Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In this wonderful world of romance bloggers

There are some who have very different tastes then me. A book I love, Super Librarian Wendy can be just meh about or a book that Jennie of Jennie's B(ook)lg has truly enjoyed is one that I'm just so so over (and I'm just using you two as an example *g*)
Even Katiebabs and I don't see eye to eye on every book - she doesn't really enjoy Jo Goodman for example, whereas I think she's the bee's knees. Jo Goodman that is - though I do think the same of Katie.
But we all share a enormous, passionate love of romance books so it doesn't matter if our tastes don't match all the time.
Then there are some romance bloggers I'm in total sync with. I think I'm most in sync with Renee. So, knowing our tastes are so similar, she was the only one whose blog I visited and pretty much said "You have to watch this movie" during the 'Official' North and South Crusade.
Well folks - she did finally get a chance to watch it. And guess what - we matched again! We have us another Crusader~


azteclady said...

I'm sorta getting the impression that you um, like North and South a bit.

Of course, I could be completely off, since you are oh, so subtle about the whole thing.


Rosie said...

Kristie I just commented on Renee's blog that I'm dying to know how many copies of N&S you are directly responsible for people buying. I know I never would have heard of it if it weren't for you.

Kristie (J) said...

Azteclady:*snort* You picked up on the fact that I like it did you? I've been kind of hoping that people who read this blog might have gathered that, although subtly IS my middle name. ROTFL - People have accused me of being a bit too enigmatic in the past ;~)

Rosie: It would be interesting to find out about that wouldn't it? I can just picture all these little worker bees at NetFlix for example wondering what on earth IS it about this movie that keeps going out.

ReneeW said...

You are so sweet to say that! I'm honored really. In fact, I noticed that too. I follow your book (and movie... LoTM) likes and dislikes and it's amazing how often we agree (not 100% but pretty close). I agree with Rosie about your influence on the sales of N&S. I was thinking about that when you were getting everybody and their sister to read DoY. Lisa K should be giving you a cut of the profits :)

Katie(babs) said...

My knees have been buzzing lately :)
Viva la N&S!

Carolyn Jean said...

Another! Congrats. The Crusade continues. It seems to have a life of its own.

Stacy~ said...

What fun to have the crusade go on and on. I wasn't ready to let it go. Glad you liked it Renee.

Kristie (J) said...

Stacy: LOL as long as there is still one person yet to see it - the Crusade will keep on truckin'

Carolyn Jean: It does, doesn't it? I think that's cause most of the people who've seen it can't help but love it and want to share the love.

Katie: Not only the bees knees - but also the cat's pajamas too! (I love these ridiculous expressions)

Renee: Well - we ARE young aren't we - at least at heart *g* And meeting Lisa herself was thrill enough for me. Now - if I could meet Richard Armitage - that would be a scary thing let me tell you!!