Thursday, March 26, 2009

This always gives me a thrill!!

And what is that you ask??

Why finding new Crusaders - that's what. I just recently found a new blog (which is always nice) and Keira of Love Romance Passion is our newest Crusader!

And of course that give me another excuse to post a video!!


Keira of LoveRomancePassion said...

Proud to be a crusader!!! Woot! Mr. Thornton is one divine and delicious man- if we got him and Mr. Darcy in a room we'd have to mop it constantly for the drool... lol

Kristie (J) said...

Funny, funny story happened at work yesterday - actually I should post this on the main part so people don't miss it.
Anyway - one of the Case Managers here knows someone who might be on an upcoming US reality show. We were all asking what he looked like and the CM was trying to describe him and I - who am totally and utterly obsessed with North and South had a calendar made up with different scenes from the series. March is the scene where Higgins is inviting Thornton in for lunch in the cafeteria. The CM noticed the calendar and pointed to RA in the picture and said he looks kind of like him. Now everyone around my immediate work station looked at me and started laughing - because really who else has a North and South calendar at their work station who gets excited at the start of every month 'cause they can change pictures? Anyway - I got all excited and in almost desparation - half joking yet at the same time almost half serious asked if he liked older women. The I proceeded to take down the calendar and flip to each page and asked it this guy looked like him in this pic and the next pic and the next. Now the people I work with directly are used to my somewhat over exuberant behaviour when it comes to some things - but others who don't know me quite so well aren't. I could see her eyes opening just a bit wider and wider and her backing up just a small step at a time over my 'excitement' as I went on.

azteclady said...

Kristie, you actually need excuses to post North and South videos?



Bev(QB) said...


EVERYONE gets to be a Crusader but me! EVERYONE!

*kicks dirt* It's just because I said that Margaret wore butt-ugly hats, isn't it?! Well she DID!

*waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* I'm runnin' away from all you poopoohead meanies!

Keira of LoveRomancePassion said...

Haha - that's a great story Kristie!

Can I get a N&S calendar too? Or is that only for the senior members of the crusaders? lol

Kristie (J) said...

Keira: Well what happened with the calendar - I have an account with Vista Print and they are always offering different free stuff - pens sometimes - so many business cards - free hats etc. etc. One time I noticed that they had free calendars. The calendar was free and you could load your own pictures. Now most people probably upload family photos, cute little pictures of their pets etc. But me - I uploaded pictures from North and South - there is this great site - it's on my side bar - The Armitage Army - and they have great screen cap pictures. So I just got a bunch of them and uploaded them. Also - it's an unusual calendar that it runs from September to August - that's when I ordered it - last September. I tried to do the pictures chronologically according to the movie and they wonderfully coincided with the seasons. A lot of the darker scenes are in the winter months. But starting in April we start getting much lighter. I'm really looking forward to July because that's the scene were John has Margarets face so gently cupped and he's kissing her. I'm not sure what the reaction will be at work here when we get to July - heh heh. August - the last - is the final scene where she is gazing out the train window and he has this look of ..... wonder on his face.
I'm at work at the moment but if anyone is interested, I can find the link at Vista Print.

Be-ev - Don't run away!! My North and South radar must have been broken when you posted about it. Let me know the link and I'll add you. It sounds like you are a lost little Crusader who got left out in the cold. It's time to come into the warmth!!!

AL: *laughing* Well - if I just posted one for NO reason people might think I'm a bit of an odd duck. Therefore I use the flimiest of excuses - not that finding a new Crusader is flimsy - no, not at all - it's a day of rejoicing for all Crusaders everywhere!!

Marg said...

I am a bit distraught. I can't find disc 1! I don't know where it is. I suspect it is in a DVD case somewhere, but no idea which one!

My sister came around the other day and was looking at my screen saver and just rolled her eyes! Yep. RA!

orannia said...

*SIGH* North & South is a great movie. I think I need to visit the library and borrow it again!

Bev(QB) said...


Really? Do you mean it? WOOT! MWAH!

Okay, here it is. But you're still probably not gonna like that I said her hats were butt-ugly. ;-p

Kwana said...

Now it's back in my head. Like I need that. Back on the wagon.

Keira of LoveRomancePassion said...

I fixed the link and title to my post from 2005 to 2004 - which is the correct release date haha so the link is now:

Vista Print! Now why didn't I think of that? I get business cards from them on occasion! lol Great idea!