Thursday, May 10, 2007

8 Random Things about Me

I was nabbed by Sybil. Warning though - this will be kind of boring:

Da Rulez:

1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1) Everyone should envy me cause since Sybil let the cat out of the bag - I'm headed to Dallas for the RWA convention and I'm going to hang out with her and Jane. And cover your ears because

I am so excited about this because - well, I don't get out much.

2) I have a mail phobia. Oh - wait - I guess I already rambled about that.

3) I'm terrible about the 'wifely' arts. I can't sew worth beans and as far as housework goes - well why do deep cleaning when there is always a book to be read.

4) I have a bit of a crush on Judge Joe Brown. Wierd I know - but there's something very attractive about him.

5) I hate staplers. Hate them! And they know it and are constantly breaking on me. At one job just about every day I was in charge of the office staplers and they were constantly breaking on me.

6) I've always just wanted one job where I could settle in and be happy but through and amazing set of coincidences I've worked at seven different places in 10 years. Hopefully this last place is where I'll be until I retire.

7) I don't plan on retiring. I want to be one of those people who works well into their 80's. Most people look forward to retirement - but I enjoy people too much to do that.

8) I want all the MIA bloggers to come back. I don't have any kind of thing that tells me when someone has posted so I just go up and down the sidebar and there are quite a few who haven't updated in quite some time. I miss them :-(

And now for the people who I'm getting *rubbing hands*. I'll be nice though - I'll only go with four.

'til later


C2 said...

I'm so jealous of you going to RWA! I'll make it there one day...I'm determined. And I'm intrigued by the stapler thing...

As far as keeping up with when people have new posts, I recommend NetVibes ( You can set up a page with all your favorite blogs (that have an RSS or whatever type of feed - it checks for you, after you type in the address) and each blog has its own little box that shows recent posts. COOL! Also handy if your hard drive crashes or whatever, since you can use it for bookmarks, etc. too (yup, learned the hard way).

Alyssa said...

Kristie, I'll be at RWA. We'll have to meet for lunch or something. Are you going for the conference or the signing (or both)?

I wish I could retire tomorrow. LOL!

Jennie said...

That's so cool about RWA! You'll have to come back with plenty of stories. :)

Sometimes I wish I could retire now (and I'm only 28!). But most of the time I wish I could work part-time--like 2 days a week. This 40+ hours a week stuff sucks. LOL.

nath said...

I am sooooo jealous about the RWA!! I did think of going, but then, I thought I would be the only one... If I've known!!! Next year, I'm going with you guys okay?

retiring... that would be so cool... I wish I could tooo. Although, I'm even younger than Jennie! but I admire you, Kristie, for wanting to work so long!! by the way, me too, I want MIA bloggers to come back!

oh and thanks for tagging me :D

sybil said...

LOL was it a secret? Are you ashamed of us young lady?

heeee yes we are attending the conference as well.. no clue what other than I want to do most of the spotlights.

I am going to go through and pick out things I am interested in and put up a poll. So I report on a few things I know other readers wanna know about. And set up a few interviews and such.

And a large part of time will be keeping kristie and jane in line. Full time job that!

Kristie (J) said...

Sybil: *laughing* no it wasn't a secret but do ever get so excited about something you almost don't want to jinx it? That's how I'm feeling. And it won't be so much keeping me in line as it will keeping me from floating away in bliss!

Nath: K!!! And there are other plans afoot that are almost as exciting!!

Jennie: I know!!! There are so many people I want to see and meet - including of course Sybil and Jane and...

Alyssa: yes! We will definitely have to set some time to meet and hug and squeal and all those other things!

C2: I'm debating on trying to figure something out on how to do it. One step at a time *g*.
And the thing with staplers - I had to look after two really big ones and they seemed to get jammed almost every day - Lisa can confirm this if she drops in. And ever since then I've hated them. If I leave them on the desk and staple that way - they don't work right. If I hold it in my hand it's very uncomfortable. And when I try and remove staples, I always rip the paper. Hate them!

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what the Just readers do at the RWA. Are you gonna attend all the workshops? Are you there for the free books? Inquiring minds wanna know :-)

Seton (who is stuck in the burbs. I wont be updating my blog until Mon, it looks like, sorry)

ReneeW said...

Oh, Kristie, I'm so jealous, jealous, jealous!!! And while Sybil's keeping you and Jane in line, who's keeping Sybil in line??

I want to retire right now but I'd miss interacting with people too. I love to talk too much :)

Jodi_Lee said...

Congrats Kristie!! I want pics...lots and lots of pics!

Jay said...

Hi Kristie! :waves: