Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Sweet.......Then The Sour

I worked overtime – someone had to be there and I volunteered. But again it wasn’t that busy so instead of Ponderings, I thought I’d do Pet Peeves. I can only be kittenishly sweet for so long ;-)

Pet Peeve: When I’m running late – say for work because I was on the internet too long, but I still need that morning coffee so I go through the drive-through lane at the coffee place and the person ahead of me is ordering an unusual breakfast for the wife, the kids, the grandparents – and any other kind of relatives.

Hello – if you have a big order – go inside and get it!! There are people like me in a hurry.

Pet Peeve: Birds who like to play chicken or dare – specially on the highway. What vicarious thrill can be going through their bird brains that they want to swoop in front of you when you are doing 100 kilometers an hour. Believe me – I don’t want to hit them. I did once and it was awful. But they insist on swooping in front of me. It’s almost like a dare to them,

“OK, Frank, it’s your turn up again. Let's see how close you can get to that car.”

Squirrels can also fall into this category, but they aren’t as bad as birds and thankfully I’ve never hit one. I’ve heard that deer are also big on this game and again thank heavens I've never hit one.

Pet Peeve: When I order a coffee going through a drive through a certain way - decaf, 3 sweetners, 2 cream and I get a caffeinated, 1 milk and no sweetners (or sugar). I can tell the difference! In conjunction with this one – ordering Swiss Chalet – DARK meat and I get white meat instead. I prefer the dark meat!

Pet Peeve: When a show I’ve been waiting all week for suddenly gets pulled. I just discovered that Blood Ties was running again on the Space Channel. I got all set to sit down and watch it yesterday for a nice Henry Fitzroy fix and it’s not anymore. It was on last week when I was working – but not yesterday when I wasn’t. Instead some movie took it’s place. I went forwards and backwards looking for it – but nothing *sad sigh* Now I’m really wanting that fix. Before this one they did the same thing to me with the last So You Think You Can Dance. Before there was Nico, there was the US version and they started showing it on the Music Channel. I was watching each week revisiting some of my favourite routines – then BANG! It’s gone – half way through.

Pet Peeve: When I put a book I’m really enjoying down and then can’t remember where I put it. I know I’ve mentioned this before – but darned if I didn’t do it again this morning. I spent precious minutes looking for it – I was already on the computer too long. I couldn’t find it and had to take another one. Mind you – I’m quite enjoying the other one too – a luscious medieval but I was on a roll with the other one – and it’s my reread book.

Pet Peeve: Why do we have to pay 25¢ in some grocery stores for a cart ‘rental’? Yes – I sort of understand the reasoning behind it. I worked in a grocery store and once or twice a month the stock boys (eeewww that’s an outdated term but I couldn’t think of one to replace it) would go around the neighbourhood to round up the carts that shoppers took their groceries home in and neglected to return. But do you know how many times I’ve forgotten to check to see if I have a quarter before I leave only to end up routing through the dark depths of my purse

That's all I came up with because then thank goodness it got busy

Funny of the day: I did have some fun with my oldest son yesterday though, in what I silently called “Revenge on the Male Channel Surfer". He came over for a visit and to do his laundry – I think laundry was the main purpose. I had control of the channel changer for a change and I decided to see what bizarre shows he would sit through before balking. We watched a bit of Hell’s Kitchen, then the Great Recipe Cookoff. We both thought the Lucky Ducky Duck Burger was odd. Then he sat through a repeat episode of Celebrity Apprentice – he went for Tom Green and I went for Scott Hamilton, though I knew in advance that poor Scott was the one going to be fired – we debated that for a while and I was surprised that he seemed to get somewhat into it. But he reached his breaking point during Toddlers and Tiaras. It was only on for 15 minutes before he crumbled and asked me to switch it something else. I quite had fun with that I did.


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Kristie!

LOLOL! I bet he had fun watching all of those shows! My breaking point would have been the Toddlers and Tiaras as well, poor babies and the things they're put through. I have seen it once or twice.

I really enjoyed your pet peeves, one of mine is when going through the drive thru, how can they never get the order right or leave something out? This really irritates me!!


Kristie (J) said...

Dottie: I've watched it once or twice too in horrified amazement. But I mainly changed it that station on Saturday just to see what Brent would do. They had one little boy on it and a real evil part of me wanted to really mess with him and tell him I was thinking of entering him when he was young because he was such a cute little kid.
*evil laugh*
I didn't tell him of my 'little experiment' but I did have fun looking for the weirdest shows. I just wish Paris Hilton's BBF was on - I really would have like to see his reaction to that one too - heh heh heh.

And I think just about every coffee I get is different - even though every time I order the same.

Jessica said...

I used to lose books all the time, but not so much since I got an ereader -- it's too precious to lose sight of for more than a minute.

But the coffee example -- when you have to wait for a crazy order in front of you -- made me smile. Yesterady, after rollerskating, the kids and I were going through the Starbucks drive though. We were waiting for so long for one car. When we finally pulled up to the window, they apologized: the woman in front of us ordered 22 espresso shots, and they can only make two at a time!

Kristie (J) said...

Jessica: The wait in the lane for a simple coffee - oh yes! I was already running late yesterday morning and I sat through 3 songs on the radio waiting for the people ahead of me only to see them pass 3 bags through the window. And I've been held up by someone using a debit thingie - for a coffee!! A single coffee! And we have coins for $1 & $2. Surely they had one somewhere. And one time - I waited 'cause the person ahead of me ordered 2 dozen muffins for an early morning meeting + 5 coffees!!! But I think you win for the longest wait for something that should have been ordered INSIDE Starbucks!!! ;-)

MsMoonlight (Elizabeth Jules Mason) said...

LOL Love what you did with the tv remote and your son! :o)

Kara said...

LOL and what you did to your son - every now and then I do things like that to my kids - pay back for all they did to me!!!

Your Pet Peeves are good too - I agree - go inside and order when you have a large order. They can't even get simple orders right through the drive through - what makes them think they are going to get a large order right!!! LOL

MB (Leah) said...


Peeve #1- it always happens that when I'm late, what can go wrong does. And I hate when people have a huge order as well at the drive through.

OMG,the TV clicker issue is a constant in our house. DH keeps a firm grip on it and I can see him really freaking if I happen to get a hold of it and force him to watch crap like he forces me to. He starts sighing really loud if it goes on for more than a few min. Buwahaha... I've started doing the same, fed up with never getting to watch what I want to.

It's a never ending battle, which is why I have my laptop on my lap in the living room while he watches TV.

nath said...

You still have to "rent" the carts? I think the groceries here gave up years ago. I remember having to do it for a while, and after that, nothing.

Oh, gosh... that's one show I've never watch... Toddlers and Tiaras. I mean, poor kids...

Tracy said...

lol Kristie - I've done that tv remote control thing with my hubby and it's amazing what he'll sit through and of course, what he won't! :)

Birds and squirrels drive me batty when they do the kamikaze thing. Why? Why do they have to do it? IDK.

You have to pay a rental charge on your grocery carts? How sad!

Allison('s)Reads said...

Hi Kristie! Just a quick suggestion on the .25c/quarter for a shopping cart thing - have you not seen the token you can buy (and attach to your key chain) at loblaws etc. (aka the real canadian superstore in my area). It only cost 2.00 (yes, two DOLLARS) and you will never need to remember the quarter in your pocket/purse again!!! Of course, unless you forget your keys... or lose them.... or something else crazy - like the idea of paying two dollars for the token!!!!

orannia said...

LOL Kristie! I would have balked at Toddlers & Tiaras too. They did screen a ballroom dancing competition for children here once....that scared me too!

When a show I’ve been waiting all week for suddenly gets pulled.

That happened to me on Sunday. GRRRRRRRR! The number of letters you see in the TV Guide asking where show X has gone......

Kris said...

*snort* I play the tv game with my brother all the time. He always manages to pysch me out first though. *sigh*

We have this thing in Perth where you need a $1 or $2 coin to rent a trolley and you get the coins back by putting the trolleys together again... if that makes sense. Problem is some well meaning trolley person always takes ALL the trolleys back to the shop leaving none in the carpark so you can get your money back. Instead you have to go all the way back to the shop, etc, etc. Grrrr.

Sister Nancy said...

Hey Kris,
I have a good show you can make Brent watch next time. It is called RuPaul's Drag Races. It is a contest for the ultimate drag queen. They had a marathon of it one night and hubby was so disgusted with it I had to keep watching it for my own amusment. I should have told him I was looking for makeup tips

Leslie said...

At the drive thru I usually get stuck behind someone who has no clue what they want. Then they ask questions about what's on this and what comes with that.

LOL @ the birds. We have quail here that "run" across the street right in front of my car. I've hit the brakes a time or two because they get so darn close.

Amy C said...

The bird flying in front of your car...the other day a TURKEY nearly swooped in front of me. There was a flock of about 8 running along side the road in a field on my road and one of them took off in flight in my idrection, I slowed down and he swoop around in the other direction! It was neat to see them, but I certainly wouldn't want to hit one of those suckers. Turkeys are huge!

Kristie (J) said...

Leslie: *g* and why is it you get behind these turkeys when you have the least amount of time to wait???

Nance: LOL I don't think Brent would have made it even past the 5 minute mark on that one - though I could remind him of the time you were looking after him and we came to get him - only to see him in make-up. LOL - the things you did with my sons.

Kris - that's the way it works here too - but YIKES!! That's a lot of money you have to put out. We only get charged 25 cents.

Orianna: How scary is it that I now know what full glitz means!!!! Though I must add - I've only watched it twice and Saturday was more of a 'get back at the son' experiment.

Allison: No - I haven't seen those. There isn't a Superstore near me but if I'm ever in the neck of the woods where they have one, I'll look for it.

Tracy: Yup - men and their controllers - it's fun to get back at them every once in a while isn't it? I had a bird swoop right in front of me on the way to work which reminded me of that pet peeve - but they are even worse on the highways!!

Nath: It's only for the "B" grocery stores. You seem to have either 2 choices anymore - pay the higher bucks at a normal grocery store where the carts are just regular ones or pay slightly lower prices at the B ones but you have to bag your own groceries and pay for the carts. It depends on how tired I am and how heavy my purse is which one I choose :)

Leah: I was a Very Easy to get along with wife with Ron - he watched 90% sports and I didn't mind 'cause I still got to watch the shows I really wanted to, but it's a different story when it comes to my sons who don't even live here anymore. I OWN THE REMOTE NOW *evil laugh*

Kara: Isn't it sweeeeeeet - those chances we get to mess with them for all the stuff they put us through?

MsMoonlight: I didn't let him see it - but boy was I laughing inside at what I put him through!!