Monday, October 22, 2007

The Rumble Still Continues! It ain't over 'til it's over!

I was hampered by having to work *sheesh* on the weekend so I couldn't fight the good fight. But that doesn't mean I wasn't active in The Rumble behind the scenes. I sent out appeals to a couple of fellow Cravenators for their reasons why Derek Rulz. Katiebabs was the first to come back with her salvos. Here is her take on why Derek is Number 1

From page 25: On how Derek rose from nothing and become something:

"He's not easy to describe. Derek Craven is by far the most complicated individual I've ever met. He is capable of kindness, but... He comes from a world of savage than you could being to comprehend, Miss Fielding..."

"He began to work at five or six years of age as a climbing boy for a chimney sweep. When he became too old to climb, he resorted to begging, thievery, dock labor... Somehow in the midst of it all he gained rudimentary understanding of letters and numbers. By his teens he had educated himself enough to become a Newmarket bookmaker. According to him, it was at the time that he conceived the idea of operating his own gambling club someday."

"What a remarkable ambition for a boy with such origins."

"It would have been an extraordinary achievement for him to build
a small den in the city. Instead he dreamed of creating a club so exclusive that the most powerful men in the world would clamor to be allowed membership.”

“And that’s precisely what he’s done.” She marveled.

“Yes. He was born without a shilling to his name”. Worthy paused. ‘He was born without a name, as a matter of fact. Now he is wealthier than most of the gentry that patronizes his club. No one is really aware of how much Mr. Craven owns.”

Page 177 Why Derek is so unselfish and quite the poet!

”I want you to leave. You’re not safe here. As long as you’re in London you’re not safe from me.”

His gazed raked over the rippling mass of her hair, her delectate face, her bewildered eyes. With a sudden grown, he pulled her against him, burying his face in her hair. Sara closed her eyes, her mind spinning. She felt him tremble with the force of his need. He spoke just beneath her ear, his voice thick with tormented pleasure.

“You have to leave, Sara... because I want to hold you like this until your skin melts into mind. I want you in my bed, the smell of you on my sheets, your hair spread across my pillow. I want to take your innocence. I want to ruin you for anyone else.”

Blindly Sara flattened her hand on his cheek, against the scratch of newly grown beard. “What if I want the same?” she whispered.

“No,” he said fiercely and turned his mouth to the tender skin of her neck. “If you were mine, I would make you into someone you didn’t recognize. I would hurt you in ways you never dream of. I won’t let that happen. But don’t ever think I didn’t want you.”

His hands gripped her closer, and they both began to breathe harshly. The hard jut of his arousal burned against her stomach. “That’s for you.” He muttered. “Only for you.”

Page 280- 281 why Derek is even good with children!

Too long to write! *g*

Page 212- 214 on what Sara truly means to him beginning with Tabitha tell me how he

And page 349 to 350 after Sara asks “Does my appearance mean so much to you?....

© Lisa Kleypas. All rights reserved

And now that Sula has given us a GREAT visual of Derek

I ask you - fellow Cravenators - to email me why Derek is the Creme de la Creme (email is in my profile) and I will post your responses.

The Rumble continues!!!

Power to the Cravenators


katiebabs said...

OMG OMG!! Those pictures! That video.... drool.....
That book... that man who is Derek.

Kristie (J) said...

Katiebabs - there is a longer version of that scene that Sula linked in the comments section of the previous post. I didn't realize it while watching North and South, but as Sula said - He (Richard Armitage) IS Derek come to life!! The other pics are from a series he's doing - he play Guy of Gisbourne in Robin Hood. I haven't seen any of it, but there are clips on YouTube - gotta love YouTube!!

nath said...

LOL, the war is really on :D

Mollie said...

I haven't read either book yet but I got both of them at the UBS for a buck each! I'll be starting them soon so I can participate in The Rumble....:)

Alyssa said...

Kristie, I'll be taking a side officially at my blog tomorrow. So I don't keep you in suspense, though, you don't have to worry. ;)

Misty G said...

You know I've seen him play Guy in Robin Hood on BBC America, he's pretty good, but I like him even more in that makes my little All Things Derek homage on my site look kinda I think I had Derek more like a dark haired Hugh Jackman, but now I have to change my mind and go for Richard Armitage now.

lisabea said...

Derek is also winning on my poll for best Kleypas hero. Yeah!

sula said...

Glad that everyone is feeling cool with Richard Armitage as Derek. When I watched North and South, the similarities between Thornton and Derek struck me immediately. Both have had to fight their way up the social ladder from poverty, both are outside of "polite" society, fall in love with women that they shouldn't, and both seem to burn with this inner smoldering passion that erupts from time to time. Also, even though I know that Thornton's northern accent is not cockney, the fact that it is so obvious not a "posh" accent as befits a gentleman is another similarity to Derek. *sigh*

Kristie (J) said...

Sula: I can't imagine a better Derek. Now we have what they don't have - a real live face for our team!!!!

Lisbea: Well - I voted for him - that's for sure :)

Misty G: Hey You!!!! Where have you been hiding? I'm so glad to see you back again! And doesn't Richard Armitage just fit the bill? *shiver*

Alyssa: Yea!! Sounds like your joining the right team. I'll be sure to check what you have to say about The Rumble *g*

Mollie: *Sybil and me holding hands and taking a bow* I'll be waiting to see which team you fall on. Now remember to read DoY first as it was written first. And now you have a face to picture as you read. The other team doesn't have that (heh heh)

Nath: I was just waiting to get off work before responding :) It was killin' me to have to work rather than Rumble

Kristie (J) said...

Oh - and if you click on the pics - well, just do it! Close ups!

Tumperkin said...

Actually Daniella Denby-Ashe is also (for me) a pretty good visual for Sara from Dreaming of You so good video all round.

Love Richard Armitage but wish he'd ditch the eyeliner in Robin Hood.

katiebabs said...

I assume this is not a remake of North and South from the 80's with Patrick Swayze? Richard Armiatge is so hot! I can totally see him as Derek if they made DOY into a movie... which they should!

sybil said...

That is soooo sad. Poor Derek can't stand on his own you have to resort to actors... tsk tsk tsk.

It is ok hon.

Kristie (J) said...

Sybil: *sad smile* There, there. I understand. I know it's envy you're talking, that our team has a face now and even the Vincenators are impressed and we just might lure a couple over to our side.

Katiebabs: Nope this isn't a do-over of the Patrick Swayze miniseries. I thought it was for a while too. It's set in Britain and the North and South refer to the Industrial part of England (North) and the more picturesque south part of England (South) The RA character Mr. Thornton, is a mill owner and the heroine, Margaret is the daughter of a parson who grew up in the South. Her family moves to the northern town of Milton. She's very unhappy at first since it's quite a culture shock. Her first run-in with Thornton isn't the best way to start.
It's a Very Grand series!!

Tumperkin: She would make a good Sarah wouldn't she. And with or without eyeline (LOL) Mr. Armitage surely does it for me

Giselle said...

HUNKA HUNKA BURNING LOVE! He reminds me a bit of Gerard Butler.Totally edible.