Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hopefully it's out of my system now!

I went on a book buying frenzy the past couple of days. When I'll find the time to read them all - along with the hundreds of others I don't know - but the odd thing is - I just HAD to have them ALL. Behold my recent purchases:

The Object of Love by Sharon Cullars.
I got this one because it's an older woman younger man story and I love those kind. And because so far Karen S is loving it!

Rock Star by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb.
I bought this one because I've seen a number of blogger recommend it. Sorry I can't remember who so I can link you *sigh*. I've read other romances about singers and quite enjoyed them. This one I had to order online.

Gabriel's Ghost by Linnea Sinclair.
I got this one because I loved Games of Command and have seen quite a few rec's for this one too. I ordered it online but wouldn't you know - as soon as I did, it showed up at the book store. Oh well.

Enticed by Kathleen Dante.
I'm honestly not sure why I had to have this one. This is a complete mystery book to me. I haven't seen any reviews and I've never heard of the author. I guess it was the combination of the storyline and yes - I'll admit it - the cover, that made this one a 'had to have'. Anyone read it? Thoughts?

The Wolf by Jean Johnson.
This one is another mystery book that I don't know why I had to have it. I have the first book in the series, The Sword, in the TBR pile. It's the insanity I guess.

Time's Captive by Kate Lyon
Finally - a reason! At least a reason I can live with *g*. I read Hope's Captive and loved it so I wanted to try something else by this author to see if it would be just as good. Plus, I think it's a Time Travel - it sounds like it might be a Time Travel. Plus I needed another book to get free shipping at Chapters.

Not Quite a Lady by Loretta Chase
I've always loved her books - even though I still haven't read her previous one yet. But since except for maybe a Regency or two, I have her entire collection, I just had to keep adding to it - didn't I?

The Wedding Dress by Kimberly Cates.
Once upon a time I used to love her books. Then she wrote a couple of meh ones and she fell off my radar. But I figured it was time I give her another chance to see if she can make it back on the radar.

And I've already read (or not read) these two.

And now - because it's 23 degrees celcius out there - I'm going to go out, sit on the patio, have a beer and read a book for a while. But Accckkk! Which one to read?

'til later


Wendy said...

I read Dante's debut, Entangled (it's Book 1, Enticed is Book 2) and was not impressed. Really, really not impressed. But maybe she's worked out the kinks and Enticed kicks ass.

Jennie said...

I'm reading Gabriel's Ghost right now actually. So far so good (except I'm only about 10 pages in so I guess that's not saying much).

I was in the bookstore the other day and picked out 6 books then made myself put 3 back. I was very proud of myself. But it hurt. Cuz those books really wanted to come home with me. ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Jenny!! That's the one I picked too - GG. It does hurt to put them back doesn't it. Because they KNOW they will be going to a home where they will be well-loved, where they will be with friends, a warm and caring place!

Wendy: Uh, oh!! Hopefully she will have some kinks worked out - 'cause this was a trade size - with a trade size price!! It's bad enough when you pay MM prices - but when you pay more than that - well - I better like it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooo, more shiny new books!
I just picked up Games of Command. I'm anxious to read it since I have heard so many good things about it all over.

nath said...

I feel like buying lots of books too Krisie... but there's just nothing to buy T_T by the way, it's freaking hot today!!! almost 30 degrees! in May!

Devon said...

I enjoyed Rock Star!

I really want The Object of Love. Why don't you read it and report back? Or else Gabriel's Ghost.

Kristie (J) said...

Seton - well I just read that GOC made the top ten list on AAR's latest poll - and well it should have for me! I loved it!

Nath: I can almost always find something to buy even if they are just compensation books for when I can't find what I really want *g*
And 30 in May - I hope it's not a prelude of things to come!

Devon: It was a tough decision which one to pick, but a friend who I recommended Games of Command too read it and loved it and loved Gabriel's Ghost even more and she's waiting to see what I think of it. So I decided that one first and then The Object of Love next.

QB said...

I've been reading Jean Johnson's Sons of Destiny series and have been enjoying them.

Just be sure and read them in order, starting with The Sword