Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where Have All The Redheads Gone?

I was watching The Today Show this morning and they brought up sometime I have known about for a long time. I had pushed it in the back of my mind and chose to ignore it because I am in denial.

If predictions by the Oxford Hair Foundation come to pass, the number of natural redheads everywhere will continue to dwindle until there are none left by the year 2100.The reason, according to scientists at the independent institute in England, which studies all sorts of hair problems, is that just 4 percent of the world's population carries the red-hair gene. The gene is recessive and therefore diluted when carriers produce children with people who have the dominant brown-hair gene. The way things are going, red hair will either be extremely rare or extinct by the end of the century. But with 4 percent of 6.4 billion people carrying the gene, says one scientist, it is too large a figure to be wiped out completely in the next 95 years.

I AM A REDHEAD! My people are disappearing! **Pout**

And because I associate everything with books, I am seriously trying to rack my brain on any male or female characters who are redheads. The only one I can think of at the moment is that sexy Scot to die for, Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series.

So, help a poor endangered species out and give me some examples redheaded heroes or heroines like myself!


But I am still sassy!


Christine said...

Ellysetta Baristani!!!!!

... and some other real life heroes: Meljean Brook, my dear friend Kathy, Drea, Tracy, and YOU! :)

... and my second cousins once removed. Seriously.

Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, no! You are going extinct! I can't think of any redhead heroines. Surely there are some. I was thinking Georgina from Succubus Blues, but actually I think the cover pictures are the wrong hair color. I am going to work on this.

Katie(babs) said...

and I just looked at my hair and it keeps getting lighter!! I am disappearing, like a ghost... help me...

Christine said...

Although then again, maybe Jane needs a friend like that. *shrugs* You could get into the Pit and REALLY see what goes on. *wink* OOooo... and Rehv sees everything in shades of red anyway. You're cool.

In the meantime, I know just the thing to save you!!! Clairol Herbal Essence #44. Paint The Town Deep Red. :D

azteclady said...

The heroine from Last Wolf Standing by Rhyanne Byrd is a redhead. And I believe that the heroine of Anya Bast's Witch Blood is also a redhead. I gotta think on this some more...

Kristie (J) said...

Well - in real life Nicole Kidman is a red head. And although not entirely natural - I have auburn hair.
Weird though that they are disappearing. Just think though how unique you are :-)

Dev said...

I'm a redhead, my father's a redhead, my grandma was a redhead, my best friend and her mom are both redheads ~ I don't think we'll be disappearing without a fight.

Rosie said...

Dude! I have two sisters with red hair. Although now that they are, how shall I put this, "more mature", we call their hair color auburn.

Of course I can't think of any except fictional characters with red hair right now. I think the Scotsman Byrne in Evermore by Lynn Viehl had red hair. For awhile there I had a heroine in every other book with red hair. So go figure that I can't remember nary a one right now.

Anonymous said...

I think red hair is so beautiful. Most people dont realize that actress Myrna Loy was redhead. And Katharine Hepburn, of course.

Books with redheaded heroines (not necessarily a recommend):

LET IT BE LOVE by Victoria Alexander
NIGHT FIRE -- Catherine Coulter
TIGER LILY -- Shirley Busbee
One of the Dara Joys, um TONIGHT OR NEVER?

ONCE A DREAMER by Hern has a rare redhead hero.

lisabea said...

Katie~Both my mom and sister are natural red heads...but my mom's hair turned silver and my sisters has darkened (and she had the most amazingly dark red hair as a kid). Now she's auburny. No one else has the hair.Mine, uncolored is mud.

I'll get back to you, but doesn't Amanda Quick do redheads?

MaryKate said...

I think that Faith Nightstar from Visions of Heat is a redhead. Also, Nora Roberts writes a TON of redheads, her most recent being the heroine in High Noon. I think probably because red is Nora's chosen color (hee!), she goes with redheaded heroines often.

Brandy said...

Wasn't the heroine in Blue Smoke by Roberts a redhead? My Mom was a redhead, my MIL is a redhead and my SON has gorgeous copper/red hair. I'm jealous, I always wanted to be a redhead, but I have light brown hair.
I don't think much of this prediction, I see redheads all the time! *G*

Sarah said...

The hero of Meg Cabot's Pants on Fire (YA) is a redhead. It's a cute story, if typical Meg Cabot.

Marg said...

I thought every second historical heroine was a red head, but now I am hard pressed to think of one!

Brie said...

I've read about a few readheaded heroine's last year.

Gina, from Duchess in Love.

Mariketa from Wicked Deeds.

Ellysetta from Lord of the Fading Lands.

Madeline Breton from The Bride Finder.

Katie(babs) said...

I know there have been many heroines with long flowing locks of red, but I can't think of any!!

But I did think of another male character with redhair! Blaylock from the BDB series by JR Ward. :)