongue in my mouth or around my ear or……sound so very delicious?

Why don't I win? Why doesn't anyone seem to win? Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim to Win contest is a crock!! I’m almost unCanadian in my preference for other kinds of coffees, but there is a Timmies on my way to work and if I’m in a mood for a good cookie, I will stop and get a coffee too. I do this about 3 or 4 times a week – I’m in a cookie mood these days. But so far the only thing I’ve won is a free coffee! I want the laptop computer. Most people I know have won next to nothing either.

Why do things start getting wacky the closer we get to a full moon? And working where I do, I really see that it’s true – the work load increases, they get stranger? I know it’s supposed to be something about the moon’s directional pull – but – really… What does that really mean?

Why does Zina – the Princess Knota Warrior cat make it so darned hard for me to clip her nails – to the point that I don’t? She doesn’t claw furniture so it’s not like she destroys things – but the other night when she was sitting on my lap, I dropped something and startled her and she jumped up, dug her claws in and jumped off me. You should see the nasty scratches I have on my legs!

Why am I so darned attached to the rubber finger tip I use at work? It’s the first thing I do when I start – put on the rubber finger – and yes I know that sounds very odd. It can’t be a security thing – who in insecure about their left middle finger. But on it goes and on it stays until I either use the washroom, go on a break or go to lunch. And it’s not even as if I file that much paper!?!?!? Could it be the little orange bumps all over it give me some kind of weird erotic thrill? I don’t think so.

Why can’t I get to work before I’m supposed to start anymore? I used to get there about 15 minutes early and take my time booting up the computer – slowly working my way into work mode. But these days – whether I start at 8:00, 9:00 or 10:00 I’m pulling in at the last minute. That’s just not like me.

Why did I dream about taking out the garbage last night? Yes, today was garbage day and I’ve kind of missed it the past couple of weeks – I don’t really produce a lot of it so it’s not a big deal – but to actually dream about it????? There is so much other more interesting stuff I could have dreamed about – like some really hot guy sticking his ugly undersided tongue in my mouth.


azteclady said...

And this is why it's no wonder we love you, Kristie.

Wendy said...

Well it's better than dreaming about work. I always seem to dream about work.

MsMoonlight (Elizabeth Jules Mason) said...

Hahaha! Those are some interesting ponderings. Now about the tongue, it's not for looking at, its for feeling. *grins*

nath said...

Such a great post, Kristie!! It sounds like insignificant ponderings, but it was very interesting :D

I probably am the most unCanadian of all, as I don't drink coffee at all, so I don't sponsor Tim Horton's.

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy: *laughing* I think we could have an interesting debate about that. I dream a lot about work too - but to me dreaming of taking out the garbage is much odder. In the dream I'd already taken it out the night before. But when I woke up - I hadn't done it. Although - confession time here - I don't like taking it out the night before. We have some interesting wild life around here like rabbits and skunks and racoons and they get into the night before if you take it out. I drove by one house on the block and their garbage bags had about 3 or 4 holes in it and garbage strewn all over the place. See - I've learned through bitter experience that if garbage has been ripped out of the bags, the garbage people (who probably prefer a different name) don't pick it up. Then when one gets home from work - they have to pick it up themselves. And if it's been a wet day outside and you had a bad day at work - that can be quite nasty to have to do.

And who would have thought I could go on so long about garbage? And watch - tonight I'll have dreams about great big huge bags of slimy, smelly garbage monsters, with holes where the eyes should be and yucky, nasty stuff coming out of them attacking me or something!!

AL: *batting eyes* Now you can see why it's ever so much better if I'm kept busy. I don't know what I would do if I worked retail late at night when the store wasn't busy - but it was too early to clean up or cash out - and they had already put all the stock away!! I did work in a grocery store but at least they stocked The National Inquirer and The Globe so if it was dead in the store and we had already cleaned all the registers - we could get at least get in some quality reading on the sly. But very few clothing stores stock The National Inquirer.

Barbara said...

LOL, Kristie you're great ;) Pnderings...we all have 'em.

Kinda like, why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway? We may never know...*wink*

And I agree, on close inspection the underside of a tongue isn't the most attractive thing in the world, lol.

Kristie (J) said...

MsMoonlight: Oh sure! Rub it in that I'm not getting any tongue action - except looking at the underside of mine in a magnified mirror this morning. Why I decided to look at it - I'm don't really know - I had a few extra minutes - and that would explain why I don't get to work early - I'm too busy doing stange things like examining the underside of my tongue and getting grossed out. Well - that's not entirely true - Zina licks me sometimes - usually when I'm trying to sleep.

Nath: Well at least I don't have to worry about being upset if you were to win the lap top computer I'm hoping to win. And I'm not impressed with their coffee at all - though they do have good cookies! I don't like their donuts either - specially since they stopped selling coconut flaked ones - those were my favourites.

Tracy said...

lol Kristie you forgot: who invented liquid soap and why? :)

I have musings like this from time to time but don't actually post them. Maybe I should...or would that be proof to my family I've finally bit the crazy cracker? lol

And the rubber finger? Total security blanket but hey, use what you can. {{big hug}}

orannia said...

I agree with you about tongues...the veins look really weird! The cool thing about the human body is that things may not look pretty but they are useful :) And when you think about how versatile tongues are - all the taste buds and nerves they carry, they are quite neat ;)

And...although this might scare you slightly..the longer you look at your tongue the less weird and the more unusually cool it is :)

azteclady said...

All the cool people study the underside of their tongues at some point or another in their lives...

that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Kristie (J) said...

Barbara: When I worked in the grocery store we sold beef tongue - and people actually bought them! To eat! *shudder* But it was always the top side up. I wonder if the packaged them upside down - if they would still sell???

Tracy: That's another good pondering!!! Why did they think it would be a good idea at the time? Although I'm glad they did. I like liquid soap. When I use it on the luffa thingie and wash with it, when I rinse it off - I kind of tingle in almost painful way - though I do feel ever so cleaner and softer - gets rid of that top layer of skin.

Orannia: The human body is an amazing thing isn't it? Not being scientists, we have to wonder about some things - like why do our fingernails grow instead of just falling off like other dead cells.

AL: And a good story it is!! It would have been better if I wasn't a little late for work because I was doing it - but it was a place I'd never really looked at before.

I just hope I'm busier at work tomorrow though.

Renee said...

((Kristie)) Love this post!

I used to love my rubber finger when I worked doing clerical! Tho' my "rubber finger" over the last few years, is that tacky finger moistener. Especially with filing and cash counting. I'd go out and buy it myself if they didn't have it in the office. It was an addiction. lol

Yeah, I grew up with beef tongue for dinner. My husband always has this story about the first time he met my mom. We walked in the front door (near the kitchen) and she came to meet us with a broiler pan full of lambs tongues (she'd put them in a corn tortilla and eat them like a soft taco.) He says it was a total test to see what he'd do. I think she's just so out of touch with how bizarre it was. lol Of course, he said yes, and ate one. He'll eat just about anything!

Our 100lb dog (he's a lab) is the same way about clipping his nails. Total baby. You should see him scrabbling around on our wood floors with his long nails. Ridiculous!

Kristie (J) said...

Renee: I have 4 of them at my desk - just in case I misplace one of them. I wore a jacket yesterday that I hadn't worn for a while and there was a rubber finger in the pocket. I was ever so happy because that's the one that fits best.
And laughing over your husbands 'test'. I've never tried it before but enough people did buy them. I don't know what I'd do if I was ever served it. I'm a picky eater to begin with and very unadventuresome in trying new things. I had my first casadia (or however you spell it) only about 6 months ago :-)
And I'm glad I'm not the only one with a finicky pet. If Zina is walking on floors she clicks when she walks. I'd take her in to have them professionally cut but she's even worse trying to get her into a cat carrier.

ag said...

You know, I've had a few of those questions you have running through my mind on occasion. But only you could make them sound interesting. I was actually reading, and musing ... yeah, why is it so? Or, oh yeah, I've kind wondered about that too...