Friday, May 11, 2007

I don't normally do eye candy - but............

Well - since us fans of POTC are in countdown mode now - I thought I would share May's pic and let everyone see what is stopping the mostly female staff in awe at my desk.

Fourteen days and counting!

( pssst - click on the pick and it will take a while - but whoa mama!)

'til later


Giselle said...

Completely edible. And so purty too :)

C2 said...

Ohhhhh,'re too good to me! ;-)

He is a fine looking young man. Talk about shiverin' me timbers...yowza!

CindyS said...

He should never cut his hair. Ever. I just love him with long hair. I like how you said 'mostly' women ;)


Tara Marie said...

Oh Mama--he is pretty :D

avidbookreader said...

Alas, he's a smoker. But he does look good.

Suisan said...

[insert pathetic squeaky voice] I can't quite wait for this movie. I don't know what to Dooooo. I neeeed it to come out right nooooowww.

And then you go and post that picture of him with his purty embroidered shirt and his very nice chin.

You like to make me whimper, you really do. (Am currently reading Scaramouche to fill up my swashbuckling quotient.)

Jodi_Lee said...

Everyone knows I LOVE pirates, but in POTC, my favorite is hands down Orlando! Me-likey!!