Sunday, March 09, 2008


I was tagged by Wendy - Super Librarian

Warning though - I've lead a pretty unadverturesome life so this isn't going to be very revealing *g*

4 Jobs I've Had:
Grocery Store cashier
Accounts Payable Clerk for Bd of Education
Admin Assistant
(boring eh?)

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over
(OK this question made me laugh - and laugh and laugh and laugh)
North and South (thus the laughter - I watched it again last night at my neighbours - good Crusader that I am - she loved it to)
The Outsider
Lord of the Rings
Last of the Mohicans

4 Places I've Lived
(now this is where I get real boring - I can't name 4 - only 2)
Sarnia, On
London, ON

4 Shows I Watch
(again I get boring here and hate like hell to admit 3 of them are reality shows)
American Idol (drat I got sucked in again)
Dancing with the Stars

4 Places I've Been
(and another boring answer)
Dallas Texas (although that wasn't boring!)
Vancouver, BC (many many years ago)
Bahamas (again - many many years ago)
and that's about it - but in a few months I'll have another one to add!

As my baby sister reminded me - and I blame that lost hour of sleep last night for the brain burp - I HAVE travelled more around the US. I've been to Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and all States between her and Massachusetts and saw the mountains in their beautiful fall colours. While visiting Nance, she took us on a long route through some of the other states and I was in awe of how beautiful it was

4 Things I Love To Eat
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
A nice tender medium rare Prime Rib
Potato Salad (my own is best)
Broccoli Salad - the kind with sunflower seeds, bits of bacon, cheese - yummers

4 Places I'd Rather Be
Well today - someplace with no snow!! I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be

4 Things I Look Forward To
Having my house back in order
The end of July, the beginning of August
A really good book
Hearing songs I love play on the radio

Now - since Wendy who was tagged by Laure, I will tag two people
How about...
Stacy and Jace


Anonymous said...

I guess you don't remember Massachusetts or New York state or Vermont. I guess It is so nice to be forgotten.

Your forgetable sister hmmmmmm Whats her Name

Kristie (J) said...

Well smack me on the head and call me stupid!!
See what losing that hours sleep does to me!!
Must edit!

CindyS said...

Do you think you'll be going to RWA this year? I had forgot to ask the last time you were up. Is it in California? You'd get to meet more people ;)

I think Broccoli salad might kill me ;)

And it's amazing how we think of the final destination and not the million and one places we went through to get there!


Katie(babs) said...

Yeah Kristie, where are you going at the end of July you are excited about?
Could it be an awesome redhead you will meet *coughcoughsanfrancoughcough* who also likes Lost even though she tends to scream at the tv screen every time she watches it?

Christine said...

I love The Last of the Mohicans, too!! I haven't seen it in sooo long....

I love that Broccoli salad dish!! I think all the other ingredients cancel the health benefits of the broccoli in one serving, though! LOL So yummy.

Jace said...

You tagged me, eh? ;) Okaaaay...

Jill D. said...

Kristi, Oh, I love that broccoli salad. I never make it, but whenever I go to a pot luck function, someone inevitably does and I just pig out on it!

My husband got me hooked on Lost. I just love the Kate-Jack-Sawyer triangle. I know who I would pick...