Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Have Infiltrated!

KristieJ has so kindly asked me to join in on the fun at her wonderful blog here from time to time, because like her I have a true love of romance novels. If there is a story where boy meets girl, (in some cases, boy meets boy, girl meets boy and then other boy and they all want each other, girl means a dragon, vampire, werewolf, a plant… well, you get the point!) I am there to read it.
And what I love most of all are discussions on characters in romances, including my favorite heroes and heroines. And lately there has been a lot of talk about two of Lisa Kleypas’s extraordinary heroes- Derek Craven from Dreaming of You and Sebastian St. Vincent from Devil in Winter. I am definitely on team Derek. Sebastian is way down on my list of wonderful Kleypas heroes. But, Derek is not my number one hero. He comes close, but my favorite of them all happens to be in my favorite book of hers.
That is Suddenly You and he is Jack Devlin.
Ah Jack! He sends shivers down my spine when I think of him. And Suddenly You is my favorite Lisa Kleypas novel and overall in my top 20 of all time favorite romances. But what is it about Jack that makes him so special, even more so than Derek?
In some ways, Derek and Jack are a lot alike. They are men who came from nothing and made their way in the world and conquered it. They are smart, handsome, overall kind and worthy. They like a different type of woman, not your regular I am so pretty you must worship me type of woman, or even that stereotypical heroine I find myself reading in other romances.
Derek falls for Sara who is a writer, spinster, wears glasses and loves and adores the man Derek is, regardless of his past. Jack also falls heads over heels in love with Amanda, who is also a writer and a spinster. But there are two things about Amanda that Jack loves most of all (and this is very swoon worthy). Jack likes older women! Amanda has just turned thirty, Jack, as we find out later is around twenty-five. And Jack goes crazy over a woman with curves. Amanda can’t understand, and I quote-

“You prefer short women with large hips?” she asks of Jack.
And the way Jack responds to her “I prefer everything about you. The way you feel beneath my hand, the way you taste…every curve and valley. But, as much as I desire your body, your most attractive feature is here.” He tapped her temple with his fingertip. “You fascinate me.”

Jack also has this cute nickname for Amanda, “Peaches” and wants to cover her in jewels, which Amanda also can’t understand.
After Jack has bought Amanda a priceless necklace-

“But it is not appropriate for a woman like me.”
“Why not?”
“Because I know quite well what my limitations are. You may as well tie a peacock father to a pigeon’s tail…”
“Limitations…. Why can’t you see yourself as I see you?” He responds.

I could quote forever from this wonderful book and praise Lisa on her incredible insights on romance between a man and woman and what I as the reader enjoys. Lisa can writer passion and love so well that I honestly believe she will go down as one of the top historical romance authors of all time. I believe I have about eight of her titles on my bookshelf, more than any one author (not counting the JD Robb in Death series).
So, besides Derek or Sebastian, what other Kleypas hero has you drooling for more?

But you can’t have Jack because he is mine! ;)

Katiebabs :)

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Kristie (J) said...

OK - I'm still here till tomorrow. For me Derek is Numero Uno, but Jack is pretty darn fine too! Another favourite of mine is Nick Gentry from Worth Any Price.

Lori said...

Oh yeah. Nick all the way!! He got me from page 1. And kept me. *sigh*

Marg said...

I love Jack too! So swoonworthy. I have to confess that Nick didn't do much for me! The other Kleypas hero I really liked though was Logan Scott from Because You're Mine. Didn't think much of Madeline because she was just too young, but he was great!

sula said...

ooh, I JUST finished re-reading this book yesterday!!! Good timing. ;-)

I love how Jack accepts and adores Amanda for exactly who she is. Her intelligence and independence, her wit and her writing skill, her curves...*g* Also mega points for his sexy playfulness in bed. humina!

Giselle said...

I read this one but don't remember much of it. I think I need to hunt it down quick.

CindyS said...

Hey Katiebabs!! Great to see you here!

I haven't read all of Kleypas' backlist so I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Jack.

I'm horrible with names but the hero from Lady Sophia's Lover totally did me in. Loved him!

Actually, I don't know that I have come across a hero I don't like by Kleypas. I *have* come across heroines by her that I would like to take a blunt object to ;)


CindyS said...

Oh, and if Kristie is still here, Godspeed!!


Katiebabs said...

Thanks Cindy! :)
Sir Ross is the name of the hero from Lady Sophia's Lover and my number 3 of Kleypas heroes.
Aww Ross....
All this talk about these men are getting me flushed! *G*