Monday, May 14, 2007

A few updates

Amazon, Amazon - how I love thee Amazon. I tracked down the television series and wonder of wonders - it was available so I ordered it. Now when all those summer repeats are on, I shall have something wonderful to watch!

I survived Mail Opening Saturday. Lisa and I ended up with 5 grocery bags full of stuff and she's going to use it to start fires. Strangly, oddly - I found two books too!!

I cut the grass yesterday and managed to figure out how to do it so I'm not constantly having to move the cord. I thought of this for weeks and the key with an electric lawnmower is to start cutting near the front and then work my way towards the end of the lawn. The worst part is it took me that long to figure it out! It's a huge lawn so it took quite a while to do. Ryan came over and as his contribution to Mother's Day, he cut all the schrubs. The mailman should be happy because there are two at the front door that were almost blocking the front porch. When I mention this to Ryan he said "What - so he can deliver mail you're not going to open?" I laughed at that one. Ha Ha funny son. I do know one piece of mail I'll be opening though!!!! One from a certain Amazon. I then gathered up all the discarded shrubbery - and there was a lot of it!

Brent also came over and brought me a gorgeous bouqet of flowers. A few years ago for Mother's Day, he said he got me flowers but his cat ate them. (snicker - yeah right - kind of like the dog ate the homework story) I guess he kept them away from his "cat" this time.
Then they both took me out for dinner.

I took the day off work today. I'm feeling kind of decadent doing it - except I can barely move I ache so bad - yardwork - awful stuff!

It's my turn at Reader's Gab today over at Access Romance.

'til later


Bookwormom said...

Congratulations on the mail opening. I hope that looming dread feeling is gone now. I remember that you've struggled with it & I hope it'll be a little bit less scary next time.

Your neighbors must be thrilled with the mown grass & trimmed shrubs. I know my parents' neighbors love it when my parents bother to do that (which is very rarely).

Kristie (J) said...

Bookwormon: It is an real relief of a feeling!! I just wish I'd found more tax stuff 'cause I think there must be more around. And now there are enough people who know that I'm scared of mail *g* that I don't think I can go two years without opening it again!
And my lawn looks so good today! LOL I did pay for it though - oh my aching back

Jenster said...

I hope you at least got to read today!

CindyS said...

I was thinking of you on Saturday! Job well done! And yard work - thing is, I'm really looking forward to gardening. I like my own pace though and Bob is more of a 'do it all now' whereas I buy some, plant it and then think about it.

I'm glad your boys came to see you and not 'cats' found the flowers ;) Now next weekend you can just enjoy the weather!


Jodi_Lee said...

So glad the mail opening went well! What a great bonus (finding the books)!!