Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Guess that Book has been guessed

But first!!

I love my job. I love everything about it, the work I do, the people I work with, the hours (with a tiny exception that will come shortly), just everything. After years of working at many jobs and each one had issues; either I liked the job but didn't like the people or was more often the case, loved the people but the job gave me problems, it's finally all come together and everything is great. I work closely with two other people that I will call A and R who do the same thing only for different people. We get along swimmingly well and spend much of the day (when we aren't hard at work) laughing and I wake up every day eager to go to work.
A has one of those Far Side calendars and each one is hilarious. But there is one that she kept and shows it to everyone who comes by and says that ones me.
Now for the little tiny exception. We work weekends - we take turns so that we only work every third weekend. This works for me although A isn't so fond of it. When we work weekends, we have the Friday before and the Monday after off. But for a number of different reasons, I worked the past two weekends and was very much looking forward to having this entire weekend off as it's my turn to work again next weekend. But alas - that call came this morning. R, who was supposed to work today couldn't make it in so they called me. Fool that I am - just like the guy on the right, I said yes. So it turns out that it will be a month without two days in a row off. And after working next weekend, the following one is the weekend we're traveling south to visit baby Sis, so it won't be relaxing that weekend. So I'm thinking the next time they call me in on a weekend, I'll just say NO.

Now for the winnah!

Wendy won this weeks book. While she has it in her TBR pile, she hasn't read it yet and I got to give her a 'Wendy, Wendy, Wendy' sad shake of my head.
I adore Lorraine Heath's Westerns and I don't think I've been shy about mourning the fact that she's no longer writing them.
But this book, yes this book is the one I've reread most often. It has one of my favourite themes, younger man/older woman although they are only 2 1/2 years apart. Here's the blurb:

When Kelley Spencer moves back to her hometown of Hopeful with her sister, she hopes desperately to protect sixteen-year-old Madison from the trouble that seemed to find her in Dallas. Almost immediately, a brush with the law reveals that the police chief is none other than Jack Morgan -- the man who broke Kelley's heart many years before. He's the last man she thought she'd find still living in Hopeful...and the only man she''s ever loved.

Jack Morgan wants nothing more than a second chance with Kelley Spencer -- and he's not shy about showing it. Their love might have been doomed all those years ago, but nothings stopping him now. That is, nothing but Kelley's dark secret that might drive Jack to leave her again...this time forever.

I don't know what it is about this one - it gets me every time I read it (like I'm doing again now :-) ) It's pretty high up on my ballot for the AAR poll.
It's a bit of a controversial book - AAR only gave it a D whereas TRR gave it 5 stars. I'm with TRR on this one *g*.
I hope Wendy you read it soon so we can discuss it. I'm thinking you're more likely to agree with the AAR review so I look forward to debating it.
And I'll be in touch.

Now - after a hard days unexpected work, I have to get ready for my fourth night in a row episode of Blood Ties. This is a new-to-me one where Henry escapes the dreaded vampire hunter - I hope. And since it's on early, I just may follow it up with a re-watching of the first DVD of North and South.

'til later

Pwhooo - Henry survived although I still have questions but after I had the biggest laugh I've had in quite some time. I was curious to see the credits at the end. I know it's filmed in Toronto. Tonight they even referred to Spadina, a well-known Toronto street. But the laugh came at the end of the credits where they gave thanks to the Government of Ontario. In essence, through my tax dollars, I'm helping to fund the making of a series about a hot sexy vampire.

I love it! I mean I really, really love it!!! Somehow paying all those taxes doesn't hurt quite so bad anymore.


Dev said...

That really stinks about the weekends, Kristie. I live for my weekends ~ I read, lounge, watch movies, and catch up on all the shows of put on my DVR throughout the week. Hope you get a nice, relaxing weekend soon!

Wendy said...

I used to work every other Saturday at The Old Job, and it did have a way of sucking the fun out of life.

I promise to read HLM soon! No, honestly. What you don't believe me? LOL

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy: I shall be watching you. You loved her Westerns too didn't you? Well - this one is just as good *g*

Dev: Thanks. But *heavy sigh* I think the nice relaxing weekend will be some time off. By the time I get a weekend off at home it will be leaf raking time. And that is a mighty big job!

Wendy said...

Kristie: I liked her westerns until she started bringing in those English blokes. If I'm reading a western I want a real cowboy thankyouverymuch - not some English guy w/money playing at it.

Lucky me, I still have some of her oldies in my TBR (Sweet Lullaby and Always To Remember being the most notable - and yeah, go ahead and start nagging....)

sula said...

I don't know how you manage, Kristie. I myself live for the weekends. Do like Nancy Reagan and "just say no".

Did you like the ending of that BT episode? "Bless us O Lord for these thy gifts..." Poetic justice, no? lol. Btw, the show is primarily filmed in B.C. but the outside shots are done in Toronto.

Rosie said...

Ah Kristie, I've said 'yes' one too many times myself. It takes me forever to get to the "enough is enough" stage. Here's hoping you get your weekends back soon.

I loved Lorraine Heath's westerns. I haven't read her in ages.

Kristie (J) said...

ROTFL - you just keep asking for it don't you - Wendy, Wendy, Wendy - what AM it going to do with you? You still haven't read those two Heath's? Next you'll be telling me you haven't read Lord of Scoundrels..... wait, you already told me that.

Sula: *g* it's 'cause I'm like that guy in the cartoon. It was funny though this morning. When they called me, I kind of started laughing and explained why I was. She then said not to worry, she would call A to see if she could work. Well - then I get a call from A who just didn't answer her phone. She said 'tell me you're not going in? Just tell me you're not!" I laughed and said yea, I told them I would if they couldn't get in touch with you." Then she kind of laughed and said "Kristie, Kristie, Kristie"
And as for BT - I didn't really understand the ending. What happened to the vampire hunter? Henry pulled him out of the room and then we heard screaming, but they didn't say exactly what happened to him. And why did Vicky keep the amulet that weakens Henry?!?! Although I did think it was funny that Mike thought it hurt when Henry bit him whereas when Henry takes the blood of the females, they go into an orgasmic swoon - something I'd probably do too *g*. And LOL - maybe a lot of it is filmed in BC, but there were no thanks to the BC government. Since we just recently had an election here in Ontario and the same government go in, I hope Dalton and the boys continue to "support" Blood Ties.

Rosie: part of it is they need us so much on the weekends. And the case managers are so grateful - not that the week ones aren't, but the W/E ones keep saying thanks for coming in, we're so glad you're coming in to help us, you don't know how much we appreciate it. It's a fairly new thing - us working weekends. They used to have to do it all themselves. One of them even hugged me for coming in today. That's kind of nice for the ego I must say. But yea, I think I've reached that point where thanks and hugs are real nice - but I'm going to take my whole weekends off when I get them for a while.

lisabea said...

Hmmm. I have NEVER read her. Looks like something I should add to the TBR.

sula said...

Well, you know how Henry had been reduced by starvation to his most primitive state? He's dragging the vampire hunter out while saying grace like you would before a meal. lol. And then when he meets back up with Mike and Vicki, he wipes his mouth, and Mike says that they need to do something about his drinking problem. So I think it's safe to say that the vampire hunter became dinner.

As for Vicki taking the device, it has yet to be explained. One assumes that the whole experience freaked her out (seeing Henry's dark side and potential danger he could pose) and maybe she wants insurance. Or maaaaybe it will show up again in a later episode.

Anyways, it's a pretty good episode, methinks. Thanks to you and your government for supporting good programming. ;-)

Kristie (J) said...

Sula: ahhhhh - thanks. I thought that comment Mike made referred to Henry taking Mike's blood - but since you said that, Henry was fully restored wasn't he? And I didn't really catch exactly what Henry was saying - just that he was praying. I guess he was only taking his own back then :) It will be repeated on the Space Network in a couple of weeks so I might be able to catch it again then.

Lisabea: She really is a wonderful writer, a don't miss one and writes in a number of genres. You're in for a real treat!!!
One thing about blogs - they sure help you expand your book lists *g*

nath said...

LOL, I was right, I've never read this one :D and I don'T have it in my TBR pile :D sounds good though :P

and yes, you need to be able to say no :D I don't know how you did, but you definitively deserves a break.