Monday, October 15, 2007

The Case of the Shedding Socks

Occasionally I like to talk about other things besides romance books that make up my world. Such is the case of the shedding socks.

Before I begin this tale, you must understand that while our neighbours to the south are remarkable similar to us Canadians, there is one crucial difference. When we enter someone’s home, unless expressly told not to (and often we ignore that instruction) we take off our shoes. It’s an automatic thing. Close the door and take off the shoes.

Last Christmas my sister got me these socks. These very comfortable, make my feet smile and go ‘ooohhhh’ socks. Not long ago though I discovered they were not the perfect socks. You see – they shed. I think they are fleece or flannelet or something. I hadn’t worn them up until recently as it wasn’t cold enough. The first time I wore them was when I went to our most recent girl’s night with the friends I went to school with. It was the middle of the evening and I’d been walking around with very happy, comfy, cozy feet when I felt this rather large lump of something soft and gushy at the bottom by my toes. I tried rather unobtrusively to remove my sock and see what was at the end. Unfortunately I’d had a couple of glasses of wine and it’s hard to do anything unobtrusive with a nice wine glow going. I got the sock off and there was this huge clump of fluff. I’m talking Very Big. My socks were shedding! It seems though that I was observed and my friends got quite the kick out of me. The worst part though was the shedding wasn’t only happening on the inside of my socks. I kind of looked around and all over the light beige carpet were little balls of navy blue shedding sock stuff. I was horrified! The more I looked the more navy blue balls of shedding sock bits I found. The friend who was hosting the party didn’t seem to mind that there would be major vacuuming to be done the next day.

Sadly, I didn’t learn my lesson. Or I thought they had shed all they’re fluffy stuff. I wore them next to my neighbours’ house for our weekly ‘talk and watch Survivor night’. I hadn’t really thought about what I had on my feet until I got up to go home. I glanced down and there were little navy blue bits of shedding socks on her carpet. A dilemma! Do I confess to the little blue bits being from me socks or do I pretend I don’t notice? For the most part I’m a very honest person, but occasionally I’m not quite as honest as I know I should be and I already went the ‘confess and turn red’ thing. So, being a coward, I decide to let it remain a mystery to her where the little blue shedding socks bits came from. She probably didn’t realize they used to be attached to my socks. Now my neighbour occasionally reads this blog so if she does, here is my cowardly confession. Those navy blue bits are from me.

But if it’s any consolation, I’ve been wearing them around the house. They make my feet so happy and cozy. And I have little blue bits All Over The House! And I’m to damn tired to vacuum.

'til later


nath said...

LOL, poor Kristie :P I walk barefoot, so no shedding :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Kris
I'm glad you like the shedding socks. I find sock fluff in my tub. I have washed them countless times but my socks are comfy too so I don't care. Do you want more of those socks for Christmas.

The Giver Of Comfy Socks

Kristie (J) said...

Hello oh giver of the comfy socks. Sure - they are the most comfortable socks I've ever had - minus the clumps you get at your toes - just maybe not navy blue ones since most people have light coloured carpets - maybe a nice light beige colour. Although it is easy to tell where to vacum - when I get around to it :) And we'll be seeing you in a couple of weeks oh comfy sock giver.
And wasn't Sabrina, the Cheetah girl incredible tonight????? And I do like Jennie Garth.

(pppssssttt - it's my sister Nancy everyone - say hi to Nancy)

Nath: I like bare feet too - but when the weather gets cooler, I cheap out and keep the temperature down so my little toesies get cold.

Dev said...

The first thing that comes off when I get home are the shoes. I hate them. But then again, that's more than likely why I've broken my pinky toes every year (going on 2 years break free, knock on wood).

Sabrina was fabulous, so was Jenny. And I still love Marie.

Kristie (J) said...

Dev: I thought they were all good tonight!! I'm going to hate seeing any of them leave *sniff* Now that Mr. Newton is gone, they are all twinkle toes! And the first thing that comes off for me too is my shoes, followed by my watch for some unknown reason.

Tempest Knight said...

Personally, I can't stand socks. Except when wearing sneakers. Heh!

lisabea said...

Ya'll take off your shoes because of the snow and mud and what not that you have in abundance up there. I'm from New England and we have the same problem. I try to make my family take off their shoes because we have a flock of chickens and our yard is, in essence, a chicken dumping ground. Not pleasant.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have my house be a shoe free zone. But only if I could convince my two big dogs to take off their feet when they came in the house. Things get dirty enough with just their input.

I went to a party years ago with a new sweater that was a shedding nightmare. Got lint all over my corduroy pants, my top, etc. To this day my one girlfriend occasionally calls me Ms. Lint. Hmph.

Jane A.

C2 said...

Hey, I have those socks...except mine are hot pink. :o) Since my carpet is just the barest shade off white, it can be interesting. It looks like I had a party with unusual confetti when I don't vacuum for a while.

I wonder why the auto-shoes-off came to be? Because there might be a good bit of snow/slush trackage otherwise there in the frozen north? LOL

I hate shoes, btw, and I stick with things that are easy to slip off and on for that very reason.

Hi Nancy! Aren't socks the best gift to give? :-D