Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Baaaccckkkk

And had a wonderful time. Now I have so much to blog about I don't know where to begin *g* And the house is a complete disaster and it will take me hours to clean. I'd like to think that while I was away little messy elves came in and did a number, but alas - it was all me in a combination of too much work, too much procrastination, packing at the last minute and plain old fashioned laziness. Then when I go home since I was too beat to do anything, I plunked myself down in front of the telly and watched Blood Ties and then the whole North and South. Man I love those shows.
So the plan is to clean and then blog.
Thanks to Katiebabs who filled in for me while I was gone. I've asked her if she wants to be a regular contributor so I'm really hoping we get to see much more of her. We are tossing around ideas.
And finally during the brief housework break - we may have lost the latest skirmish - but The Rumble is far from over!!!
We will NOT go down to defeat my fellow Cravenators. It ain't over yet!
And my latest post for Readers Gab is up over at Access Romance. 'Tisn't my best - but ack work has so gotten in the way. And more good news there. We have more readers who have joined the team! In addition to Robin, JMC, Tara and myself, we know have:

'til later - and I mean that *g* - Now - Must Get To Housework

Oh - and speaking of overtime work? Not Worth It. The damn Tax Man gobbled up most of my overtime.

See how good I am at procrastination? I have to down to an art form.


Dev said...

Glad you're back. I had a bout with laziness this weekend and didn't clean at all. I read instead. Not sure that I regret it though. The dishes will still be in the sink for me to wash when I get home tonight.

sula said...

welcome back! Hope you had a good time. :)

I wish you were able to see the current episodes of Blood Ties up in Canada because this week's was awesome! Lots of really great moments between all of the cast members. love that show. *g* Also, I lent my copy of N&S to a classmate this weekend and look forward to hearing her gush about it when I see her tomorrow. lol.

Kristie (J) said...

Sula: I did get see a current one!!!!! It played on Showtime on Friday night and I made Nance watch it with me. It was the one where Vicky kept living the same day over and over again - kind of like Groundhog Day only with evil spirite ;-) Excellent.

Dev: That's the thing with housework isn't it? No matter how many times we do it, it's always there waiting to be done again.

ReneeW said...

You have learned the lesson of working overtime. Plus you are giving up your valuable personal time which I never have enough of. I hate housework. The house gets messy all by itself and I can't figure out how that happens. OK, so are you going to do a top 100 list for AAR? I'd really love to see it..... :)

sula said...

sweeeeeet! Yes, that's the one, the groundhog day episode. omg, Henry: "I don't make sexual advances. I AM one." lmao! The sexy banter between Henry and Vicki was great. Then the emotional stuff between Vicki and anyways, I just loved that episode. Definitely one to watch again.

I gotta get my 100 list figured out. It's not getting 100 that's difficult, it's figuring out how to rank the darn things. lol. I can't wait to see your list tho. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Renee - I just finished my list last night and sent it in. I'll be posting it very soon.
And I was NOT a happy camper when I saw the paycheck. I was expecting a heck of a lot more than what I got!

Kristie (J) said...

Sula: yea, that was a good one! Funny and sad and I'm glad it ended up the way it did. And I was a bit distracted there. Did Henry feed from Vicky on the elevator there? Swoon worthy if he did *g*

nath said...

Welcome back Kristie and glad to hear you had fun with your sisters :D and yeah, overtime work is definitively not worth it either in my opinion :D

Kristie (J) said...

Nath - Thanks! Adventures of to follow. And I've never worked that much overtime all so close together so while I had an idea the taxman would take a chunk - I didn't expect it to be so much. That's it! No more mega-overtime for me!

katiebabs said...

I hate looking at my paycheck anymore :( tax man does not like me!

katiebabs said...

Thanks for having me! :)