Saturday, May 19, 2007

Heeeee'ssss Baaaaccccckkkkkk

It's a long weekend here in Canada - Victoria Day weekend or as is more commonly called - the 24 Weekend - the start of party time.

And guess what I'm doing? Nope - not partying. I am ..........

Dog Sitting. Yep - I'm dog sitting Arthur the Dog again. Lisa has been planning a weekend away to do horse stuff (Parelli if anyone knows horses - I tell her it's almost a cult like thing - but then she probably thinks the same thing about me and the romance) for months and months now. I got an email from her on Tuesday and guess what? She had been so busy planning this weekend there was one thing she forgot. Arthur the Dog. She forgot to make plans for Arthur the Dog. And since it's May 2 4 weekend, all the kennels were booked. So she was pleading with me to do a sister a favour. How could I refuse I ask you?

When last I left I listed 231 reasons why I will never be a dog person. I have a few more to add to the list. And mind you - it's only Saturday. I'm sure there will a few more I can mention before the weekend is up.

Dog Breath. Do they make toothpaste for dogs because I gotta tell you this dog's breath could stop a buffalo at 20 paces. I really noticed it this morning when he decided it was time at 7:05 (on a Saturday) for me to get up.

Fur. I know I mentioned this one before but I thought he would have finished shedding by now. Does their stupid fur come out all year long?????

Whinning. Arthur the Dog can whine like nobody's business! I tell him to stop and he whines louder. I tell him to stop and he then starts barking! I have used the F word a couple of times to get him to stop. In a nice way of course. I don't yell at him or anything but the frustration causes me to say in a pleading way "Can't you shut the fuck up for just a bit Arthur?" He doesn't.

# 111
His overenthusiastic greeting of strangers. I had a friend over to sit on the deck and have a few brewskies on a nice Saturday afternoon. Arthur greeted her as if they had been long lost buddies. She's about the same as me - not a dog person exactly although she has owned a dog in the past. I thought by his warm greeting he had met her before, but nope - they'd never been introduced. I don't think Arthur the Dog has ever met a person he doesn't expect loves him on first hello

# 203
Barking. If he isn't whinning - he is barking. Barking at other dogs. Barking at people walking by. Barking at me. Barking. Barking. Barking. I'm used to silence broken only by the gentle purr of Zina - who has totally disappeared by the way.

# 2
He broke my bloody barbeque!!!!! Damn dog. Now I may laugh about this later. Part of me is laughing now - part of me isn't. It seems Arthur the Dog goes nuts when he sees people ride by on bicycles. A father and his son rode by on their bikes while we were enjoying the brewskies and Arthur the Dog was sitting (thankfully) quiet on the deck when he saw them. I had his leash looped around the leg of the barbeque. Well when he saw the people ride by, he literally took off like a bat out of hell and pounded down the street after them. What was a leisurly bike ride for father and son became a mad dash pedalling as fast as they could to get away from this mad dog running after them barking all the way. And the older woman running after the dog running after them shouting "Arthur!!! Stop it! Get back here! Arthur! Stop it! Arthur!"
When I finally caught up with him, they had managed to get those bikes moving faster than Arthur the Dog. As I made my way back to the deck, along with Arthur the very bad Dog, I noticed when he escaped he pulled off the legs of the BBque. Now it's totally lopsided and another job for Ryan to try and fix. And no barbequing for me until he does. And as I was telling Kathy - I had just this morning bought a brand new cover for the barbeque.
As I said it's only Saturday and I may be back with a few more reasons.............

'til later


Jay said...

oh i can just imagine the dog taking off after those poor people! that is too funny!

Anonymous said...

*grin.......good luck Kristie. Trick is to lease him to a fence post. You will laugh about it later!
Janice (a dog owner)

Jenster said...

What a good sister you are!! Hope the long weekend goes by quickly!

CindyS said...

Cody could probably bring up a 25 year old Oak tree if bikes go by!

When he barks at you turn your back. Don't talk when he barks at you because he doesn't understand and probably thinks you are talking to him. Cody will bark at Bob and I and I have started throwing my throw blanket on his head to distract him. Turning your back on him when he jumps up is also what you are supposed to do.

Whenever Rocky or Cody would bark at me I would turn my back - best way to get them to knock it off. They hate when you ignore them and usually get the message fast.

Oh and you are a better person than I because I have yelled at the top of my lungs 'Cody! Please shut the fuck up!!!' and of course, didn't get the response I wanted ;)

And they never stop shedding. Ever. Which blows.

Is your camera working? Take a pic of him for me!


Rosie said...

These must be universal truths because this list sounds like Emily.

Rosario said...

I love how you call him Arthur the Dog. And Arthur sounds like such a dignified name!

nath said...

LOL :D It's sooo nice of you to keep Arthur the Dog :D Man, the culture is so different although we live in the same country... I didn't know that this long week-end was called the 24 hours wee-end.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL Nath - no here we call it May Two-Four.

Rosario: the Dog just seems to naturally flow after Arthur. I did a revised kind of thing for one the writing classes and a couple of people questioned the Dog after each Aruthr - but it NEEDED it *g*

Rosie: *chuckling* I think dogs are universal kinds of animals!

Cindy: I did not know Arthur could run that fast! And when I turn my back on him - well, I feel the guilt creeping over me *sigh*.

Jenster. I AM a good sister! Lisa has called a couple of times to see how we are doing and when I tell her - she laughs and laughs and laughs.

Janice: Unfortunatley - his leash handle isn't long enough to put around a fence post - and if I loop it around he doesn't have much room to move and then the guilt starts creeping over me.

Jay: I have a feeling it will be a while before they travel down MY street again!!

Arthur the Dog's Mom - aka Lisa the Sister said...

Oh my God. It's a good thing you love me as much as you do!!! And how can I not laugh when you were telling me the stories of the latest Adventures in Dog Sitting??? I could just picture the look on your face when you were trying to pick up icky messy diarrea dog poop??? Not to mention what you would have looked like running down the street after Arthur the pursuit dog??? I had something similar happen to me last summer when I thought it would be nice for Arthur the Dog to sit out on the front porch with me. And it was just lovely, until, that is, someone went by on a motorcycle. Arthur has the same reaction to motorized bicycles as he has to the pedal kind - CHASE, CHASE, CHASE, and there I was, running half a block behind him - Arthur the Dog chasing the motorcycle as fast as he could run - the motorcycle rider going faster and faster - me in a panic because Arthur the Dog was headed for the highway close to my place (not a busy highway, but still - we have our share of great big trucks), me running after Arthur the Dog and the motorcycle rider yelling at the top of my lungs "WAIT.... WAIT.... WAIT !!!!" (I thought later, wait for what???). Luckily, like the bike riders, the motorcycle soon out-ran Arthur the Dog and he gave up the chase and came bounding happily back to me with his silly doggy smile, as if to say "Wasn't THAT a blast???!!!"
And believe me, I absolutely, positvely KNOW that there will be no such thing as Third Time's a Charm!!! Thank you thank you thank you Kristie you wonderful non-dog-person sister o mine!

Kristie (J) said...

Hey Li: Seriously though - ya gotta know I would take Arthur again if you REALLY REALLY need me to *grin* Our adventures certainly do make for excellent fodder as I told you *g*. And now that I know about him and wheeled things.