Monday, March 24, 2008

An another update on the 'unofficial' Crusdade and other stuff

Alyssa of Alyssa's Book Blog is our most recent Crusader. And as with so many others, she's not content with just borrowing it from the library - she must have her own copy now too.

AND...... there is another Maybe Crusader! Bonnie Vanak, one of my favourite authors has purchased this one herself and is going to watch it as a treat. I think it will be one fine treat!

After watching all the videos yesterday I watched it again last night.

And I really love the phrase Carrie and Sula came up with - The Fist of Doom!

In other blog news, Zeek has a good review of one of my favourite books!

And while Ames is going through withdrawl in NOT buying books, I've been on a bit of a tear myself.

My recent buys include:

Distracting the Duchess by Emily Bryan
(who also writes as Dianna Groe)

Catch A Shadow by Patricia Potter
I've loved her Westerns - not so much her RS but I read a pretty good review of it somewhere

One Real Man by Janette Kenny
I got this one because it was a good price and the shallow me kicked in and liked the cover

The Chase by Cheryl Sawyer
This one I got because it was for sale at a bargain price at Giant Tiger and I've never tried her before

Secrets by Heather Cullman
I bought this one for the same reason I bought the Cheryl Sawyer book. I wonder what's happened to Heather Cullman. I used to read her but it looks like she hasn't had one out for a while now

The Song by Jean Johnson
Now this one fits into that which is part of my insanity. I have four in this series now and I haven't read any of them. I like the covers though - shallow, shallow, shallow

(you can tell I'm on vacation this week can't you?)

And further tax update - hopefully no one from the Canadian Tax Department will be reading this.
I may have alluded to the fact that I ah, um, haven't sent in my taxes for a couple *cough 4 cough* of years. Well, I gave Ryan my little accountant son, all my tax stuff. I hadn't worried too much because I knew I was getting a little bit back. Turns out it wasn't a little. He did them and brought them over yesterday. It seems I'll be getting over $1,200 back.
I mailed them today.

Swept From The Sea
starring Vincent Perez, Rachel Weisz and Ian McKellan
And in further news - I got this movie from the bargain bin at the grocery store. Looking at the cover is there any wonder why I was curious?
It looked very intriguing. Has anyone seen it and most importantly - does it have a HEA? I've never even heard of it before!


Carolyn Jean said...

I love that you have four of the song and haven't read any. I totally get it!!! I have series like that. Maybe you should never read them, and they will live in your mind as perfect as those covers.

Kristie (J) said...

CJ: LOL I have a couple going like that *g*. I have all of Kresly Cole's books and I've only read one of them - and I liked the one I read. There are a couple more too - but I try and limit thinking of the insanity.
But the Jean Johnson books do look so pretty don't they?

MaryKate said...

Have a fantastic vacation! Are you going to write a review of BLUE EYED DEVIL?? And did you love it?? I'm off at lunch with my Borders gift card and my Borders bucks in hand to buy it.

I'm beside myself about this book!

Have a great vacation, doll!

Lone Chatelaine said...

I am terrible about buying just because of the cover too. Of course, I don't do it all the time, but sometimes I just can't help it.

Yep, I just pre-ordered One Real Man too. I can never resist a cowboy like that :)

Misty G said...

I've never seen Swept From The Sea, but I loved Vincent Perez in his early years. He had a very romantic look to him back then.

Katie(babs) said...

Distracting the Duchess was very good! Good pick.
As for the others, I have never read. :)

Carrie Lofty said...

Fist of Doom! *sigh*

I'm reading Night in Eden by Candice Proctor (1997). It's completely awesome, like whoa damn, set in Australia in 1809. Hayden? The hero? The rugged, handsome, tortured, gentlemanly, hard hero? Totally Richard Armitage. Iz workin' fo' me.

Stacy~ said...

Author Monica Burns has just discovered the magic of Richard and N&S, and I've told her about your crusade. I'm hoping she'll join in :)

I sooooo want BED now, and Kristie, how cool is that to see your name in the acknowledgments. Definitely something to treasure.

Monica Burns said...

I'm one of the converted, but then I've been a Richard A. fan since I first saw him in Robin Hood last year. I'm eagerly waiting the 2nd season.

N&S was so incredibly beautiful in the growth both characters showed as the story moved forward. What an incredible experience. I'm ready to watch it again (just saw it Sat) because I'm certain I've missed some nuance. And the TO DIE FOR moment...."Look back at me---Look back at me." God, the fervor in his whisper was amazing.

An amazing romance with subplots that were equally awesome.

sula said...

It has to be said "fist of doom" is totally a carrie contribution. I just repeated it cuz it was so worthy of repetition. heh. hail carrie!

monica, that "look back at me" moment just KILLS me every time. It's devastating. He conveys so much emotion through not only his eyes but even down to the little details like the tightening of the skin around his eyes. Almost a flinch from the emotion of gazing after the woman he loves and not getting any response. gah! I need to see this movie again.

Katie(babs) said...

Those eyes...
That NECK!!
look back... sigh

Carrie Lofty said...

Sula's right. If you watch the movie again, which I know y'all will, Margaret always looks back at him. Always. Every time they part. So when she's riding away and he's watching, there's a moment where you can actually see him give up hope. He narrows his eyes just slightly, like Oh! Maybe! Wait-- But then...defeat. Heartbreaking.

Dude, I've seen this flick WAY too many times. RA will find all this one day and think we're a bunch of psychos.

Kristie (J) said...

Monica: Hi! And Welcome! Isn't it just wonderful? And what a great actor RA is to go from the evil yet very compelling villain he plays as Guy to the controlled yet passionate John Thornton. Watching it once is never enough because each time you see it, you catch something new. I hope you blog about it *g*

Stacy: I was totally blown away when I saw that in BED! Totally!

Carrie: when I watched it (again) last night and came to the final episode especially that's all I could think of *laughing* - ah there it is - the fist of doom. And I Love Candice Proctors books - adore them. Whispers of Heaven is my favourite of her books but Night in Eden is another good one. Richard works so well as so many heroes doesn't he?

Katie: I bought Distracting the Duchess today when I *g* mailed my taxes. And bonus - they charged the US price which made it quite reasonable!

Misty: Hmmmm - I need to find out if it has a HEA before watching. I'll still watch it - but I have to brace myself first. I don't even know who he is - but I like Rachel Weisz and the -well - OK, I'll admit it - I'm shallow - cover looked good.

Lone Chatelaine: I know what you mean!! Sometimes the cover is just too good to resist isn't it. I fall for that old good cover all the time :)

MaryKate: *laughing* I'm not really going anywhere. The plan is to put the house back in order now that the kitchen is done. It was more of the fact that I HAD to take vacation. I have 2 weeks left over from last year and 3 weeks vacation this year. (I guess I just like to work *g*) And I will probably read BED very soon!. It took me a while to read Sugar Daddy, but once I did - I loved it!

Kristie (J) said...

heh, heh. I type too slow.
Sula: OK Fist of Doom - Carrie gets the credit - but it is a great expression isn't it?

Katie: last night - other than the 'fist of doom' it was his hands I noticed - my goodness what nice hands he has *grinning*

Carrie: it's amazing how much emotion he shows in that scene without saying very much at all. And in the extra features, he said that was one of his favourite scene to shoot - that and the train scene. Another one where he shows such passion is the proposal scene. He's almost yelling at her that he loves her.
And ROTFL - one can only hope he somehow stumbles across this little Crusade that grew and grew. And if he thinks we are all odd - well that's perfectly alright with me. I kind of like being considered odd. Odd is unique.

LeeAnn said...

I’ve read all four of the books in that Jean Johnson series. I’ve found all of them to be really good. I have to say that I think the first was my favorite though.

I bought N&S last week and just haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch it. Maybe after I finish my book I’ll watch it tonight.

Kristie (J) said...

Leeann: Thanks!! Good to know. And I've thought of a few more series I've been buying without reading a one yet (I did some book reorganizing)Monica McCarty's Highlander series and Sylvia Day's books - her latest one just came in the mail today. I haven't read any of them either.
And LOL I hope you have a few hours set aside if you plan to watch N&S. More than one person has planned on just watching the first hour and then gone on and watched all four episodes at once *g*. Of course you need MORE than the four hours 'cause chances are you will want to watch that final scene over and over and over again. Then the scene where he's standing on the balcony and maybe more after that. After all the hype, I'm crossing my fingers you will like it - nay - that you will love it!! I shall be checking! You are now on the Maybe Crusader list ;~)

Kwana said...

Oh, I love "The Fist Of Doom!" Perfect.

Kristie (J) said...

Kwana: LOL - isn't that a perfect description??? It's only in moments of intense emotion - like he has to do that to keep from screaming in pain or frustration.

ames said...

The books. You have them.

I'm so jealous. LOL