Friday, March 07, 2008

Just because it`s OFFICIALLY over

Doesn`t mean it`s really over!

Kate of Kate Davies Blogs is a Very Recent Crusader! Welcome to the Crusade!!

And Sarai - I know you`ve seen it too. We are watching to see what you think of it too.

And there are others I`m keeping watch out for too!

So - since I haven`t watched it for a while

And for those who have seen it

And for those who are considering watching it

I leave you with another one!

And while I`m in YouTube - while chatting with Katie - who in my generation didn`t swoon over this movieƉ. See - I can multi-task!


Jace said...

Kristie, I've been lurking around and following your Crusade from afar, and I've got to tell you ... you've done a really great job! :) Even I, from half a world away and having no access to this show, am intrigued. LOL

Oh well ... there's always the book. But it's got no Richard Armitage!!!

Carolyn Jean said...

I hope I didn't spoil things for myself by watching this! Just in case I join the crusade. I will be the one running after it, late as usual. Waving a yellow flower.

Georgie Lee said...

Welcome new crusaders!

Dev said...

Kristie ~ You might want to check out my friend Jen at . She just watched N&S and LOVED it.

Sarai said...

Okay, Okay I am still thinking about it letting it simmer on the back burner and re-watching it. I shall post this weekend after much thought and hopefully I will come across as intelligent in the review! IT IS FABULOUS!!!